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Is Wenatchee WA A Good Place To Live? (Find Out Now!)

After spending decades of your life as a member of the workforce, you can now finally relax and enjoy retirement. But where should you spend your retirement? Florida often gets mentioned as a popular retirement destination, but there are other options to consider.

The city of Wenatchee in Washington State could be the right place for you as a retiree. That quiet city in the Pacific Northwest has been a haven for many retirees over the years.  Its features may be to your liking as well.

Wenatchee is a great place for relaxation with its majestic outdoors and comfortable climate. The low cost of living in the city makes it even better for older residents who have stopped working. Still, new homes in Wenatchee are expensive so you should save up some money before moving there.

Finding a place where you can comfortably live as a retiree can be tricky. Take a closer look at Wenatchee though because it may be precisely what you’re looking for.

Why Is Wenatchee a Good Place to Live?

Is spending your golden years in Wenatchee, Washington a good decision? Should you move there if you are still a member of the workforce? Those are important questions to ask. Looking at the positive aspects of Wenatchee will help you understand if it makes sense for you as a long-term home.

Ideal for Older Adults

The Milken Institute, a non-profit think tank, released reports in the past that detail which cities are best for successful aging. Their reports aim to highlight which cities are best at providing the highest quality of life to their citizens.

Back in 2017, a report published by the Milken Institute highlighted Wenatchee as one of the best cities for successful aging. It’s the kind of place where you can transition well from a working routine to retirement.

Basically, Wenatchee is the type of city that hosts an older population very well, but it isn’t limited to that either. Move there even while you’re still a member of the workforce and start setting roots down early. By the time you’re ready to retire, you will have your own house, good health, and a city to call home.

Outdoor Recreation

Washington State is known for its natural beauty and you won’t be missing out on that by moving to Wenatchee. The mountainous scenery of Wenatchee is absolutely breathtaking. We doubt that you’ll ever grow tired of watching the sun set along those mountains as you welcome the evening.

As spectacular as those mountains are, they’re not just for watching. If you are the adventurous sort, you can also take to the mountains in search of some fun. Go skiing, sledding, or snowboarding along the many suitable trails. Mission Ridge in particular is a great place to visit if you want to try out those aforementioned activities.

You don’t need special equipment to enjoy the mountainous scenery of Wenatchee, Washington. Visit the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail if you’re in the mood for a hike. The trail is open to all pedestrians and cyclists who wish to get closer to nature.

Other popular outdoor activities to try in Wenatchee include kayaking, water skiing, and heading up trails on your mountain bike. If you’re interested in something more relaxing, consider playing a few rounds of golf together with your friends.

Wenatchee truly has so much to offer in terms of outdoor recreation. Anyone who enjoys spending their free time close to nature will absolutely adore this Washington State locale.

Comfortable Climate

Something that many Wenatchee residents talk about a lot is the comfortable climate in the city. The climate in that part of the country remains nice and calm for most of the year. Even during the summer, the days when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees are somewhat rare.

The cold weather is more challenging to deal with for Wenatchee residents. Temperatures will drop below freezing on occasion so make sure your heater is ready for those days. Snowfall in Wenatchee is in line with the average amount for the rest of the country though.

Now, since we are talking about a city in Washington State, you’re probably wondering about the rain. How much rain does Wenatchee get and is it a constant presence like in many other cities in Washington State?

You’ll be glad to know that the city gets well below average rainfall. The city gets about 9 inches of rain per year. Considering that the average amount of rainfall for other U.S. cities is 38 inches, Wenatchee does really well in that regard.

Low Cost of Living

Cost of living expenses in Washington State tends to be on the high side. The cost of living in Washington State is about 18 percent higher compared to the rest of the country.

Wenatchee is an exception that though. The cost of living expenses in Wenatchee are more in line with the nationwide average. We’ll get more into those expenses later in this article.

What Are the Pitfalls of Living in Wenatchee?

We’ve talked at length about the positive aspects of living in Wenatchee. For this section, we’ll discuss the not-so-positive aspects of moving there.

Short-Term Job Market

The job market in Wenatchee is in an interesting spot right now. Unemployment in the city is currently at 6.1 percent. That’s a bit worse than the nationwide unemployment rate of 6 percent.

It’s also worth noting that the job market growth from last year is only at 1.7 percent. You probably want that to be a bit higher if you’re thinking of starting a business in Wenatchee.

In the short term, the job market in Wenatchee does not look too great. Crucially though, the long-term projections for the city’s economy are way more promising.

Expected job market growth over the next 10 years could equal 36 percent. That would exceed the expected number of 34 percent for the rest of the country. If you can ride out the rough job market in Wenatchee, you may be able to reap the rewards later on.

Expensive Homes

The house prices in Wenatchee may be what effectively stops people from moving there. The median cost for a new house in Wenatchee is currently at $302,000. Remember that the median cost for a new home throughout the rest of the United States is $231,000.

Houses in Wenatchee are about 30 percent more expensive relative to the rest of the country. It’s a pretty significant disparity in terms of pricing. You may be forced to rent because of how expensive homes are in that city.

Remarkably, $302,000 is actually still affordable for Washington State. The median cost of a home in Washington State is $381,000.

What Is the Cost of Living in Wenatchee?

We know that the cost of living in Wenatchee is low, but how low is it? The bullet points in this section will help shine more light on that matter:

Healthcare – Healthcare-related expenses in Wenatchee are very manageable for the most part. They are about 14 percent cheaper than the healthcare-related expenses that people in other parts of the country deal with. Those expenses are still slightly expensive compared to the rest of Washington State though.

Groceries – You’re not getting any discounts if you’re shopping for necessities in Wenatchee. The grocery prices are very similar to what the other states across the country offer.

Transportation – Residents of Wenatchee don’t spend a ton of money on transportation. Transportation-related expenses in the city are over 30 percent lower relative to the rest of Washington State. Wenatchee is also easy to navigate by bike so save money by opting for that mode of transportation.

Utilities – One of the distinct advantages of living in Wenatchee is that you get so much fresh mountain air. Open up your windows on a spring or summer day and cool down that way. Make that a habit and watch your utility expenses gradually decrease.


Related Questions

What Is the City of Wenatchee Famous For?

Beyond the marvelous scenery that can be seen just about anywhere in Wenatchee, the city does have other claims to fame. The city’s nickname hints at one of those other claims to fame.

Wenatchee is known as the “Apple Capital of the World.” Take a tour of the city and you’ll see that Wenatchee more than lives up to that moniker. You can find a large number of orchards that are based within Wenatchee.

The city also hosts the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival. If you’re new to the city, you should definitely make attending that festival a priority.

During the festival, you can watch some parades, try some arts and crafts, and even participate in a golf tournament. Of course, the festival would not be complete if delectable apple dishes were missing. Check out the different ways apples can be used in different cuisines by attending the festival.

Where Did Wenatchee Get Its Name From?

The city of Wenatchee is named after a group of Native Americans who lived in Eastern Washington State long ago. Notably, that group is known as the Wenatchi instead of Wenatchee.

The word “Wenatchee” itself means river which comes from the canyons. It’s a fitting name given the mountainous scenery that defines the surroundings of the city.