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Top 8 Italian Backpack Brands (and Why)

Whether you are hiking, camping, backpacking or even mountaineering, it is paramount that you go with equipment you can rely on. The kind that gets ready for anything. And I know you will agree that backpacks are one of the fundamental equipment for hiking and other other sport climbing activities.

Today, the importance of backpacks transcends beyond sporting activities. School students need it. Working class folks depend on it for the safekeeping of their PC and work-related documents.

Other than that, it can also be used for casual purposes. Backpack brands understand this and are dedicated to designing backpacks that suit multiple purposes. Here, you will learn about our best Italian backpacks brands and justify our ranking. Let’s get down to it.

Top Italian Backpack Brands


The first Italian backpack brand on the list has been around for over a century. Ferrino was pioneered in a paint shop in Turin by Cesare Ferrino. Back in 1870, he started the brand with a vision of making waterproof fabrics which became an instant success in Italy.

Today, Ferrino has become one of the top manufacturers of cycling products, clothings, and gadgets/accessories for hiking and other sporting activities that revolve around mountain climbing.

Ferrino adventure backpacks come in different models, sizes, and pricing for all age grades. They are designed to get travelers ready for anything. For backpackers with a true sense of adventure. Apart from that, they are gender-neutral and that makes it perfect for all travelers.

Are you camping, hiking, or engaging in mountaineering? Then Ferrino backpacks are the right choice for you.

Here are some of the reasons why you should decide on Ferrino’s backpacks. They are waterproof. Some of the backpack models have great capacity. They are with Height-adjustable backs and are durable. These backpacks comes pockets and different compartments Ferrino backpacks are reliable traveling companion



In the 1960s, Pasquale Di Stasio started Seven in Turin. He started as a shoemaker. With the help of his children they all keep the workshop up and running. Seven took a new turn when the workshop became more, a registered company. It wasn’t until 1981, the company adopted the name :Seven” which was inspired by the Pasquale  seven brothers.

Although small beginnings is relative to the backpack brand, Seven has become a household name for the manufacturing of bags and backpacks. The brand majors in leisure and sporting bags/backpacks.

Seven’s backpacks are perfect for casual and hiking usage. They are lightweight, durable, and capable of carrying different weights without any hassle. Also, some of Seven’s backpack models come with wireless speakers and stereo headphones.

3.La Sportiva

La Sportiva was launched by Nasrciso Delladio in 1920. He also started out as a shoemaker. Not just that, he  also majored in the creation of handcrafted  wooden clogs. Later on, he started the manufacture of leather boots for workers in the woods and field.

Later on, La Sportiva was granted patent for the innovation of a unique lacing for a footwear. Today, the brand houses approximately 250 workers in a factory located in Ziano di Fiemme, a small mountain village in the heart of the Italian Dolomites. The backpack brand started the manufacture of shoes, bags, backpacks, boots, clothings, and different accessories.

Most of La Sportiva’s  backpacks are made of nylon that makes it light. It comes with a great lacing system. It comes with different pocket compartments and object holders.


Here’s how it all started. The brand was started by Giovanni Ronacto. When he was much younger, he assisted his father, Antonio who had been in the luggage industry way back in the 1940s. In no time, he was able to garner skills and ideas needed to fashion bags and backpacks.

Today, Roncato is one of the best Italian backpack brands. But the company’s innovation transcends beyond the production of backpacks. They also design suitcases and different kinds of bags. With that said, Roncato products are rich in details and come with a perfect structure. The brand’s backpacks are a composite of elegance, comfortability, durability.

The brand backpack is structured in a way that rises to the 3 fundamental needs namely travel, freetime, and work. Other than that, it comes in different designs, colors, models, and styles. But one thing is the uniform in the collection is durability, elegance, and durability.

When you surf through Roncato’s collection, you will see different backpacks like the Speed Travel Backpack, Joy Travel Backpack, Biz 4.0 Work Backpack, AgencyWork Backpack, Surface Work Backpack, and many more.


The next backpack brand has been around since 1927. It was founded by the Furlanetto family. Furla is quite known for its luxurious designs of bags, shoes, and other accessories. Today, the fashion brand has expanded its market beyond Italian soil. Furla exports to approximately 71 countries of the world. Not just that, Furla products are present in thousands of retail stores and hundreds of brand boutiques.

Furla has different collections of backpacks suited for different purposes.  Some of them are the Furla Man Technical, Furla Essential, and many more.


Here is another top Italian backpack brand. Piquado has been around since 1988. Although the founder, Marco Palmieri started out as an IT expert, the luxurious brand became a manufacturer of top bags, suitcases, and backpacks with elegant details in Italy.

Furthermore, when  it comes to backpack, the brand was able to diversify their designs to fit for work and casual usage. Most of their backpacks are made of leather and come with structures that are considered practical.

When you decide on Piquado’s backpack, you don’t have to worry about a shortage of compartments for the safe keeping of your belongings. Some of these compartments are perfect fit for your PC.  Also, this backdrop is a mix of durability, stability, and elegant designs.


The backpack brand was pioneered by Josef Liebhart. He was assisted by a team of experts like the saddlers and the upholsterers. During WWII, Salewa majored in the manufacture of leather accessories and more. Within this timeline, the brand started the rollout for the backpack.

Today, the brand has grown to become the producer of bags and backpacks for hiking, mountainterring, backpacking, and camping. Selwa backpacks are capable of withstanding  and stabilizing loads.


Coined from the Latin word “Invictus” meaning invincible. The brand is known for its dedication in the designs of  backpacks and other kinds of bags. Invicta was founded in 1926. But it was more deep rooted than that. Although its birth can be traced back to England. The company was bought by an artisan from Turin. It later passed down to a family of entrepreneurs from Turin, the Garrinos in the 1960s. The company thrived in the mountaineering industry when the family took control of the company.

Invicta is based in Leini, close to Turin. The company had a great turning point in the 1980s, when certain backpacks were made for school students. With  that said, the company now has backpacks designs for schools, work and casual use. And the backdrops are durable, stable, and come with elegant details. Apart from that, they are considered light and come in different colors.

 Things to Consider When Considering Italian Backpacks 

Now that we have that out of the way, it is important that you know what you are liking for when deciding on a Backpack.

Weight capability: First off, you need to consider weight capability. As mentioned earlier, backdrops come in different models, designs, size, and features. One of the features is the weight capability and it varies. Try to consider this factor before investing in a backdrop. When you do, try to avoid exceeding the weight capability.

Pricing: One of the perks of backpacks is that they are made for different budgets. Most of the time, this has nothing to do with substituting price for quality. It does not always work that way. Some backpacks are expensive because of the brand name and extra features. Intending buyers should consider pricing before deciding on a Backpack.

Production material: If you pay attention to our list of best Italian backpack, you will notice we keep making reference to lightweight. Well, the truth is lightweight backpacks are the best. And they are often made with cuben fiber and nylon. While the former material often affects the price of a Backpack. Hence, it makes it more expensive. Backdrops with the latter are mostly affordable. However, you can never go wrong with the two choices. As they are considered durable and stable. The most important thing is to decide on backdrops that are considered lightweight.