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Top 7 Japanese Exhaust Brands

Exhausts were created for the reason of getting rid of dangerous gasses. Ensuring that harmful gases do not enter your car. Exhausts are also there to quite your car but if you are into modifying cars then exhaust are made to make your car perform and sound great.

When it comes to Japanese car products, there are an abundant. Their products are made to give your car racing level performance. From making it sound better to making it look better. A Japanese exhaust is a product that can do both. The hardest part is finding the best one for your car.

Here are the best Japanese exhaust brands we could find.

Japanese Exhaust

Top Japanese Exhaust Brands


In 1987, 5zigen, meaning “fifth dimension,” was founded and since then have been making performance exhausts for all over the world. After getting their start in Japan, expanding to countries such as the US helped boost the company.

This brand has one of the highest standards in quality control. Their products have been used in races such as the All Japan Touring Car Championship, Super GT, and more.

Along with exhaust they produce wheels, mufflers, and a few other car components.

5zigen has created a good number of exhausts to choose from. A few double structured exhausts and a few singles. Each product comes with photos of the exhaust styles and the system modeled on different cars.

There is a compatibility table which explains the types of cars that work with the systems. Car brands that go with their exhausts are Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, and a few more.

However, only certain makes and models can fit the systems. The website itself does not list pricing but they promise affordable prices for any car enthusiast.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Compatibility table
  • High level of quality control
  • Worldwide exhaust brand
  • Examples of how the exhausts look


  • Price tags not listed
  • May not have an exhaust that is compatible with your car


Established in 1992, A’pexi was created by a combination of engineers and mechanics. This brand started out making exhaust systems and other car products. Their proudest product was their innovative A’pexi N1 Muffler.

It was first of its kind and can be seen on street cars today. This brand is very involved in racing as well. They have modified cars with their exhausts and used them for racing, drifting, drag racing and more.

A’pexi offers a wide variety of exhausts and mufflers to choose from. Each exhaust is specific for one car. Products come with a description of the exhaust performance and how it will improve driving. Along with a video of a cold start so you can hear the sound it will make.

Depending on which car you have, the exhausts range anywhere from $600 to $2000 or more. The car brands they make these exhausts for are Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Infinity, and a few more. The website is easy to use and you can filter exactly what you are looking for.


  • Prices are listed
  • Products perform in races and drifting
  • Videos of how each exhaust sounds
  • Carry exhaust for a lot of makes and models


  • Can be too expensive
  • May not have an exhaust for your make and model of car

3.Mine’s Co, Ltd.

Established in 1985, Mine’s started as a tuning shop in Japan and grew from there. They produce high performance car parts and engines. Like other companies, they pride themselves on the races they have been a part of and the performance of their products.

Such victories for them include highest speed tests, racing, and their VX-ROM being awarded. Since their start they have been attending and preforming in events to test their products and prove they are the best.

Mine’s Co. is less friendly to normal car brands. Their exhausts are mainly made for GTRs and Skylines. They have a few exhaust systems to choose from. Each product is given a description of the material used and how it will perform.

There are a few pictures given for reference of how it will look on the car. Since these are high performance exhausts made for racing cars they come at a higher price. Each system can range around $4000 but buying used products from a third-party seller would be cheaper.


  • GTR and Skyline exhaust specialists
  • Products perform in racing
  • VX-ROM has been awarded
  • Sells other car parts and engines


  • Expensive
  • Not for average car brands


Arqray was established in 1998 and started as a manufacturer of exhaust systems for imported vehicles. They show off at car shows and in 2013 entered the motor sports game which has now completed their brand identity.

The website itself is not a store but they offer distributors all over the globe. From USA to Russia. Their sport exhausts are high quality and are said to have satisfied thousands of customers all over the world.

This brand offers a compatibility table that shows which car brands their exhausts work on. Such brands include Porsche, BMW, Ford, Audi, and a lot of others. There are eight exhausts on their webpage. Each shows a picture and description of the products.

Arqray has a large social media presence and looking at Twitter or YouTube could help you see how the exhausts perform. Watching videos can help you hear the exhausts on different cars. Prices for their exhausts range anywhere from $1500 and up.


  • Focused on imported car exhausts
  • Distributors around the world
  • Reviewed positively
  • For cars such as Porsche, BMW, Ford, and Audi


  • Can be expensive
  • May be hard to find


This Japanese exhaust brand was created in 1931 and is one of the older brands out there. Their products are made with the latest technology. Using 3D printers for accuracy. CCD software to conduct quality control.

Enabling Fujitsubo to create top of the line special technology products, including exhausts. The exhausts are meant to withstand any leakage that could happen from vibration or turbulence. Along with weight reduction and increased strength for better performance.

Fujitsubo has a ton of exhausts to choose from. Either from their Authorize series or their Legalis series. Each exhaust is described with a photo, performance, layout, and sound. Exhausts are made for different occasions.

From city driving to racing. Products can be found for sale on other online websites. These exhausts are in the cheaper area. Ranging around $900 but can be more expensive ranging around $1300.


  • Cheaper brand
  • Exhausts found on online websites
  • Use high performance technology for quality control
  • A lot of exhausts to choose from


  • May not have an exhaust for your car
  • Must buy from a reseller


Tanabe was founded in 1982 in Japan. Each of their products are ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization) and JISQ 9001 (Japanese Industrial Standard) certified. Along with these certifications all of their products are tested on the racetrack. Making sure performance is at its peak.

Since their start they have developed car parts that are sponsored on race teams. They pride themselves on their increased capital throughout the brands lifetime. In the early 2000s is when they started to come out with most of their exhausts.

Their exhausts have an application list. A list of all the makes and models that the exhausts are compatible with. They give you the price and recourses to look into the exhaust and car more.

Prices for their exhausts range anywhere between $500 to $1500. Price depends on which car you have. Sports cars or brands like Nissan or Lexus require more expensive exhausts while brands like Toyota are cheaper.

Their website gives a list of dealers in different states that carry the exhausts. You could also look into buying a used one for a third party.


  • Priced fairly
  • Established branch in the US
  • Both ISO 9001 and JISQ 9001 certified
  • Exhausts for multiple makes and models
  • Application list of which cars work with their exhausts


  • Don’t have an online website
  • Must buy from dealership or third party

7.Kakimoto Racing

Kakimoto Racing was founded in 1975. Its products are used for racing cars and have competed in an abundant of races since it got its start. They produce exhausts, engine parts, computer components, and more.

This brand has JASMA certified products since 2006 and ISO 9001 certification since 2015. Efforts to create high performance and high-quality exhausts has been their goal and they continue to improve as the years pass.

The exhausts they offer are separated by series. Each one has its own page where you can look at the exhaust and read about its performance. The website offers a compatibility table for car companies such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, and more.

Compared to other brands, this one appears to have the greatest number of compatible cars to their exhausts. Exhausts prices from this brand are also dependent on which car you have, and which exhaust you want for the car.

Price range varies anywhere from $450 to $1000 which is cheaper than other brands.


  • Cheaper than other brands
  • JASMA and ISO 9001 certified exhausts
  • Largest number of cars that are compatible with their exhausts


  • Website can get confusing

How to Choose the Best Japanese Exhaust Brand

Picking the right Japanese exhaust brand for yourself may have some challenges. A big factor going into choosing which brand is right for you is what car you have. Along with what budget you have.

Although all of these exhaust brands can be found used. Conditions may vary. Choosing the right one is important because it is a big job to put on a new exhaust system. Another characteristic to consider when choosing an exhaust system is the horsepower of your car. Watching YouTube videos can also help you on your search.

What car do you have?

Knowing you make and model will help in your search for a Japanese exhaust brand. Some brands carry exhausts for just about every make and model that can be modified while others like Mine’s Co. only offer exhausts for a few cars. Going through the brands compatibility guides would help you find if your car is compatible with an exhaust.

Who is going to put in the exhaust?

Buying an exhaust is one thing, but getting it settled into the car is another. You are going to have to take out your cars current exhaust and then put in the new one. When you are deciding on a brand you should keep in mind who you want to do the modifications. Some brands are carried at dealerships that will sell you the parts and do the work.

However, labor comes with a price. If you plan to modify the car on your own, making sure you have a good video or friends to help you would be a good idea.

Your Price range

Exhausts are expensive. Even the cheap ones come at a hefty price. If your price range is really flexible, then any of these brands would be easy to choose from. If it is less flexible, you can still choose any of these brands but most likely will need to find a used one. Ability to haggle will also increase your chances of getting a cheaper one.


Horsepower is something you should take a look at when deciding on a brand as well. This is because you want to make sure the exhaust is the correct width for your car. If you have a car with 200 horsepower you would want an exhaust with a width of 2 inches. A car with 150 house power would have an exhaust with 1.5 inches.


Cars are one of the most expensive hobbies out there. If you love the car scene and are looking to modify the exhaust in your car you should look into these Japanese exhaust brands. Japanese car products are top tier and held to high quality standards.

Be sure to consider your price range, the car make and model, and how you are going to install the exhaust.