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12 Korean Eyeglasses Brands

Korean eyeglasses are gaining in popularity by the day. Koreans fashion designers are known to be very fashionable and have a high level of focus on quality. For this reason, Korean eyeglass brands have recently gained a high amount of international attention.

Seoul has become some what of a hotspot in terms of the number of new eyeglass brands that have been constantly emerging lately. So, there are many Korean eyeglass companies out there that are making stylish, high end, and durable products.

Some of the top Korean eyeglass brands are Gentle Monster with its highly sophisticated designs, Truth with their long-running industry experience, and Muzik with its artistically inspired frames. Other excellent Korean eyeglass brands are Grafik:Plastic, Manomos, NYBKm and Cari which has a lot of Scandinavian influences.

In this article, we will go over the 12 most popular Korean eyeglass brands. We will examine each brand for quality, performance, style, and value for the money.

When looking for the prefect pair of Korean eyeglasses, brand is not always the most important aspect to take into consideration. Your sense of style and even how often you plan on wearing them also come into play. Another important factor is how rough you plan on being with your eyeglasses. And last but not least, price is an extremely important thing to consider.

Korean Sunglasses Brands


Korean Eyeglasses Brands

 1.Gentle Monster 

First place has to go to Gentle Monster, as they are easily the most popular eyeglass brand in Korea. Not only is this brand the most popular in Korea, but it also happens to be the country’s top eyeglass brand to be exported to international markets.

These eyeglasses feature some of the most sophisticated designs available. Designs from Gentle Monster aim to create the illusion that the wearer has a smaller face, which is a big selling point for some people. Eyeglasses by Gentle Monster may cost a bit more than some of their local competitors, but they represent a great value for the money and they still cost less than other high-end eyewear.

In fact, these glasses are so popular that Gentle Monster had to take the initiative and start their own anti-counterfeiting campaign.

Reasons to Choose Gentle Monster

  • Their products are less expensive than other brands
  • Items by this company have a sophisticated and charming look
  •  The eyeglasses are designed to make the wearer appear to have a smaller face
  • The brand is well known in Korea
  • This company has several retail locations in the U.S.


Grafik:Plastic is a small brand of eyewear headquartered in Seoul, Korea. This company makes is known for making a wide array of both eyeglasses and sunglasses.

This Korean eyeglasses brand has been spotted being worn by many celebrities throughout Asia and even the United States and parts of Europe. This company takes an entirely differenet approach to the traditional frame; the temple of the frame is detachable allowing the user to mix and match parts to create their own unique look.

The best part is that you don’t get just 2 or 3 color choices. Instead, the temples come in a wide variety of striking, bold colors. This company has been recently gaining in popularity, so part of their expansion is the creation of new retail locations across North America. They are also showcasing their products at expos in New York.

Reasons to choose Grafik:Plastic

  • Their eyeglasses feature interchangeable parts
  • There are a wide variety of colors to choose from
  • This brand is known to be worn by celebrities
  • Offers eyeglasses and sunglasses


Carin is a Korean sunglasses brand that features a Scandinavian look and influence. Glasses by this company are not at all considered to be ‘flashy,’ but instead are rather minimalist and elegant in design.

Carin is a brand that is favored by women due to the high level of sophistication in their designs. Their glasses are considered to be of the highest quality and they are sold at reasonable prices.

Reasons to choose Carin

  • The company features some of the best simplistic Scandinavian designs
  • Their designs are known to work well for any occasion
  • This Korean eyeglass brand is known for having a sophisticated look
  • Products made by this company are sold at affordable prices


Muzik is a brand that was created by artists who believe that music is one of the most important components of life. Glasses by this Korean brand are inspired by fashion, art and music.

This company got started back in 2013, and have been continually challenging themselves since then to come up with new, innovative designs. Muzik believes that since music is such a massive part of everyone’s life, that their eyeglasses should can easily become a part of your everyday life.

Glasses by this company feature designs that are unique, yet simple and have lots of pastel colors and different shapes available to choose from. All their products are manufactured in France under a designer with approximately 30 years of experience.

Reasons to choose Muzik

  • Glasses offered by this brand feature a simple and unique design
  • Musik’s glasses are minimalistic enough to be worn everyday
  • These glasses are made by true artists
  • Products by this brand are worn by many celebrities


Truth has been in the eyeglass business for around 50 years. If you think about it, half a century is quite a long time. This Korean eyeglass brand has been around long enough for people of all ages to fall in love their designs. This company makes some of the highest quality frames you can get and is also known for having some of the best customer service in the industry.

Many of Truth’s frames are handmade, and most of their models come in either a metal or plastic version. The aim is for everyone to ‘see the truth’ through the eyes of their high-quality Korean glasses.

This company is versatile with their selection of designs, so you will be able to choose between a modern or a classical look. Truth’s glasses give you a fashionable and artistic look at a sensible price that everyone can afford.

Reasons to choose Truth

  • Truth offers a line of handmade frames
  • Many of their frames come in either metal or plastic
  • This brand is known to have excellent customer service
  • Truth has been in the Korean eyeglass industry for a long time


NYBK is a Korean eyeglasses brand that was started by a group of young designers who all went to the same design school. This company aims to offer a stunning eyewear experience that effectively expresses the wearer’s individuality.

NYBK products have a minimalistic designs that is sure to have a pleasing look while being comfortable to wear. This company is known to have a highly efficient manufacturing process that completely removes many unnecessary steps in production. This is great for the consumer, because being able to be produced so efficiently is one of the reasons why NYBK is able to produce handmade frames at such a reasonable price.

This company puts a heavy focus on designing its glasses to fit properly and stay comfortably around the nose throughout the day without slipping or becoming uncomfortable. This brand uses high-quality components to manufacture its frames, such as stainless steel, titanium and acetate. These material choices result in frames that are durable, lightweight and most important of all, will not irritate your skin.

All NYBK frames are put through a comprehensive 29-step inspection process that ensures that all frames adhere to the most stringent of quality control standards.

Reasons to choose NYBK

  • The company’s use of high-quality materials
  • NYBK’s intense and comprehensive 29-point inspection process
  • Frames featured by this brand feature an elegant, minimalistic design
  • Glasses by this brand are handmade
  • These glasses are comfortable enough to be worn all day, every day


Manomos is a relatively new brand that has just entered the Korean eyeglass scene. The company was started in October 2015 and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. This brand makes over 300 products that are actually sold under three different brand names.

You can find this company is all over the world. In fact, Manomos operates 439 retail locations and an online mall. This brand has six core inspirations that it operates under which are perfection, style, solidity, pleasure, practicality, and comfort. Modern style is the focus of their designs with classic and contemporary features.

Many celebrities in Korea wear glasses by this brand. Also, you are able to shop online for the brands that are favored by certain band members.

Reasons to choose Manomos

  • Its a brand that is known to be worn by celebrities
  • Their glasses are sold at many retail locations around the world
  • Their website is full-featured and easy to use
  • Glasses by this company feature a high quality build and materials

8.Projekt Produkt

Founded not too long ago in 2014, Projekt Produkt was formed through a special bond between skilled optometrists and sensible product designers. The aim of this company is to develop eyewear that is dedicated to fulfilling its purpose as well as possible while being comfortable enough to be worn daily.

This Korean eyeglass brand uses high-quality materials and they are known for not resting on their laurels. In fact, Project Produkt comes out with new collections each and every year. Frames produced by this company are seen trendy and fashionable. One of the best parts about frames by this company are that they are available in a wide variety of colors. You can also get colored lenses, and a choice between metal or even transparent frames.

Reasons to choose Projekt Produkt

  • The brand offers a selection of colored lenses
  • Projekt Produkt uses high-quality materials to make their products
  • New collections are released every year

9.Stephane Christian

Stephane Christian is a Korean eyeglasses brand that is inspired by French chic and produces eyewear that its own unique, fashionable and extremely artistic style. Frames by this company are offered in both modern and retro designs.

The products that Stephane Christian produces are made by the best eyeglass engineers in the industry. This ensures that they are durable and meet each and every one of the wearers needs. This company was started back in 2015 and has since then done many collaborations with respected designers from all over the world.

All of this company’s products can be found on their modern, cutting-edge, fashion-forward website.

Reasons to choose Stephane Christian

  • The brand is known to collaborate with popular international designers
  • Frames produced by this brand are both durable and comfortable
  • This brand has both modern and retro styles to choose from


Stealer is a relatively new Korean eyeglass brand that aims to appeal to young people. To aide to that appeal, Stealer generally leans more toward their thinner frames and stylish designs. Millions of young people have been impressed by the level of beauty and classic appeal that are provided by these thin frames.

Frames made by stealer are well-known for their durable, flexible nature. They are difficult to break, which is always a great thing for eyeglasses. Also, glasses by Stealer often feature a high level of UVA and UVB resistance that will protect your eyes. This lets you enjoy the beautiful scenery without having to worry.

This company is unique for their use of an innovative steel layering technique instead of the more traditional layer of acetate between the layers of steel. In fact, this process actually won this company an award at a Korean design competition.

Reasons to choose Stealer

  •  The brands eyewear protects its wearers from the sun
  • Stealer is rapidly increasing in popularity among the younger population
  • The thin frames that are used by this company often make the wearer look younger
  • Stealers frames are known to be durable and flexible

11.Fake Me

Fake Me is another new Korean eyeglasses company that aims to remain authentic and to not follow meaningless, aimless fashion trends. This company feels that a lot of other major companies generally just try to capitalize on new trend rather than creating a truly innovative, stunning trend of their own.

Fake me intends for all of their products to be beautiful in design and constructed from only the highest quality materials. This brand aims for its customers to feel comfortable in their own skin and to be able to express their uniqueness. In fact, this company actively encourage its consumers to not follow trends.

Their products have caught on quickly throughout Korea and are starting to become increasingly popular in international markets.

Reasons to choose Fake Me

  • This brand strives for its customers to feel unique and beautiful
  • Fake Me intentionally tries to avoid trends
  • The company is known to highly encourage individuality
  • Their products are made to great quality standards


Caliphash got its start back in 1996 when it created several unconventional designs that caught on. Those glasses that they made had a touch of darkness and goth, which really kicked off this company’s popularity. Each of Caliphash’s design starts with many different hand drawings. Each design goes through an intense amount of research and development that reveals the designers emotions in the frames.

Many of the designs start in the designer’s imagination and is then combined with other darkness concepts and aesthetics. Some people feel that Caliphash straddles the line between mainstream and underground, and many celebrities wear their frames, including rappers.

This brand believes that eyewear and other fashion can have a heavy influence on the wearer’s image and even their mood. According to Caliphash, the right pair of glasses can bring out a person’s uniqueness. The company says that eyeglasses in the future are going to become more unique and will evolve into a much more fun and fashionable product.

Reasons to choose Caliphash

  • This company is known for their dark and gothic designs
  • Caliphash has been in the industry for a long time
  • This brands design process is rigid and well matured
  • Frames by this company feature unique designs

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High-end Korean eyewear is becoming more and more popular season after season. So, its not surprise that there are so many Korean eyeglasses brands popping up. Koreans fashion is currently very trendy and has an extreme focus on quality and style.

While Gentle Monster, Truth, and Muzik some of the most popular Korean eyeglasses brands to consider, there you may find what you are looking for in brands like Grafik:Plastic, Manomos, NYBKm and Cari, which all make high quality glasses and bring their own unique flare to the table. 

We hope this article helped you find which Korean eyeglasses brand is best for you!