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Top 10 Japanese Perfume Brands

Perfume is like the cherry on top. It is what pulls your whole outfit together or what makes you feel secure going out into the world. Japanese perfumes are said to have a next level of sophistication and perfected fragrances fit for any occasion.

You should try to get the best Japanese perfume you can because perfume is an investment. It is something that will last a long time and make you feel confident.

Japanese Perfume

Here are the best Japanese perfume brands we could find.

Top Japanese Perfume Brands

1.Miya Shinma

Miya Shinma began creating perfumes after a visit to France. She then started creating perfumes based on Japans ancestral history. The perfumes this brand carries are fragrances of the natural world that are all tied back to Japan’s culture.

The brand is split between Japan and France but is sold all over the world. The Kimono collection is a small collection of Japanese only inspired fragrances. It features cherry blossoms and the Japanese cypress.

This brand’s perfumes are sold in standard rectangle bottles with a cylinder top. Each bottle has Japanese artwork. The price of this brands perfumes range around $150 to $200 for a 100ml bottle. The ratings are quite average being in 3 out of 5-star area.

If you are looking for natural Japanese fragrances this brand would be worth the look.

• Natural Japanese inspired fragrances
• Reasonably priced
• Well established website

• Can be expensive
• Average ratings


Monocle originally started as a magazine and since has grown to selling all sorts of products from clothing to homeware. They got into selling a small number of perfumes in collaboration with Comme des Garcons.

There are four perfumes featured along with two fragrance sticks. They offer scents such as cedar and laurel. These are all Japanese inspired fragrances that give off fresh scents of places in Japan.

Monocle itself is rated very highly as a brand and their perfumes are rated highly as products. They range at 4.5 out of 5 stars and above. The perfumes are priced at $120, and the fragrance sticks are cheaper at $55.

Each of the bottles are 55ml. This brand may be on the more expensive side.

• Not extremely expensive
• Ships to most countries
• Rated very high
• Japanese inspired scents

• Can be expensive
• Only a few to choose from

3. Kenzo

This Japanese perfume brand was inspired by nature and the beauty of humankind. Their goal is to recreate the world’s scents. They encourage an open mind and freedom.

The products they offer come in all shapes of bottles and create scents for both men and women. Their website gives all the descriptions and stories behind their products and scents.

The price of Kenzo products are cheaper than others. Some range around $50 but can also be a little more expensive. They have all types of scents from floral to musky. The review for this brand is average to good.

They range in the 3 and up out of 5 stars area. If you are looking for a wide verity of cheaper Japanese made perfumes to choose from this brand may be right for you.

• Wide variety
• Men and woman products
• Story behind each perfume
• Cheaper options

• Ratings are average
• Can be expensive
• May be too much to look through

4. Shiseido

Shiseido is a brand created in Tokyo that carries all types of skincare, makeup and carries a highly rated Japanese perfume. They give a list of full ingredients to the perfume and what it pairs well with.

The perfume is to emphasize femineity. It has floral and woody scents. The perfume itself has high ratings and is cheaper than others. It sits at a price of $88 for 100ml. Each come in a modern gold bottle.

They may make more perfumes but at the moment only have the one. It appears to be very popular and is selling quickly.

• Cheaper option
• Floral and woody scents
• Carry other products that pair with the fragrance
• Highly rated

• Only one option
• Can be too expensive

5. Parfum Satori

This Japanese perfume brand was established in 2000 by Satori Osawa in Tokyo. She crates natural scents that show the beauty of seasonal nature.

She has also written a perfume guide which explains each scents background. There are a wide variety of perfumes to choose from. Every product comes in a square bottle with thin cylinder cap.

The perfumes are rated highly and are priced reasonably. Each bottle ranges in the $100 area. There are packs that you can get for cheaper with multiple perfumes inside.

Most of the products feature a floral Japanese scent such as sakura, hana hiraku, iris, and more. The perfumes range in the “light and fresh” and “sweet and soft” area according to her guide.

• Multiple options to choose from
• A guide to the perfume’s scents
• Cheaper options
• Inspired by the seasons in Japan
• Highly rated

• Website priced in yen
• May have to purchase from reseller

6.Di Ser

Di Ser was established in 1999 in Japan. Their brand is represented by a lotus. They believe it represents beautiful natures such as a flower to parts of nature that are not seen as beautiful such as mud.

Their perfume scents are made mostly with floral, woody, or citrus smells. It appears that the perfumes would offer a sharp, refreshing smell. The website gives an exact description of each one and there are many options to choose from.

The website does not offer an online show but provides links to where you can purchase the brand in multiple countries. The perfumes are slightly more expensive than others. A 33ml bottle is $250.

However, the products are rated very highly so if your price range is more flexible, this might be a great brand for you.

• Floral, woody, and citrus scents
• Established website
• Description of all the products
• Shows were to buy from

• Can be too expensive
• Not many to choose from

7.Harajuku Lovers

This Japanese styled perfume brand is slightly different from others. It was created in 2005 by Gwen Stefani. The perfumes are made with multiple fragrance experts. They are for Harajuku lovers, hence the name.

Although there have been no recent releases you can still get some. The packaging features cute Japanese inspired dolls on top of each perfume bottle. There are fragrances such as hinoki wood, pear blossom, cranberry, and more.

Each of these bottles are 1 oz which is around 30 ml. The perfumes are also cheaper than most. Depending on which one you get, they around $15 to $40.

There is an abundance of different dolls that go with the different scents. The dolls could be used as decoration.

Although this is a less tradition Japanese perfume brand, it offers similar scents and the Japanese culture at a cheaper price than others.

• Cheap
• Cute packaging
• Japanese scented perfumes
• Multiple options to choose from

• Not made in Japan
• Not sophisticated

8.Keiko Mecheri

Founded in 1997 by Keiko Mecheri and her husband, this Japanese perfume brand features scents inspired by southern California and Europe. The brand offers a large variety of perfumes to choose from.

There are scents inspired by things such as citrus, summer, fruits, flowers, and Japanese culture. This is one of the few brands that talks about their ethics and being eco-friendly for the planet.

The perfumes are rated in the 4-star range and are scene as long lasting. The products themselves are slightly more expensive than others. A bottle is $165 for 100ml.

Unlike a lot of the other brands this one offers a palette of different perfumes. There are collections with 7 perfumes in smaller bottles that you can get for a good value.

Purchasing a palette would enable you to try more perfumes from this brand since there are so many.

• Large number of perfumes to choose from
• Japanese inspired options
• Large number of scents to choose from
• Eco-friendly
• Highly rated
• Long lasting

• Can be expensive
• Not traditional Japanese perfumes
• Can be too many to choose from

9.Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake is a luxury styled Japanese perfume brand that wants you to feel connected with nature when you use their products. Their website offers descriptions of each of their products and has catalogs to find the best perfume for yourself or someone else.

They feature men’s and women’s fragrances. The product design either come in a completely rectangle bottle or a more triangular cylinder shaped bottle. The design feels fresh and elegant like their scents.

They are another one of the few brands that talk about sustainability and being eco-friendly. From working to reduce the amount of plastic they use to using recycled materials.

The products that Issey Miyake produces are all rated very highly. Ranging in the 4.5 and above out of 5 stars area. The website is not an online shop but does offer links on where to buy their products. Places such as Nordstrom carry their products.

They offer two different sizes and are priced around $80 to $100. Products are reasonably priced and the largest bottle they offer is around 120 ml.

• Highly rated
• Multiple fragrances to choose from
• Men and women fragrances
• Priced fairly
• Can be found at large retailers
• Tries to be eco-friendly

• Can be expensive


The goal of this Japanese perfume brand is to create the scent of Japan and to share it with the world. So that when you use their scents you feel as if you know what it feels like to be in Japan.

This is luxury brand that is made in Japan. They offer body lotions, fragrances for just your house, and other products on top of perfumes. The packaging is very minimalist and offers an aesthetic look.

All of their products are highly rated. The body spray they offer comes in multiples scent options such as lemon peel, orange blossom, sugar lychee, and more.

This on the cheaper side as well. Bottles are $59 for 100ml. Fresh Peer is the most popular scent from their body spray. They offer a 10ml bottle of the body spray for $10 so that you have the option to sample multiple scents.

• Cheaper than other brands
• Clean styled products
• Multiple options to choose from
• Highly rated

• Not solely perfume focused
• Not large variety of scents

How to Choose the Best Japanese Perfume Brand

Perfume can be a difficult product to choose since you cannot smell though the computer screen. However, after going through the different brands picking the perfect Japanese perfume brand for you should be easier for you.

There are some important aspects you should consider when deciding the right brand for you. Such aspects include, but are not limited to, what you like, your price range, and reviews.

What you like

Deciding on what you like may be the most difficult decisions for yourself. A good way to figure out what you like is to go smell test perfumes at large retailers such as Nordstrom or even smaller perfume shops. If you think you like floral scents, then maybe smelling some flowers could help you decide.

At the end of the day, what you pick is personal to you and should be something you enjoy smelling.

Price Range

Price range is something that will also dictate which brands you can or cannot choose. Most of the Japanese perfume brands are on the more expensive side because of their sophistication.

Some, such as Harajuku Lovers are cheaper, but it is not a luxury brand. A good thing to remember is that perfumes are an investment and will last a long time.


Reading other people’s experiences with brands or the products of the brands is a good way to decide which brand is right for you. Some may go over what they thought it smelled like or how long they felt the perfume lasted when they wore it. You will be able to read about someone’s honest experience with the brands.

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