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8 Major Japanese Coffee Brands [2022 Update]

Japan has a long tradition of drinking tea. However, in recent years coffee companies and coffee shops has started opening up around japan.

The taste of coffee is often associated with the early morning, but in Japan, many people drink coffee long after breakfast. Coffee has become a popular drink for the afternoon and evening. A number of cafes across Tokyo create drinks that are more like dessert than coffee. Sweet ingredients can be mixed in with espresso to create flavors like matcha green tea latte or caramel macchiato.

From all of the Japanese coffee brands we researched, Ueshima Coffee  offers the largest product selection. However, Boss Coffee by Jantory is the best Japanese coffee brand. The article provides information about the best coffee brands in Japan, with descriptions of coffee flavor profiles and where to find them.

Japanese Coffee Brands

1.Kurasu Kyoto 

Kurasu Kyoto is a line of coffee that has been hand-selected by experts and comes from the birthplace of coffee! The blends are carefully crafted with time and care to be brewed at their peak flavor. Kurasu Kyoto coffee is not only delicious, but it’s also rich in antioxidants.

The world’s first commercial coffee plantation was in Yemen, and Kurasu Kyoto takes their name from this original location. As one of the world’s most popular drinks, caffeine is found in many products but it’s often too bitter for some tastes.

Kurasu Kyoto also has a cafe that offers its customers the chance to choose their own coffee beans. A large variety of beans are available with prices ranging from $14-$18 per pound. Kurasu Kyoto was created to provide a good cup of coffee at a price that won’t break the bank.

Customers can enjoy their coffee with either milk or sugar in any size they desire, but all drinks are brewed with the espresso machine. Kurasu Kyoto is open Monday through Saturday from 7am-6pm and on Sunday from 8am-12pm.

All of the Kurasu Kyoto coffee, iced coffee, hot coffee, bubble tea, and fruit smoothies are made in a Japanese style. There is a variety of food to choose from in the Kurasu Kyoto coffee shops such as a burger with a side of fries or a fried chicken sandwich.

Kurasu Coffee Subscription

Coffee enthusiasts know the importance of having freshly ground beans. It is important to have a grinder that can be used for espresso as well as drip coffee, and it should be easy to clean. This is where Kurasu Coffee Subscription comes in handy. The subscription service provides a monthly box of coffee beans selected by their high-end roasters from around the world, all ground to perfection and delivered right to your door.

Kurasu Coffee is the perfect coffee subscription service for any coffee lovers. Each month, subscribers get 6 ounces of freshly roasted coffee delivered to their doorstep. Kurasu offers four different subscriptions: Beginner, Espresso, Roaster’s Choice, and Single Origin. New subscribers can get their first month of coffee for free with a coupon code “subscribe.

2.Maruyama coffee

Maruyama Coffee is a small coffee shop located in the heart of Tokyo. It first opened its doors back in 2000 on the ground floor of the Maruyama building, which is now home to many other businesses. You can find it on the corner of Yoyogi-Koen Street and Meiji Dori.

The cafe has been serving up some of Tokyo’s finest coffees for over 17 years, and is known for their signature flavor, “Yin Yang”. Yin Yang is a classic Maruyama Coffee blend, which has a combination of the best Arabica beans from Uganda and Kenya.

Maruyama coffee drip bags are a new product on the market. They come in a variety of sizes and custom flavors to suit any customer’s preferences. The resealable pouch gives customers the ability to put as much coffee as they want into their bag. Light, medium, and dark roasts are available as well as different flavors such as vanilla, hazelnut, and Nicaraguan blend.

3.Ueshima Coffee

Since its founding in 1933 in Kobe, Japan, UCC (Ueshima Coffee Company) has been one of the largest Japanese coffee companies. It has over 300 stores across Japan and sells its own and other coffeee products. It also operates in

UCC is the first coffee company to be issued a certification for Fair Trade coffee in Japan and has issued its own non-GMO certification. It is a member of the Global Fair Trade Organization.

Their signature drink is called “black coffee,” which they perfected by adding a touch of vanilla extract to the mix. The brew that results from this process has an exquisite flavor that transcends borders, and it tastes just as great at Ueshima Coffee as it does back home. This company is one of the major  japanese drip coffee brands.

Ueshima Coffee Products 


4.Suntory Boss

The Suntory Boss coffee was first created in 1931. This original brew was created by Torii Shinjiro, the president of Suntory, who wanted to offer a premium product that was both authentically Japanese and luxurious. To create this coffee, he commissioned an employee to find the finest beans around Japan, which are grown at altitudes between 1,500 to 2,000m above sea level.

Suntory Boss has operates an independent coffee shops located in the heart of Tokyo, Kanda. The coffee shop offers roasted and ground beans by a team of baristas in the back.

The roaster is the talented Mr. Tanaka, who also makes room for new coffees and blends on a regular basis. The cafe has four different types of coffees to choose from, depending on your taste. Light roasts are available in Long Black, Espresso, and French Vanilla. Medium roasts are available in Hazelnut, French Latte, and Hazelnut Macchiato. Dark roasts can be found in Dark French Latte, French Mocha, and Hazelnut French Macchiato.

The iconic taste of Boss coffee is a must for any coffee lover. The dark roast has a strong, rich flavor that won’t disappoint. The light roast has been perfected to complement the bitterness with a subtle sweetness. It’s no coincidence that these two flavors are the most popular in Asia, where this brand originated from. The Suntory Boss coffee

Ready to drink and offered in a wide assortment of versions and flavors, our boss coffee drinks have something to offer every coffee drinker — from black and unsweetened to an assortment of options with added quantities of milk and sugar.

Ready to imbibe in a variety of options containing a wide range of sugar and milk, our BOSS h’appeux drinks have a little something to offer everyone interested in coffee, whether they prefer black or not.

Comparable to various drinks sold in coffee shops or grocery stores, our BOSS coffee drinks in many different flavors have something to offer each customer.

5.Takamura coffee

Takamura Coffee is a brand that was started in 1890 by Takuo Takamura, the company has been managed by the third generation of Takamura for over 100 years. The company makes coffee beans, powder, and ready-to-drink beverages. They source their coffee beans from different countries like India, Indonesia, and Brazil. shop can be found in the underground mall Morizono in Tokyo.

6.Philocoffea roastery

In the alleyways of Tokyo, you will find a coffee roaster with a social conscience. Philocoffea is a micro-roastery that was started by two friends who grew up in Canada and Japan.

Philocoffea was founded by Tetsu Kasuya, the first Asian to win the World Brewers Cup, and Masami Ka. In 2013, Philocoffea opened its first coffee shop in Tokyo. The shop is about 30 square meters and is open for about 10 hours per day.

They set out to create coffee that was ethically sourced and naturally roasted, and it has earned them recognition as one of Japan’s most progressive roasters. Their coffee is sold in over 20 shops. The shop can be found in the underground mall Morizono in Tokyo. (Originally operated by Morizono).

7.Wonda by Asahi

The history of Wonda by Asahi, a Japanese company, began with its first product, the Wonda U.K. The company was founded by Hiroshi Yamamoto in 1956.

It started as a multinational company importing goods from abroad and exporting goods to other countries. Hiroshi Yamamoto’s son, Toshihiro Yamamoto took over the company after his death. Toshihiro expanded the original business of importing and exporting to include providing financial services for consumers and businesses. In 1971, the company began exporting to the United States in order to provide Japanese goods and services to Americans.

8.Minamoto Coffee

Minamoto Coffee was first established in 1891. It was the first company to produce coffee in Japan. The first plant was opened in Yokohama. There are over 2,000 nationwide plants that produce 600 pounds of coffee a day.

They have a good relationship with the Japanese government to produce green coffee. They have different flavors that vary from caramel to chocolate to grape.

They have a new style that is called a Japanese Blueberry. The coffee is brewed in a short time but has a longer aroma. It also has a fruity scent. The Japanese Blueberry is a new style of coffee that has a short brewing time and a longer aroma. It also has a fruity scent.

What is Japanese-style coffee?

Japanese-style coffee is a popular drink in many parts of the world, but not the United States. Japanese-style coffee is a specific type of brewing that can be as simple as pouring hot water over green or roasted beans, but the process often involves grinding the beans and putting them in a cold brewer to steep. The Japanese have many different ways to make the above coffee types, but all the methods are generally similar.

Japanese-style coffee is made using specific varieties of green and roasted beans, such as those from the Kyoto region of Japan. The variety used is important for getting a flavor that was traditionally favored by Japanese people and still widely popular with locals and tourists alike.

Types Japanese-style coffee

  • Black Coffee
  • Milk Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Cafe au Lait
  • Americano
  • Latte

How to make Japanese-style coffee?

Japanese-style coffee is brewed using water that has been heated to boiling point and then cooled for about 30 seconds before pouring it over roasted green beans. The beans are steeped in the hot water for about two minutes, after which they are filtered with a paper filter to get rid of any sediments. The resulting coffee will have a rich, toasty flavor and aroma. The flavor is distinct from that of American-style coffee.

Why should you drink Japanese-style coffee?

There are many reasons why you should drink Japanese-style coffee–it is cheaper, it tastes great, and there are so many different flavours. But most importantly, it is healthier for you. Studies have shown that drinking coffee in moderation has many health benefits for your body, such as reduced risk of depression or cardiovascular disease.

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