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Top 9 Japanese Hair Dye Brands

Whether you are looking to dye your hair a vibrant pink, deep black or are covering up some greys, finding the best brand for you is important. Japanese hair dye brands are often longer lasting and have more of an accurate color than western brands.

Keep in mind that hair dye can be damaging and keeping your hair healthy is important when using any type of hair dye. Luckily there are a lot of Japanese hair dye brands that offer ingredients to help keep your hair dyed and health.

Since these are Japanese hair dyes, their websites and payments may be difficult to find or use. Most of the company links are to Amazon or a third party website which is an easier way to purchase the hair dyes.

Japanese Hair Dye Brands

These are the best Japanese Hair Dyes we could find.

Top Japanese Hair Dye Brands

1.Kao Liese

This Japanese hair dye brand has a wide range of different colors for you to choose from. Most of the colors focus on dye that would make your hair a different shade of brown.

They are of the few that offer a website (web.kao). Their website, which is in English, offers a virtual try on and a guide to their colors. They also offer a brightness level scale and separate their dyes between a design series and a natural series.

Along with hair dyes, they offer hair styling products. Their hair dyes are foam and are long lasting. Claiming the dye lasts around two months. There are mixed reviews on if this product can cover white and grey hairs. This brand also usually includes an allergy test kit.

  • Great for getting different shades of brown
  • Easy to use
  • Has detailed website
  • Virtual try on
  • Should include allergy test kit


  • Mixed reviews on if it covers white or grey hairs

2.Mise En Scene

Mise En Scene is a Japanese hair product company that offers a wide variety of hair dyes along with hair serums and other hair products. Their dyes consist of shades of brown and colors such as rose, blonde, and red.

Their hair dye comes in a foam and most Amazon sellers will give a color guide in the pictures area along with before and after pictures from the company.

The hair dye itself is free of odor and is supposed to only take 20 minutes for the dye to settle into your hair. Some reviews say it needs to be left in longer, up to 40 minutes instead of 20 minutes or it does not dye enough.

Generally, their hair dye products are rated high, but this brand seems to be more invested in hair care products such as serums and damage oils.


  • Different colors other than shades of brown
  • Easy to use
  • Reviewed well
  • Offers hair care products


  • Supposed to take 20 minutes to dye, could take longer
  • Not clear if it comes with allergy testing kit

3.Dariya Salon De Pro

This Japanese hair dye brand is made in Japan. It is one that appears to only offer shades of brown and only have a few products on Amazon. Their dye is cream that comes in a tube. It is easy to apply and has good ratings.

The hair dye has no odors and should not irritate eyes or nose. This product uses hair care ingredients and will leave your hair shiny after the it has been dyed.

This brand’s hair dye comes with an allergy test kit and gives instructions on how to use it. What is different about this brand is that it is slightly more expensive than other Japanese hair dye brands.

Usually, the dyes range around $13 to $15. This brand ranges around $20 or more so it is seen as expensive.

  • Multiple shades of brown
  • Almost odorless
  • Comes with allergy test kit
  • Ingredients that leave hair shiny


  • More expensive than others
  • Only a few products on Amazon


This hair dye brand is manufactured by Hoyu. It is one of the biggest Japanese hair dye brands. This brand does not only have its products in Japanese, but they have English versions which are tailed towards Americans.

They offer a wide variety of colors from shades of brown, black, blue, and pink. Their hair dye comes in oils, powders, and cream.

Their hair dye takes 10 minutes to dye and covers greys and whites. Their cream hair dye does not stain and has added ingredients to leave the hair shiny after use.

The hair dye is also very cheap. Most are sold in packs of three or two but the per pack price ranges around $7. All of their products are rated very high.

If you are looking to use their more Japanese branded hair dye products, those are called Bigen Speedy and Bigen One Push which are on Amazon as well. They have their own website ( but appear to carry more of their English products on Amazon.


  • Very cheap
  • Highly rated
  • Multiple colors
  • English version products
  • Takes 10 minutes to dye completely
  • Covers greys


  • Have to buy more than one pack


Freshlight is a Japanese hair dye brand created by Henkel. They have their own website that is in Japanese but can be translated to English. They offer a good variety of hair dye colors such as ash, beige, bleached, and more.

The hair dyes have ingredients that will leave your hair shiny after use. The hair dye products come in sprays, foam, and oils.

The website offers their company history along with a hair color course section. The hair color course offers information for beginners about hair coloring.

They offer links that take you to Amazon but most of their products on Amazon are in Japanese and are priced in Yen. It may be best to look at other websites that carry their products.


  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Good website
  • Guides on hair coloring
  • Leaves hair shiny after use


  • May be hard to find


This Japanese Hair dye brand is slightly different from others. Their products come in in bottles similar to shampoo bottles and do not have pictures of their hair color.

The products are also more expensive than most. Ranging around $40, but you are getting more than from in the traditional boxes hair dye come in.

The dye is supposed to dye your hair every time you use it. It does not come with a test kit but ensures you that it is for those with sensitive skin and allergies. The products are made with oils to keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Their products cover grey hairs and are rated highly. They feature a hair dye stick that allows u to get certain areas or missed areas. The colors this brand offers are mostly brown.

The reviews do approve that it is for sensitive skin, and you will have to be patient. It can take up to an hour to dye.


  • For sensitive skin
  • Worth the money
  • Covers greys
  • Leaves hair shiny


  • Needs to be left in for up to an hour
  • Can be expensive



This brand of Japanese hair dye is also manufactured by Hoyu. It can be found on their website as well as Amazon. Cielo appears to be Hoyu’s more expensive hair dye brand. Some of the products they carry on Amazon are $50 but there are some cheaper $20 options on the Bigen website listed above.

However, the more expensive products are different from the cheaper one.

The more expensive products are a foam hair dye that have different shades of brown and black. The Cielo brand is highly rated and is reviewed as longer lasting than other brands.

The hair dye should be combed in and then left for 15 minutes. This brands product should last for a future use as well.


  • Only takes 15 minutes to dye
  • Shades of black and brown
  • Rated highly
  • Lasts for more than one use


  • Expensive


Tancho is a Japanese a basic hair dye brand that offers a powder natural black hair dye. This a powder hair dye that has to be mixed with water and left in all of your hair for 30 minutes.

It appears that Tancho only has that one hair dye, and it is unclear to whether an allergy test kit is included. However, if you are looking for a basic black hair dye this may be right for you

This brand’s central focus appears to be pomade and only carries the one hair dye. There are only a few reviews for the hair dye, but they are all good reviews. The hair dye can be used for henna tattoos as well.


  • Basic black hair dye
  • Pack of four for $20


  • Only one color
  • Not much description of product

How to Choose the Best Japanese Hair Dye for You

When picking a Japanese hair dye, you want to make sure you are getting the best one for your individual self. Knowing which color you want and making sure it covers what you want is important.

If you are looking to cover white or grey hairs, some of the products specify that it does not do that. Knowing your hair type, allergies, and which hair care products to use after you dye your hair will also be to your benefit.

Finally, reviews are extremely helpful.


Choosing which hair dye color you want may be one of the more difficult decisions. Deciding if you want to go darker, lighter, or pick something completely different.

Overall, this decision is personal to you, but it is good to keep in mind that once you dye it you can’t really change it unless you wait or dye it again.

Hair type

Knowing your hair type will help you pick a Japanese hair dye. Whether you have thick, thin, dry, or oily hair. Some hair requires different before treatments when putting on hair dye. Others can apply the hair dye without any before treatment.

Some brands may tell you have to prepare your hair if it is normal, dry, thick, and so forth. If they do not, it is good to know how to treat it.

Hair care products

Doing some research on hair care products is a good step to take after dying your hair. Hair dye can put a lot of stress on your hair which may damage it. There are leave in treatments that could benefit your hair after you dye it.

You may also just need to take simple hair care steps such as washing it at a temperature or using more conditioner.

Allergy test kit

Since it is difficult for those who cannot read Japanese to read the ingredients on Japanese hair dye products, an allergy test kit would be ideal to buy if one is not included.

Some brands may include this, but other may not. Knowing if you are allergic to an ingredient inside the hair dye before applying it will prove to be very beneficial.


Going through reviews on the brands products is a great way to understand more about what you are going to buy. People will share their experience using the hair dyes and it will help you decide if you think the hair dye is worth it or not.

Although, keep in mind that every experience is different, and reviews could be exaggerated or unrealistic.


Choosing a Japanese hair dye brand or brands that are best for you should be easy. After going through this guide, you should have a good grasp on what you should look out for along with which Japanese hair dye brand is best for you.

Knowing your hair type, which color you want, and how to treat your hair are important aspects to dying your hair. Testing if you have an allergy and going through reviews will also be good ways to determine which brand fits you.

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