Bulova Watches (Pricing, Value & Luxury Status)

You don’t typically hear people mention Bulova in the same breath as Rolex and Breitling, but maybe you should. Luxury watches aren’t Bulova’s specialty, but they produce high-end and budget watches alike. So, is Bulova a good watch brand?

Bulova is a great watch brand, and they produce pieces that feature automatic or quartz movements. They are well-known for selling watches that cater to the luxury market as well as simple yet functional budget options. High-end Bulova watches such as the Rubaiyat and Precisionist X feature stainless steel, diamonds, and sapphire crystal.

Bulova isn’t a luxury brand in the same sense as Cartier, but they produce luxury watches. They may not increase in value, but many Bulova watches are impressive collector’s items. Follow along as we explore why Bulova is a good watch brand.

Is Bulova a Luxury Watch Brand?

Bulova is not a luxury watch brand but they produce a limited number of luxury watches. Models such as the Precisionist, Chronograph, and Commodore exceed $1,000 and fall into the luxury category. One of the appeals of Bulova is that they produce budget watches that cost as little as $105.

However, high-end Bulova watches cost up to $4,875 which is significantly pricier than one of their casual watches. The cheapest Rolex costs $5,800 which is an example of the price point for a true luxury brand. Bulova makes both casual and high-end watches so that anyone can afford them.

Bulova watches

Why Are Bulova Watches Expensive?

Many Bulova watches are expensive because they include materials like sapphire crystal and stainless steel. Bulova offers plenty of affordable watches, but their high-end pieces stand out for their craftsmanship. Let’s take a look at why some Bulova watches are so expensive.


Bulova watches come in a variety of styles from casual to sporty and elegant. The style of a particular watch goes hand in hand with how expensive it is. For example, high-end Bulova watches such as the MIL SHIPS are sportier and classier than their more casual pieces.

You can choose between 241 men’s watches and 137 women’s Bulova watches. Each watch has a distinct style that suits the price tag. For example, the women’s Rubaiyat is covered in diamonds whereas their Harley Davidson collaboration costs thousands of dollars less and is stripped down.


Bulova is well-known for its Precisionist movement which values accuracy. For example, Bulova watches have a time deviation of 10 seconds per year. To put that in perspective, Rolex watches have a time deviation of -4 to +6 seconds per day.

Watches in the Bulova automatic line don’t even need a battery to operate. Bulova continues to update its technology since its inception in 1875. Whether you purchase a Bulova watch with quartz or mechanical movements, you will be able to rely on it and trust its accuracy.


High-end Bulova watches, such as the Precisionist X feature a black alligator leather strap. Many Bulova watches come with a domed Sapphire face that can easily resist a glare. The materials that Bulova chooses to include are just as stylish as they are functional.

For example, watches that feature a sapphire crystal watch face can withstand drops and scratches. Durability is the mark of a great watch, and that can explain why Bulova uses stainless steel. Some limited edition Bulova watches even feature 18k gold which shows that they value craftsmanship.

Most Expensive Bulova Watch

The Rubaiyat and Precisionist X Limited Edition are the most expensive Bulova watches. Sure, many of their watches cost well under $200, but they have plenty that exceed $2,000. Let’s take a close look at the most expensive Bulova watches.


The most expensive watch that Bulova produces is the Rubaiyat which costs $4,875. You can quickly figure out why this watch costs so much when you look at the 386 diamonds throughout. Craftsmanship is the name of the game with the Bulova Rubaiyat, and professionals lay each diamond by hand.

The sapphire crystal dome highlights the sheen and beauty of each diamond on this watch. This women’s watch is more expensive and luxurious than any of Bulova’s other pieces meant for women and men alike. Accuracy is the icing on the cake for the Rubaiyat with the impressive quartz movement.

Precisionist X Limited Edition

Bulova has produced Precisionist watches for 10 years, and the Precisionist X Limited Edition is the best one yet. With a $3,950 price tag, the Precisionist X Limited Edition is among the most luxurious watch that Bulova has ever produced.

The Precisionist X features both 18k gold and stainless steel which elevate the piece to the luxury status. There are only 100 of this watch available which solidifies it as a luxurious rarity. Bulova spared no expense or detail with the Precisionist X Limited Edition, even down to the unique packaging and plaque that it comes with.

Chronograph A

The Chronograph A costs $2,950 and Bulova only produced 350 of them. Bulova took inspiration from similar watches from the 1970s and created a unique collector’s item with the Chronograph A. This piece is as notable for the 27 jewels as it is for the domed sapphire face.

Bulova’s Chronograph A can operate without a battery because of the wound spring inside of it. The red and blue dial is unique and makes it easy to tell that time at a glance. Each of the five hands is accurate, and the finishing touch is the orange tips for the hour and minute hands.


Bulova’s MIL SHIPS is another luxury, limited edition watch and it costs $1,990. There are only 1,000 of them available, and this piece appeals to sporty watch fans. The MIL SHIPS features a durable stainless steel case that explains why it’s water-resistant up to 200 meters.

This watch comes with a black nylon strap that is comfortable and contributes to the lightweight feel of the piece. The luminous dial makes it easy to read the watch face at any time, especially considering the glare-resistant sapphire crystal. Each MIL SHIPS comes with an automatic movement that makes this watch as functional as it is visually appealing.

Are Bulova Watches a Good Investment?

Bulova watches are a good investment because they will work well for 10 years or longer. However, they won’t increase in value because there is a high supply with little demand on the collector’s market. Much like their parent company Citizen, Bulova continues to mass-produce watches which limits their value as collector items.

You can find limited edition Bulova watches that are more likely to appreciate over time, however. For example, the Bulova Precisionist is limited to 100 watches which makes it rarer and potentially more valuable. Limited edition Bulova watches may be a good investment once they sell out, but they make up a small portion of the brand’s stock.

Bulova Precisionist on display

Summing It Up

Bulova is a great watch brand that produces both affordable and luxury watches. Their priciest watch costs $4,875 and their cheapest watch costs $105. High-end Bulova watches are more expensive because they generally include premium materials like diamonds and stainless steel.

They produce watches that feature automatic and quartz movements, which are equally accurate. The main benefit to their line of automatic movement watches is that they don’t require a battery to operate. Unfortunately, most Bulova watches won’t hold their value or appreciate over time because there are so many of them.

However, Bulova does produce several limited edition watches that have the potential to appreciate eventually. Bulova is a good brand because they cater to people that simply need a functional watch as well as luxury collectors. You can’t go wrong with Bulova watches, just don’t count on it as an investment because it is less likely to increase in value than a Breitling or Rolex.

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