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Top 5 Japanese Massage Chair Brands

Massage chairs are a luxury. Being able to come home from a long day and sitting in a comfortable chair that will release all the knots in your muscles will make you feel relaxed and free. If you’ve tried one at the mall for a dollar or at a show room, you know that massage chairs make a difference in your wellbeing.

Japanese massage chair brands will bring you a sense of luxury and calmness you never knew you needed. These massage chairs that are equipped with the best massage techniques.

Here are the best Japanese massage chair brands we could find

Top Japanese Massage Chair Brands


Panasonic was founded in 1918. An extremely innovative company that has seen the change of massage chairs for over 100 years. They work towards creating massage chairs that improve people’s lives. Using what they call, zengineering to engineer a modern designed massage chair that heals you through the art of massaging. Their chairs feature body scanning technology that customizes a massage just for you. Sensors make a virtual map of your back and massage accordingly. There are premade massage experiences that you can use as well.

They offer two massage chairs. Both are able to target your acupoints from the style of a Swedish massage to the traditional Japanese shiatsu massage. There is an option to make the rollers heated which relaxes your muscles. Adjustments can be made on both to either massage more or less intensely. The chairs will massage every inch of your back and are able to massage your shoulders.

One of their products is a premium massage chair called the MAJ7 which is available on Amazon. It comes at a luxury price of $10000. On Amazon you are able to break this payment into 12 months. Expert assembly for this brand does cost an extra $100. This one is their premium product because it features extra options such as a professional sole massage and uses a real time six position and force microprocessor.


  • Website has live chat support
  • Two products to choose from
  • Can purchase and pay monthly via Amazon
  • Top of the line luxury massage chair
  • Scans body to make personalized massage


  • Expensive
  • Amazon reviews of MAJ7 3.5/5


OHCO features massage chairs designed by Ken Okuyama who used to work as a Ferrari designer. Working alongside Ken is sensi Okabayashi who is a shiatsu master. He helped create the massager programs in their chairs. Each chair is created with Japanese design and engineering. They are on a constant search for perfection. At the moment OHCO offers four different chairs. These chairs are top of a luxury.

Their chairs range from $9000 to their most innovate one which is $15000. These message chairs come in different colors such as brown, black, grey, and a few others. Each one reclines all the way back so you can experience the messages laying down unlike a lot of massage chairs that only allow for an upright position. The sides of the chairs swing open like car doors to easily get in and out of the chair. The seats are designed like luxury car seats. Each chair has features such as full body massage, foot rollers, heat therapy, different types of kneading, and more.

If you are looking for one of these luxury massage chairs but are not looking to pay all at once, then purchasing from Amazon may be a good option. You can pay for their M.DX Luxury massage chair in payments of around $800 per month for 12 months. There is also free assembly included. Purchasing from Amazon will allow you to read reviews on the chairs as well. Most say that the chairs are worth the price.


  • Live chat support
  • Top of the line luxury massage chair
  • Can pay in installments on Amazon
  • Designed by a former Ferrari car designer


  • Expensive

3.Synca Wellness

Synca started out producing weightlifting equipment in 1975. Their wellness division was launched in 2005. Along with selling massage chairs, they sell a few other message products. Smaller products such as their massage gun which is popular with athletes, neck and shoulder massagers, and a leg ottoman massager. These products target a specific area instead of your whole body. They offer five massage chairs to choose from. Two of which are compact or smaller than a traditional massage chair.

The compact massage chairs from this brand are wallet friendly. Their CirC compact massage chair is only $1000 which is cheap for a massage chair. When purchasing through Amazon you can pay around $90 a month for twelve months. It is one of the smallest Japanese designed massage chairs there are. It does lack certain features you would see from their more expensive massage chairs such as the lower leg massaging aspect. However, it does massage from your shoulders all the way to your thighs and uses heat therapy.

Their most expensive chair is the JP1100. Ranging around $9000. The high price is due to the fact that it is a premium massage chair with massage features similar to Panasonic and OHCO. The JP1100 uses the worlds most advanced deep tissues massagers and targets twelve body parts. The chair includes 21 different massage programs to choose from, a compression system to help blood flow, an almost 180 degrees recline, and more.


  • Rated highly
  • Cheaper options
  • Other massage products sold
  • 180 degree recline to lay down
  • Premium chair offers 21 different massage programs
  • Premium chair uses worlds best massage machine


  • Cheaper option doesn’t have leg or feet massagers
  • Premium chair is expensive


INADA was established in 1966 as a Japanese massage chair company based out of Osaka, Japan. Their company polices include bringing health to society with their products. Continuation of innovation, increased quality, and to be available to people all over the world.

This company has created around twelve models of Japanese massage chairs but only six remain on the market today. Each chair is different from the rest including style and how well it performs. Their massage chair designs are a little more futuristic looking. Some almost resemble a robot. All of their chairs use Japanese shiatsu massage techniques and recognize when you sit on the chair.

By far their most aesthetic massage chair is one of their newest, called Vita. It is a massage chair that would fit in with your living room without looking like a massage chair. Since it is smaller, it does not offer as many features as others. There are mainly two modes for night and morning. It does recline and massage from your shoulders to your thighs.

Their revolutionary massage chair is called the Therapina Robo. This chair is unlike other chairs because the way it is deigned is to get the most realistic massage you can get possible. It uses technology to hold your body still and massage a certain area as a masseuse would but is said to be even better than a masseuse’s work.

The chair uses A.I. (artificial intelligence) to detect where your muscles are tight and massages accordingly instead of programs. What is extremely different from other chairs is that this one massages your arms and hands as well. It is meant to be a complete full body massage chair with legs, arms, and your whole back.


  • Uses artificial intelligence
  • Available all over the world
  • Chairs that massage arms and hands
  • The vita chair is aesthetically pleasing
  • Offers multiple massage chairs to choose from
  • Carries high tech chair that massaged according to your body


  • Hard to find
  • No prices listed
  • May be sold out
  • Most likely is expensive


This brand is slightly different from the others. The name Daiwa is a Japanese word meaning great harmony but is not made as traditional Japanese massage chairs. This brand is worth the mention because it is one of the best massage chairs out there. Almost comparable to traditional Japanese massage chairs that use shiatsu techniques for their massages. The customer service this company provides is some of the best as well. The chairs they make are innovated and dependable. They offer a large selection of massage chairs listed into four different series.

The chairs they make all feature massage programs that will help release tension in your muscles. Chairs offer leg extensions, surround sound speakers, bonus chair pads, and more. There is also a twist feature that relieves tension in your pelvis and buttock. Each chair has 3D rollers that range from your shoulders to your thighs. There is a spinal decompression stretch relieving weight on vertebra. Like all the other brands, it too uses heat therapy.

Reviews for chairs from this brand are extremely high. Such as the Legacy massage chair from the premium series. Proving the brands products have a long lifetime and consumers are pleased with its performance. Every purchase comes with a two-year warranty on their chairs. If you want longer warranty, they offer up to five years maximum of warranty as well. Prices of these chairs are not cheap. They range from $8000 to $15000 or more.


  • Reviewed well
  • Japanese level massage chairs
  • Chairs have twist therapy for pelvis
  • Warranty can be extended up to 5 years
  • Features spinal decompression stretch
  • Some products sell on Amazon allowing for payments over 12 months


  • Expensive
  • Not a traditional Japanese Massage chair brand

How to Choose the Best Japanese Massage Chair Brand

When you are picking out which Japanese massage chair brand you are going to buy, you should consider certain factors before the purchase. Factors include lifetime of chair, features of massages, style, price, and reviews.

Lifetime of chair

Durability is important when it comes to massage chairs. You don’t want to spend over $1000 on a chair that breaks after a few months or that may even malfunction in a day. Price of the chair goes hand in hand with lifetime.

The more expensive the chair is, the longer it is going to last. A lot of reviews of $1000 massage chairs seem to give the impression that most die after a year. Lifetime of a chair includes warranty too. Knowing the warranty or seeing if the brand comes with a warranty is important as well. If you have a year warranty and your chair breaks after nine months, you’ll be able to contact the company to get it repaired or even a new chair.

Features of massages

Looking at which features you want in a massage chair is also important. If you are looking for something with every feature there is to offer, then you may want to look at INADA which offers a chair that massages just about every part of your body. You would decide if you want the chair to read your body then massage you or chairs that have preprogramed massages ready to use. If you are looking for more of a basic massage just for your back, then brands such as INADA and Synca Wellness may be good for you. They both offer massage chairs that are smaller with less features.


Style is a little easier to think about. Think about how the massage chair would look in the space you would put it. There are not many different styles to choose from. Most massage chairs are bulky and aren’t aesthetically pleasing. This factor would be your personal preference.


No doubt that price is a big factor for massage chairs. However, these chairs are an investment for your wellbeing. All of them are expensive, even the cheaper ones. If you do not want to pay in bulk right away, Amazon carries a few products from these Japanese brands and allow you to pay within 12 months instead of all at once.


Reviews are important to read whether you are watching a YouTube video or going through Amazon. Previous customers can let you know how long it lasted, if the price is worth the chair, and so much more to help you decide.