10 Japanese Makeup Brands [Affordable & Luxury Options]

Something is soothing when you sit in front of your mirror and you make yourself look fly while you are at it with your morning rituals. But the truth is looking good transcends beyond randomly applying brush and makeup kits. You have to get it right. You have to be intentional with your makeup brands, and your application methods.

For many people, the problem is not in the way they apply their makeup. It lies in the makeup brands you decided on. That brings us to Japanese makeup brands. It’s no secret that Japanese makeup brands are increasingly becoming a household name wherever you go and here are some justifications for that.

First off, buyers are faced with varieties of options. There are expensive and budget-friendly options. And here’s the best part. With Japanese makeup brands, you don’t have to have to sacrifice quality for pricing. You can get makeup that is pretty affordable and will sure do the magic. In this read, we will walk you through 10 Japanese makeup brands buyers should try out today. These makeup brands include:

Japanese Makeup Brands


Kate is the first Japanese makeup brand on the list. It is by a popular cosmetic company named Kanebo. The brand was launched in 1997 and has grown to become one of the most sought-after makeup brands in Japan. The brand is one of the topmost manufacturers of cosmetics in Japan. In its glory, Kate mirrors the Japanese spirited energy. Apart from that, the brand’s products are largely impacted by the highly sophisticated, and fashion attuned Japanese.

One of the special things about the brand is its dedication to ensuring that products get out to people from different walks of life. Are you a tourist? In Japan for leisure? Or perhaps on a business trip? Then you should consider the Japanese makeup brand.

Kate’s makeup products are highly affordable and can be classified as budget-friendly. The brand has a wide collection of makeup products. That means it will save you stress if you can be specific about the makeup product you want. There are complexion products, eye shadow palettes, nude rouge collections, vibrant lippies, to mention a few.

The makeup products are travel-friendly, well-packaged, and of high quality. The nude rouge is ideal for those that are big on having red lips. A red base and nude shade on the red hue are all you need to get the magic started.  Kate’s eyeshadow is a great choice for those that are new to the world of makeup. And lastly, the palettes are in various shade matches of nude and red color. When you decide on these palettes, they will be a perfect match for you irrespective of your skin tone.

2.Shu Uemura

One common theme about the Japanese is that they are a composite of luxury and fun. A composition of modernity and tradition. The Japanese won’t shy away from showing forth their unconventional shimmers and colors that bring out an ethereal and unique personality. Shu Uemura does not fall short of this philosophy.

When you rock Shu Uemura products, your skin gets all that required love and glow. The brand majors in makeup and skincare products. When applied, the skincare products will fix up your skin. While their eyelash curler will give you astonishing looks.

It will curl your lashes so high that it will compliment your looks. However, ensure that your lashes do not outshine your lips. With Shu Uemura’s Lacquer Shine Glossy Lipsticks, your pout will look more kissable.

You don’t want to leave your brows unattended. Do you? Well, Shu Uemura’s brows will add to your already stunning look. It will open a window to your soul. It comes with a brow pencil and a brush.

3.Koh Gen Do

Are you big on using foundation but you notice you often have acne? Koh Gen Do products are probably your game changer. The brand doubles as a manufacturer of skincare and cosmetics products.

Koh Gen Do’s most sought-after product is the Maifanshi Aqua Foundation. With the holy grail products, your skin will remain healthy and hydrated. It has skin-conditioning emollients. If you are a makeup artist, then the Maifanshi Aqua Foundation is a perfect choice for blockbuster projects. And that is due to its ability to minimize. The foundation can almost fight against sweet and oil when applied.

Furthermore, Koh Gen Do complexion makeup products come with cutting-edge skincare supplements that are from plant-based components that have healing abilities. The brand products can repair your skin when applied.

Additionally, the Cleansing Water Cloth is suitable for buyers that do not wish to go through the step-by-step routine of makeup removal. These ultra-mild cleaning wipes are immersed in thermal water that is rich in mineral and conditioning botanical extracts. All these ensure that the products calm the skin and cleanse makeups that are hard to clean off. Unlike other random makeup products, Koh Gen Do products will not irritate your skin. It will only hydrate and soothe it.

4.Dolly Wink

Do you have a knack for eye makeup? Then you’ve probably heard of the Japanese makeup brand. Dolly Wink majors in the production of eye makeup. The brand’s products focus on making you look exquisite while you are on natural eye makeup.

The brand has varieties of eye makeup collections in its name. Their collections cut across eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, false lashes, mascara, and personalities. However, out of their products, the false lash collection is the most sought-after. Today, Dolly Wink has sold millions of its products throughout the world.


The next Japanese makeup brand on the list is K-Palette. People that their eyes are the window to their soul need to make the most with their eyebrows. A perfect way to do that is with the K-Palette 1Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner. The makeup product does not come off easily. It is water-resistant and smudge-proof. The liner is light and packages with essentials that enhance brow hair care.

I know you will agree with me, it is capital intensive to explore different eye products and that is understandable. K-Palette is budget-friendly and could be your last bus stop. It comes with two powder blush shades, a contour, and a highlighter. The Semi-matte Lip Tint Stick would look great on your lips.


CanMake Japanese makeup brand products have ingredients that care for sensitive skin. It comes in a doll-like package. No doubt, the makeup product encapsulates sparkle and beauty. The brand’s makeup best-sellers are CanMake Cream Cheek, Eyebrow Liquid, and Marshmallow Finish Powder.

CanMake beauty products extend beyond makeup. The brand also has nail care products and makeup tools that will compliment your makeup effort.


The Japanese makeup brand is quite popular and has been around for over 50 years. And over the years, the brand made a name for itself and has been able to roll out top-quality, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly makeup products for the skin. Their products include:

  • The UV Ultra Fit Base N: Is considered one of the best among Japanese makeup brands. The Cezanne makeup brand has water and sweat resistance. And that makes it suitable for those with oily skin. It is a perfect usage during the summer and destinations with humid climates.
  • The UV Clear Face Powder: The next makeup product ensures that you are protected from the sun with SPF 28 PA++. Apart from that, the product also prevents sebum and sweats from getting to your makeup.
  • Cezanne Gel Eyeliner: The Cezanne product is water-resistant. It comes with a 2-in-1 liner. With these liners, you can draw or smudge your eyeliner.

If you ever find yourself in Japan and you are on a limited budget you can find any of the aforementioned Cezanne products in the following drugstore Watsons, Tomod, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, and Daikoku Drug. Also, it is suitable as a gift for your friends and family.

8.Heroine Make

Are you an Otaku and you are obsessed with the looks of a couple of anime characters? Then this Japanese makeup brand might just be the right fit for you.

You will agree that great eyelashes and mascaras go together. The Heroine Make brand has a collection of spectacular mascaras. You don’t want to miss this Japanese makeup brand that gives you a total 90s anime package.

If you are an anime fan, chances are you might have concluded that the characters’ stunning eyelashes are surreal and fictitious. But one thing you need to know is that almost everything that revolves around anime is influenced by Japanese heritage. As the brand name connotes, Heroine Make can give you your favorite anime character’s looks with their brilliant mascaras.

Heroine Make bean products come in different selections to cater to different needs. Volume and Curl Mascara Advanced Film is ideal for those that want volume. So you want an illusion of length to your eyelashes? Then the Long and Curl Mascara Super WP is the right fit for you. While the Speedy Mascara Remover is an effective and hassle-free means to remove your makeup.

All Heroine Make makeup products are water-resistant and are capable of holding your eyelashes.

9.Majolica Majorca (Shiseido)

Majolica Majorca (Shiseido) Japanese Makeup products are for teens and young people. The brand’s candy and vintage design are game-changers.

Specifically, Majolica Majorca (Shiseido) makeup products come with ingredients that nourish the skin. Other than that, these products can fight off acne and sebum. The Japanese brand’s complexion products are moisturizing.

Japanese makeup brand products are budget-friendly. If you are in the country, you can easily get their products at Don Quijote Stores. Majolica Majorca (Shiseido) best selling products are:

  • Lash Gorgeous Neo Mascara: The makeup product is perfect for those that want doll-like lashes. These lashes are carefully separated and not clumped together.
  • Wonder Fixer Ex: Here’s a go-to plug for people that like to keep their makeup intact. The Majolica Majorca product will also fight off the sebum and stickiness that comes with humid weather.
  • Poreless Freezer: And lastly, the Poreless Freezer will ensure that your skin does not have grease. It will also make sure there is smoothness beneath applied makeup.



The last Japanese makeup brand on the list is Chifure. The name is an abbreviation of “Zenkoku Chiiki Fujin Dantai Renraku Kyogikai” (the National Federation of Regional Women’s Organization, one of the largest consumer groups at the time). The brand has been around for over 60 years and has made a name for itself. Chifure makeup products are affordable.

They deal with makeup and skincare products. But for this read, our focus will be on makeup products.

Chifure has a wide collection of makeup products for your face, lips, eyes, and nails. Some of these makeup products are :

  • Chifure Concealer
  • Chifure Makeup Base Cream UV
  • Chifure UV Liquid Foundation
  • Chifure Powder Blush
  • Chifure Lip Gel
  • Chifure Lip Liner
  • Chifure Lipstick Y
  • Chifure Matte Top Coat
  • Chifure Enamel Removal
  • Chifure Base Coat

What Makes Japanese Makeup Brands Unique?

From their arts to movies to anime, it’s pretty obvious that the Japanese take looks seriously. If you are so big on anime, you probably have eyes on a couple of fictional characters and wonder how they’d pull that off. And sometimes the reality can be alike.

Japanese people take the art of beautification seriously. They have advanced to the stage where anyone (irrespective of their gender) could effortlessly rock their makeup brands. And now that you are familiar with our list of Japanese makeup brands, you will notice that the following factors are in most of the aforementioned products.

  • Japanese makeup brand products are budget-friendly. The best part is that you won’t be sacrificing quality for quantity. Affordable options are effective and top-quality.
  • Most Japanese makeup brands can be the go-to plug for your cosmetics products. These brands have a wide collection of essential makeup products.