Is Adding Diamonds To A Ring A Good Idea? (Costs & More)

It’s pretty common to want to update a piece of jewelry such as a ring. After all, even classic ring designs can go out of style. Whether you’re looking for more sparkle or a newer, trendier design, there are tons of options to transform your ring, including adding diamonds.

Adding diamonds to a ring isn’t uncommon and as long as it’s in your budget, including a few extra gems certainly couldn’t hurt. If you’re thinking about adding diamonds to a ring, the cost can vary significantly. As such, you can expect to spend anywhere from around $1,000 to greater than $6,000, especially when considering labor costs, the actual gem price, and how many diamonds you want to add.

In our ultimate guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about adding diamonds to a ring.

Everything you should consider — namely, the cost, the design, the occasion, and the actual upgrade itself — will ultimately lead to your final decision. Adding diamonds to a ring might sound like an overwhelming process at first but rest assured: upgrading your rings in such a way can be so worth it.

Why Should You Add Diamonds to a Ring?

People add diamonds to rings for a multitude of good reasons. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift and want to change the ring’s design.

Although rings are a classic piece of jewelry, adding diamonds to a ring can completely alter the design and breathe new life into it. Even though ring upgrades can be pretty subtle, they can also change the appearance. For example, adding diamond accents to an existing ring could be the best of both worlds: you’ll be able to keep your original gem while also giving the piece even more brilliance.

You could also add even more sparkle by adding a halo of diamonds around the original center gem to give the ring a new look. This choice in particular can also give the illusion that the main diamond is bigger than it actually is, making it a popular, more modern choice.

Adding diamonds to a ring also adds more value to the piece of jewelry overall. Diamonds are extremely popular and sought after, so having your ring altered to include diamonds will just ensure its value all the more. You don’t even have to start from scratch, especially if you decide to reuse the original ring’s band.

That’s right: instead of buying a brand new ring, you can actually recycle the existing band, retaining both the existing stone’s cost and sentimental value. One of the most popular choices for adding diamonds to a ring is transitioning the original ring to a three-stone diamond ring.

Increasing the ring’s value by adding diamonds to it is also typically more cost effective. Instead of buying a brand new piece, you’ll be able to save some money by keeping some of the original ring.

Or, perhaps you have an anniversary coming up and you want to surprise your partner. Adding diamonds to a ring — or adding other types of stones — is a great way to commemorate almost any event or anniversary.

Many people aren’t able to afford expensive rings when they first get engaged, but as the years go on, you may be able to pay for a nice upgrade. When you’re on less of a budget, replacing the main diamond with a larger one or adding more diamonds to the ring is more attainable.

Whatever the reason, adding diamonds to a ring is a worthy feat. Modifying a diamond ring is a great way to refresh its look without shopping for a completely new, different ring. But how much does it actually cost, and is adding diamonds to a ring even affordable?

The Cost to Add Diamonds to a Ring

Adding diamonds to a ring isn’t uncommon. In fact, many people decide to upgrade for one reason or another. But depending on your personal preferencing and what you’re envisioning, the cost can vary.

Diamonds are often priced based on the four C’s: carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. Based on these four aspects, a gem can be priced out. For example, a carat could range anywhere from $1,300 to $16,500. A diamond with an excellent cut features brilliant light reflection, as opposed to a poor cut that looks dull.

The color totally depends. Less color is what most people look for in white diamonds. However, the fancy diamonds that come in many colors are evaluated differently. Diamonds are also considered in terms of clarity. So a diamond could be labeled “I1,” “I2,” or “I3,” meaning there are visible flaws. On the other hand, a “flawless” ranking reflects just that: a flawless diamond. 

The price will vary based on your own set budget, too. For example, you can expect to pay anywhere from about $600 to $4,000. The actual type of metal you decide to use will also affect the cost. The remaining price will come from the center stone, no matter if you’re adding one or replacing the original.

Other things that can affect the ring’s overall cost include how complex the job will be for the jeweler. The more complicated the process, the more expensive it’ll be. Complexity is a great example of an unexpected cost you might face and want to be prepared for. You’ll also have to pay for the labor cost, which can range from $100 to $500.

Lastly, you’ll have to consider how many diamonds you want to add. For example, you can include diamonds around the entire band or you could space them out for a more textured look (which can also decrease the price).

Here are some other things to consider when adding diamonds to a ring.

Things to Consider When Adding Diamonds to a Ring

When adding diamonds to a ring, you’ll need to consider a few critical things beforehand.

First, consider getting your ring appraised. Getting an appraisal is one way to evaluate the piece. You’ll have an official paper that shows the value assigned by the appraiser or jeweler. It shouldn’t take very long and that way, you’ll be able to get the best value for the new ring.

You’ll also want to figure out your personal budget for adding diamonds to a ring. For example, changing the setting but keeping the center stone is usually a pretty affordable option.

One thing some people consider is adding other stones to accent the ring’s main diamond. This is a great opportunity to add a pop of color with rubies or emeralds.

When choosing a design, keep in mind that certain designs might not be possible due to the size of stones and the band. For example, when you add diamonds, you’ll still want them to be arranged properly. It’s best to have a capable design that features the diamonds in a spectacular way. Try to be open-minded when evaluating the most ideal design.

Another affordable option to consider is changing the band. For example, you could swap bands or get a band studded with smaller diamonds. These can help illuminate and add to the center diamond’s brilliance. This usually isn’t that expensive, making it a good budget-friendly option.

Depending on the design, the end result might appear uneven compared to the original. That’s why it’s so important to discuss your preferences and vision with a professional.

It’s also important to note that the quality of the new mounts might not match the original. In a similar vein, it can prove difficult to match stones as well. Many people don’t foresee this obstacle, so it’s good to keep in mind. The professional you see can also advise you, so you can make the most educated decision.

Is Adding Diamonds to a Ring a Good Idea?

Although it depends on your personal preference, in general, you really can’t go wrong when you’re adding diamonds to a ring. Upgrading your ring in such a way is a great idea — just as long as you want to and have an idea of what you’re looking for.

Adding diamonds to a ring can fully transform the piece into something fresh, new, and trendy without actually purchasing a brand new ring. It’s sustainable and oftentimes more affordable than picking out a new ring.

Even though divorces can be incredibly difficult, adding diamonds to your wedding ring post-divorce gives you another option to reclaim that piece of jewelry. Giving life to your ring in such a way can totally transform the way you see it, visually and emotionally.

On a happier note, it’s also a fantastic gift to commemorate large or important milestones, from anniversaries to birthdays to graduations. Plus, if you’re thinking of adding diamonds to your wedding ring, it can be a great way to spruce up a more plain-looking ring. Jewelry can be such a lovely, sentimental gift and customizing your ring in such a way can really broaden your options.

You could also progressively add diamonds over the course of a few years if you’re aiming to save money on the short term and consider the final design without feeling rushed. An example of this could be for your partner’s birthday. Perhaps every year on their birthday, you decide to add a diamond to the ring. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate someone special.

The other thing to keep in mind is that adding diamonds to a ring can be as subtle or as flashy as you want; adding smaller diamonds can accent the larger stone while encompassing the ring with many gems can give the ring a more extravagant look and feel. For example, it’s pretty common for people to choose a three-ring setting with more diamonds to complement the main gem.

As long as you choose a reputable jeweler or another professional, there’s little risk to adding diamonds. Still, there are alternatives if you’re not sold on adding diamonds.

Three Alternatives to Adding Diamonds to a Ring

Adding diamonds to a ring might not be the choice for everyone. If you’re not interested in adding gems, there are other steps you can take.

First, you could buy a new ring. Sometimes — especially with jewelry — you just want a brand new piece as opposed to a remodel. Even though adding diamonds to a ring can certainly transform its look, some people would prefer to look through more recent, trendy ring designs.. Or, instead of making additions and apart from choosing a new style or design, you could choose a ring with a better quality or quantity of diamonds.

You could also try melting down the original band and try reshaping it before adding any diamonds. This will depend on the original ring and the jeweler or jewelry designer doing the work, but many times the ring could be melted down so that it’ll be like a brand new canvas to work with. This process is completely dependent on those two factors, so it may not be a viable option for everyone.

Lastly, if you’re still interested in having the design your way, you could create a custom ring. Many people walk into a jeweler’s store and choose a style right off the bat. While that’s a perfectly reasonable option, you could also bring the style of your dreams to life.

You’ll find a trusted jewelry designer and from there, chat with them about the style you’re envisioning and what you’re willing to spend, so they can help you craft the perfect ring for you and your budget. The actual process of building the custom ring can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Whatever your decision, you’ll be left with a gorgeous ring you’ll enjoy for years to come.


Adding diamonds to a ring is a fantastic option for many people. Upgrading an older ring to a trendier or more modern design can be as simple as accenting the center stone with smaller, more modest gems or as complex as filling the entire band with eye-catching diamonds.

For such an endeavor, it’ll cost you anywhere from around a thousand dollars to a couple thousand dollars or even more, depending on the extravagance of the project. The cost will depend on the work being done (labor costs), the actual diamond, and the complexity.

At the end of the day, it’s totally up to you whether or not you want to add diamonds to an existing ring. But whatever you end up choosing, you’ll be sure to enjoy the ring and all its glory.