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Top 9 Japanese Purse Brands [High End & Everyday Use]

Adding a purse to your outfit will not only elevate your style, but will boost your confidence. Japanese purses come in all shapes and sizes.

Choosing which Japanese purse brand fits your style most will elevate your outfit and ensure you can carry around what you want. Whether you are looking for a casual everyday purse, a going out purse or a designer styled purse, Japanese brands carry them all.

Since these are Japanese purse brands, some of the website may be tailored towards those who can read Japanese or may show pricing in yen instead of dollars. For those brands we have found alternatives such as Amazon or other shopping websites that are easier to navigate though. Here are the top Japanese purse brands we found

Japanese Purse


Japanese Purse Brands


Anello is a Japanese purse brand created in 2015. It carries casual bags and purses in regular and mini sizes. The purses they carry come in color combinations of red, blue, beige, grey, and more.

They offer purses that are multicolored as well. These purses are aesthetic and modern. Their purses and inexpensive and stay around $20 to $50 on their website. They offer free shipping on orders $70 and up, otherwise there is a $15 shipping fee.

Anello bags and purses may be ripped off and so they offer information on how to tell if it is real or fake. A good place to look for Alleno purses is Amazon. Some of the reviews say that shipping takes very long or that they never received their products from the Anello website itself.

Keep in mind that ordering from Amazon appears to be slightly more expensive than their purses from their website and Amazon may not carry the specific one you are looking for.


  • Cheaper brand
  • Aesthetic style
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Rated highly


  • Some shipping issues with brands website
  • More expensive on reseller websites

2.Kitamura Purses 

Established in 1882 in Yokohama, Japan, Kitamura is a Japanese purse brand that carries accessories and clothing as well. Their collections are separated by year and season.

There are options for men’s purses, although there are a lot more options for women. Kitamura features a crocodile collection which are very high-end bags and purses made from crocodile.

What is different about Kitamura is that they offer a service where you can go to select stores and choose a bag and color that you like, and they will personalize that bag with the color you picked. It will then be shipped to you within two months.

Being a higher end brand, their purses are on the more expensive side if you are looking for something cheap but are not overpriced for nice Japanese purses. Their bags can range anywhere from $100 up to $3000.

The price must be worth the purses because their items are rated high, within the 4-star range.


  • High quality purses
  • Established website and products on resale sites
  • Cheaper options
  • Can get a custom-colored bag
  • Rated high


  • May not agree with their ethics (crocodile bag)
  • Can be too expensive
  • Resellers may sell fake bags

 3.Osumashi Pooh-chan

This cute Japanese purse brand features Pooh-chan which is a kitten that has long lashes. This brand comes with a little story behind why the kitten is the star of every product they sell.

The purses and bags they have to offer all come in black, white, pink and a few other colors. Each product has the kitten or the face of the kitten on them.

The style of bag is cute and aesthetic. The purses can be an accessory to any casual outfit and would even go with more of an elegant outfit as well. Most of the purse’s range in the $30 area and are quite affordable.

Unfortunately, they seem to be sold out of a lot of their products so looking at resellers may be the only way to get the purse you want from them. This brand is rated extremely high being in the 4.5 and above out of 5 stars.


  • Rated highly
  • Cheaper brand
  • Purses can go with any style
  • Nice color choice


  • May be hard to get
  • Resellers may inflate prices
  • All bags have the kitten


Created in 2004, this Japanese purse brand has an urban style that features products styled similar to hobo sacks (tote bag style). This brand was created in honor of the free lifestyle of Americans who traveled the railroads with just a sack. They sell apparel and accessories as well.

Most of their bags are made with canvas or cloth patch work. They offer colors such as blue, off white, green, and more basic urban style colors. This brand also features cow leather bags which are the closest representation to a more traditional looking purse.

Their purses range in the $100 to $300 area. This is not extremely expensive for a purse but can be if your budget is not that flexible. This brand is hard to find reviews for because there is another brand with the same name.


  • Urban styled bags
  • Multiple colors
  • Offer leather purses
  • Price is not extremely expensive


  • Can be too expensive
  • Reviews unclear
  • Brand with the same name
  • May not agree with their ethics (leather bags)


Milesto is a Japanese purse brand that is for everyday use and travel created in Tokyo, Japan. Their style is aesthetic and offer products that feel very minimalist.

They offer some handheld purses bags with flower design. Most bags are one solid color and they carry some in simple patterns. Their collections are by season and have an established page on Amazon, but it is in Japanese and priced in Yen.

The prices of their purses can be cheap, around $10. They do carry products that are more expensive around $60 when converted to USD. Their purses are rated around 3 to 4 stars out of 5.

Some purses do not have any reviews or only a few reviews, so it is difficult to tell if the reviews are accurate or not.


  • Cheaper options
  • Large number of products to choose from
  • Most products rated well
  • Lots of colors and patterns to choose from


  • Some can be expensive
  • Ratings are average or there are not enough
  • Amazon website is in Japanese

6.UN billion

This Japanese purse brand is a more traditional styled purse that would go well with styled clothing. Their purses are mostly square shaped and come in colors of brown, red, black, and more basic purse colors.

This brand is known for being one of Oprah’s favorite things. It can be found on Amazon, QVC, and other websites. There are a lot of different purses they offer.

The purses price range is anywhere from $30 to $100 or more. The smaller purses they carry are cheaper while the larger ones and some of the smaller ones are on the more expensive side. This brand is rated very high and is one of the more well-established Japanese purse brands.


  • Well established
  • Cheaper options
  • One of Oprah’s favorite things
  • A lot of options
  • Easy to find on the internet


  • Some can be expensive

7.Porter-Yoshida and Co

This Japanese purse brand was created in 1962 by Yoshida and Co. Their bags are produced in Japan and the material is nylon which is able to keep out dirt and water.

This brand is a very high-quality brand that is supposed to last forever. They offer darker colors of black, army green, and dark blue. These are designer level bags. They are very expensive and could be out of your price range. The bags can range from $300 up to $1000 or more.

If price is not an issue for you, this brand may be great for you because its style appears to go with everything.


  • Long lasting
  • Extremely durable
  • Designer brand
  • Nice colors


  • Expensive

8.Kyo Kiwami

Kyo Kiwami is a Japanese and Japanese styled purse brand manufactured in Kyoto, Japan. This designer brand has elegant purses that are made with traditional Japanese patterns. The materials are silk and polyester.

They all come with a water repellent finish to make sure nothing ruins the bag. They can be styled with Japanese clothing along with other modern or casual clothing.

The price range of these bags are around $450. Since this is a designer brand, there are only a few options, but if you are looking for a Japanese traditional styled purses these are a great option for you.


  • Traditional Japanese style
  • Long lasting
  • Made with good materials


  • Expensive
  • Only a few to choose from

9.Tsuchiya Kaban

Tsuchiya Kaban is a designer Japanese purse brand established in 1965 with a minimalist style. The brand offers a wide variety of options such as leather purses, wallets, and bags.

Most are colored in red, yellow, black, brown, and more. These bags are hand made by their best craftsmen. They also do repair services on their products if needed.

Since these are hand crafted and made with leather, they are more expensive. The purses can range around $500 and up. If you are interested in designer leather purses this brand may be the right choice for you.


  • Made by hand
  • Large amount of colors
  • Waterproof
  • Large amount of option


  • Expensive
  • Can conflict with ethics (leather products)

How To Choose the Best Japanese Purse Brand for You

Making sure you have the right purse with your outfit or for everyday use can be hard. There are some purses that only go with certain outfits and some that go with everything. Knowing your style and what you like will help you decide which Japanese purse brand is right for you.

When you are picking out the perfect brand you want to consider not only your style but other characteristics as well. Characteristics such as your price range, reviews, and ethics.

Your style

Knowing your style will help you pick a Japanese purse brand. Most of the purses are similar but they do vary in color and materials. If you are looking for a more designer brand, Kitamura’s purses would be good for you. If you are looking for something that is very cute, then Osumashi Pooh-chan would be good for you.

You could also be looking for a purse for a specific outfit so envisioning how it would look with yourself would help in choosing the perfect one.

Price Range

If your price range is more flexible, you could buy a designer style purse or a more expensive purse from a more casual brand. If your price range is less flexible then one of the cheaper options would be right for you. Even the less expensive brands still offer great quality and can be long lasting.


Reading through what others have experienced with the brands and how they feel about the products could help you decide on a purse. Looking at the photos that others post can also help you see if the products are described accurately, the color is accurate, and can help you see the true size.

Reviews can also help with letting you know if the brands have fast shipping or finding the brands product on another website would be better.


Some of the Japanese purse brands use animals for their bags. Such as cow leather and crocodile leather. For some this may be unethical and are not willing to associate with such brands.

These Japanese purse brands do not explain where they are on sustainability and how their products are produced. Japan does have regulations on manufacturing. Knowing where you stand on ethics of brands will also decide where you choose to buy from.



Finding the right Japanese purse brand for you will boost your style and confidence. Looking at the style of the brands and comparing it to your own style will help you choose the right Japanese purse brand. Looking into the prices of the products, reviews, and if their brands line up with your ethics will also lean you towards which brand you would like to buy from.