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10 Japanese Snowboard Brands [Beginner & Advanced]

Japan, one of the snowiest places on earth, is a choice destination for many thrill lovers. People keep visiting lovely places like Rusutsu, Kiroro, and Tenjin every year.

With the level of snow in these locations, snowboarding in this part of the world is a different experience. So, you need to consider the level of snow in Japan before choosing from the best Japanese snowboard brands.

In this review, we will be recommending some of the best Japanese snowboards for you to choose from.

Japanese Snowboard

Japanese Snowboard Brands

1.Yes 420 – Best for Heavy Snow

The Yes 420 brand is a snowboard that works great in powder. It comes with a fat midsection, fat nose, and redial taper, and every other thing that helps keep the board flowing when it’s snowing heavily.

It has short dimensions of about 150cm maximum and you can carry out various kinds of tricks without any interruption.

Also, Yes 420 features a Poplar weightless core feature and a mid-flew feature to make the whole snowboard light. This snowboard is a pleasant product on all ramifications and investing in it is worth it.


  • Great design
  • Radial taper
  • Fat midsection
  • Fat nose and midsection


  • Less appealing design

2.Lib Tech BRD – Best All-rounder Snowboard

If you’d love a snowboard that is a little more ‘all-rounder’, the Lib Tech BRD has a lot to offer. From the presence of a camber beneath your feet for better precision, to ‘medium flex’ for a better riding experience, this is the ideal snowboard for your every takeoff, turn, and landings!

The Magne-Traction feature is well-positioned for versatility and the triaxial biaxial fiberglass construction ensures durability.

The cores are made of Original Power construction with Aspen and Paulownia and they both ensure that the board is light enough. Overall, Lib Tech is an excellent snowboard that will give you value for your money.


  • Perfect all-rounder gear
  • Magne-Traction
  • Medium flex
  • Triaxial biaxial fiberglass
  • Original Power Construction


  • Not suitable for specific snowboard lovers

3.Stale Fish – Best for Solid Snow

The Rome Stale Fish snowboard is built to deliver a surf-like snow riding experience. Thanks to the tail design, you can glide smoothly on this board over any powder surface. It also features a Free-the-Ride Camber that is primarily designed to keep the snowboard floating in solid snow.

This is the perfect snowboard that offers you an exciting and fun snowboarding session.


  • Directional Diamond 3D
  • Lightweight
  • Free-the-Ride Camber


  • Reviews are not quite much

4.Capita Spring Break Powder Racer – Best High-Speed Snowboard

Some boards are designed to help you quickly get down the slopes and the Capita Spring Break Powder Racer is one of such boards! The board shoots straight up like a bullet on any white surface, which makes it the perfect board for exciting high-speed riding.

It features a wide waist, big nose, and flat tail for a better riding experience.

The core is made of a solid piece unit measuring 160cm. It also has a wonderful combination of Magic Bean resin, Kevlar, Holysheet Fiberglass to help you maneuver your way against whatever you meet down the slopes.

The aesthetics and design of this board are other things that set it apart from several other boards.


  • Great for high-speed riding
  • Great design
  • Magic bean resin
  • Kevlar core
  • Technora booster


  • Some people may not like the design

5.K2 Cool Bean – Best Affordable Snowboard

This is a well-known brand in the market and the price is one of the contributing factors. Unlike some other great brands that cost an arm and a leg, this board performs amazingly and delivers the same excellent result at a very affordable price.

It features a Directional Rocker Baseline to make the nose easily float and a swallowtail that doesn’t bump too hard during high-speed riding.

Another feature that makes this board stand out is that it comes in three sizes ranging from 138-150. So, you can easily choose the one that best meets your needs.

In all, this Japanese snowboard is ideal for both beginners and intermediate snowboard riders at an affordable price.


  • Affordable
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Directional Rocker Baseline


  • Less attractive design

6.Jones Storm Chaser – Best High-end Snowboard

The Jones Storm Chaser may be a pricey option, but it is a great product to consider if you value quality products. A ride on this board will provide you with an effortless surf-like riding experience without disappointing you in any way, even in deep powder.

The board features the FSC Bamboo Surf Core to ensure that it pops and a fat waist and perfect rocker for additional floatiness.

If you’re bothered about pricing and you are an experienced rider, this Japanese snowboard is a walk-in-the-pack.


  • Directional shape
  • FSC Bamboo Surf Core
  • Fat waist


  • Quite pricey

7.Never Summer Swift – Best Durable

As a brand that has been in the snowboard-making business since 1983, Summer Swift is a brand that truly delivers beyond expectation. Never Summer Swift is a snowboard that delivers the best performance regardless of the condition.

It features a big nose with an early rise design that helps prevent the snowboard from floating between turns. The bat-shaped tail is also designed to provide great stability.

The Fusion Rocker Camber is another feature of this board that makes it deliver a surf-like performance in any type of condition.


  • Durable
  • Early rise big nose
  • Bat-shaped tail
  • Fushion Rocker Camber


  • Not quite budget-friendly

8.Lib Tech Skunk Ape – Best for Big Riders

Getting the right size of snowboard is a vital consideration, but this can be a problem if you’re a big rider.

With a size ranging between 157-170 cm, the Lib Tech Skunk Ape is designed to meet the needs of big riders

Its wide and directional twins are specifically designed to conquer all mountains. It also comes with lots of amazing features including Magne-Traction, Horsepower construction, and Lib Techs C2 camber. It also comes with a wide footpad to accommodate riders with wide feet.

This Japanese snowboard is worth every penny and it’s a product worth considering.


  • Horsepower design
  • Magne-Traction
  • Lib Techs C2 Camber
  • Accommodates riders with large feets


  • Less good switch

9.Rossignol XV Sushi – Best Cool Design

If you want a snowboard with a cool design, the Rossignol XV Sushi is a product worth considering. The product provides an agile and smooth riding experience that helps you move swiftly in the snow.

The product features a fat-light nose and a slight swallowtail for stable and sturdy landing.

The only discouraging thing about this board is its size (144) as some people may not like the size. Aside from this, this board is worth giving a try.


  • AmpTek Elite Camber
  • Fat-light nose
  • Slight swallowtail
  • I.T.E frame core


  • Only available in size 144

10.Lib Tech T.Rice Orca – Best Versatile Snowboard

The Lib Tech is a popular brand amongst experienced riders. The Lib Tech T.Rice Orca is also a common Japanese snowboard brand and the major reason for this is its versatility.

The board comes with a directional shape and a C2X camber profile, making it the ideal board for freestyling on an ocean of snow. The board is also the best board for both intermediate and advanced snowboard riders.


  • Directional shape
  • Floaty nose
  • Whale tail construction


  • Available in only one size

Choosing The Best Japanese Snowboard

It can be so overpowering to choose a Japanese snowboard because there are many options for you to choose from. There are several shopping websites where you are likely to get hundreds of products of various awry shapes when you type the entry.

Here are some tips on the characteristics to consider when choosing the best Japanese snowboard. These tips will help you in getting the best choice of snowboard that will be deserving of your precious time and money.


The setback stance is very important if you must ride the snowboard in powder. No doubt you can use a centered stance plank but it will take tons of your time and effort. You won’t focus on things that are the most relevant as most of what you will concentrate on is making sure that the snowboard’s tail sinks and the nose floats. So, You need to remember this when you want to get a Japanese snowboard.


Here, the best Japanese snowboard ought to have a longer and wider nose, this will prevent the snowboard from sinking deeply in the snow. However, you have to ensure that the snowboard has a tail that is narrow as this will make it float the way it should. In addition, the plank will perform and float consistently if you can get snowboards that have rockers in the profile of the chamber.


Ability is another factor that should be considered when choosing your snowboard. There are a lot of snowboards for several skill levels. These snowboards come with definite construction, shape, material, design, and flexibility. Thus, it is very crucial to be realistic when assessing the abilities. You can as well enquire from a more experienced person in a local shop if you feel less confident about your choice.


Getting the perfect Japanese snowboard is the first step to having a great riding experience. Choose a board from a reputable brand and you will always have the best snowboarding experience. Our guide on the best Japanese snowboard brands will help you have a remarkable experience.