How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Many considerations go into choosing the perfect engagement ring for you or your partner. For instance, you need to consider the gemstone cut, perfect setting, and metal type. Most importantly, you need to consider the size and shape of your hand and fingers. 

Only by matching all these factors can you find a ring style—diamond or otherwise—to suit your hand. All diamond rings are unique and certainly beautiful. However, you need to get one that complements the unique features on your hand or that of your partner.

Whether you have a large or small hand, long, short, slender, or wide fingers, take your time to find a ring that looks best on your fingers. Throughout this guide, you will learn how to choose modern engagement rings based on the size and shape of your hand and fingers.

Size is the first consideration you need to make while choosing an engagement ring. One should choose a ring that offers a comfortable fit and complements the shape and size of the fingers. Get a longer diamond in a vertical setting for short fingers and a larger stone that offers more coverage for fat figures. 

For thin fingers, a wider, horizontal stone will be a great choice. 

What Ring Looks Best on my Hand? 

Choosing the right engagement ring for your partners goes beyond the size consideration. In addition to the ring size, you also need to take note of the size and shape of your hand and fingers. You should particularly pay close attention to the ring finger and its unique features. 

Through observation, take note of the length and width of the fingers, shape, and size of the palm as well as the overall size of the hand. Additionally, you also need to consider the length of the fingernail as these also tend to impact the overall size and shape of the hand. 

You also need to get a ring that best matches you or your partner’s personality. This is essentially a matter of preference. 

How Do I Find the Best Engagement Ring for My Finger?

Although all diamonds are elegant and captivating, not all engagement rings will look good on your partner’s hand. The following tips will help you choose the ideal ring for your partner’s fingers:

The Best Engagement Ring for Short Fingers 

If your partner happens to have short fingers—comparatively shorter than the palm—be sure to get an engagement ring that accentuates her fingers. In this case, you should go for a ring-type that makes her fingers appear leaner and longer. Choose a simple engagement ring design as a complicated one would overwhelm her finger.  

For instance, you could go with a center diamond that has an elongated shape, as is the case with the pear, oval, and marquise shapes. Such a design will make her fingers appear longer and the hand flatter. For a more contrasting appearance, it is advisable to go with a narrow/thinner band.

If you wish to achieve an elongated appearance on shorter fingers, a longer diamond in a vertical setting is the best way to go. If she has short, wide digits on her hands, it is advisable to get her a pear-shaped diamond with a narrow band. 

What Ring Looks Good on Fat Fingers?

Wide/thick fingers are trickier to work with. However, you can still get the perfect engagement ring for fat fingers with careful consideration. With thick fingers, you will need a ring or diamond that offers more coverage, otherwise, it would just appear underwhelming. 

If you would wish to achieve a slim look with thick fingers, go for the larger diamonds that offer more coverage—if you can afford them of course. A narrow stone will expose more of the finger, depicting the illusion of a wider finger, something you do not want to do. Instead, choose a larger stone in any of these shapes: 


Geometric diamond shapes are known to balance any roundness in a wider finger. In this regard, you may choose Emerald-cut diamonds—the ones that have a rectangular or square shape with eight sides. Alternatively, you could just opt for a princess-cut diamond, which has four sides.

Either of these would be a perfect engagement ring choice for a wide range finger. 


These the pear-shaped diamond engagement rings. They are named so because of their asymmetrical teardrop appearance. If worn with the pointed end facing in the direction of the fingertips, such an engagement ring works perfect for wider fingers. With an asymmetrical engagement ring, the thick fingers will appear to be longer and learner. 

An oblong-shaped diamond in a vertical setting creates a similar effect; it makes thick fingers appear longer and slimmer. If you cannot afford a larger diamond, clusters of diamonds will work just fine. In this regard, choose a halo or three-stone setting to cover more of the finger.

As for the ring band, it is advisable to choose a medium to thick band. Such a design will draw attention to the ring, rather than the finger. 

What Engagement Rings Look Best on Long Skinny Fingers?

If your partner’s fingers are longer than average, almost any oblong diamond engagement ring will look elegant on her. People with slender long fingers have a wider range of choice when it comes to engagement rings. 

In this regard, you can choose round diamonds or even explore other fancy shapes like cushion cut and princess diamonds. You could also try out some of the rather extravagant ring designs as they are known to look great on long fingers. Since you do not need to worry about overwhelming the fingers, you may as well go for the larger, more dramatic ring styles. 

Some of the bold ring designs you can choose for long slim fingers include: 

Snake Styles

These are designed in such a way that part of the ring twists up the finger for drama. They come on a vast array of shapes and designs, including the ones with pavé diamonds along the band. If this is your preferred ring style, you should consider getting more subtle gemstone additions.

Such rings draw attention to the ring as well as the long fingers. 

Stacked Rings

Most stacked rings look much like the snake style diamond rings, but without much drama. In this case, it is advisable to opt for either a ring set or a single piece that features two diamond bands to emphasize the length of the finger. 

Stacked rings: Get a similar look to a snake-style ring without as much drama with stacked rings. A ring set or a single piece with two bands emphasizes the length of the finger.

Round-cut Diamond Rings 

Round cut diamond engagement rings also look great on long fingers. Such designs as princess cut rings are simply amazing. Regardless of the design you choose, do not be afraid to go big as almost any stone size will look great. 

If you are working on a limited budget and would like a larger stone, get a halo diamond ring design. Halo diamonds create the illusion of a larger diamond, regardless of the size and shape of your fingers. 

Thicker Band

If your partner happens to desire a more subtle design, get a traditional engagement ring that has a thicker band for her. This is particularly the case for a larger stone. 

Engagement Rings for Petite Fingers

For slimmer fingers, a smaller ring size is the way to go. In this case, a smaller stone sitting on a thicker band will complement the slim fingers. This is particular the case if you would like to create an illusion of thicker fingers. A wider, horizontal stone will also add to the width illusion of the ring finger. 

If she would rather maintain the slim appearance of her fingers, choose diamonds cut in longer styles. A narrow marquise diamond style, in this regard, offers a vintage feel, much like an oval with pointed ends. However, other symmetrical diamonds are also a perfect choice in such a case. 

If you prefer a classic appearance, choose a round diamond. The square diamond varieties will offer you a modern appeal. The good things about thinner fingers is that they make any diamond size appear bigger. To make a fashion statement, invest in a trilogy of diamonds that draw the eye across the finger. 

The Best Engagement Ring for Small Hands 

A small hand refers to shorter fingers and a smaller palm. To flatter such a hand shape and size, it is advisable to opt for the delicate ring styles. The possibilities for people with smaller hands are almost endless. A ring that features a small stone and a slender band, for instance, will suit a small hand perfectly. 

If you are looking for a classic or romantic appeal, choose a heart-shaped, round or princess-cut diamond engagement ring. For a small hands that have either short or wide fingers, angular diamond shapes will be a perfect choice. 

Diamond engagement rings that feature a slightly longer diamond shape and a thin band are a great choice for smaller hands with slimmer fingers. 

Best Diamond Rings for Large Hands 

Propel with a large palm and longer fingers are considered to have large hands. If your partner has such an hand, you should choose a more dramatic ring style. A delicate diamond ring style, especially the ones with a thinner band will just appear lost on such hands. 

Generally, a ring that is suited for long fingers are often a great choice for large hands. Be sure to choose a ring with a larger band, or intricate designs to make a fashion statement. With regards to the diamond size, choose a larger stone to complement a larger hand. 

Halo and bezel diamond ring styles are also a great choice. These should be sitting on a thicker band of course. 

The Best Engagement Ring for Square Hands 

The overall shape of the hand is also an important consideration when choosing an engagement ring. A square hand is one in which the middle finger, pointer finger, and ring finger are of more or less the same length. In most cases, the three fingers will be rather short.

For square hand, you will need an engagement ring that softens the rather rigid shape. In this regard, you should go for rounded diamond shaped to add some contrast and balance to the overall hand shape. Some of the engagement ring shapes suited for square hands include oval, round, marquise, and pear.

As a rule of the thumb, try to avoid square-shaped diamonds if the engagement ring is to be worn on a square hand. Instead, you should get the rounded diamond cut options for that sleek, yet delicate appeal. Although, a bezel diamond design may not stand out on a square hand, but is still a sleek option that is rather unique. 

The Perfect Engagement Ring for Large Knuckles 

Fingers with comparatively large knuckles present two unique problems, will the ring fit and still stand out? Choose a ring style that draws attention away from the large knuckles, such as a three-stone ring. Get a ring design that adds volume to the finger for a balanced look. 

A bolder and wider engagement ring style is also a great choice for women with large and defined knuckles. Additionally, a larger heavier-looking ring band will complement the visual appeal.

Final Verdict 

All diamond engagement rings are unique and beautiful. Even so, not just any diamond ring will look great on your partner’s hand. In addition to the ring size, you also need to choose a ring and band design that works best for your partners hand shape and size. 

Generally, you should choose a smaller stone works best for thin fingers and one that offers more coverage for fat fingers. For short fingers, get a center diamond ring that features an elongated shape to create an illusion of longer fingers.