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10 Hipster Shoe Brands [For Men & Women]

An outfit becomes complete only when worn with the perfect pair of shoes, and every hipster knows this. If you enjoy being a hipster and would like to get the best hipster shoes and sneakers, you should read this guide to make an informed decision.

Since hipsters are conscious of their environment and do not generally follow the fashion trend, they unintentionally have a great impact on pop culture and fashion.

So, you may want to show your unique hipster style without the right footwear in your wardrobe, which led to the search for the best hipster shoe brands.

Hipster shoes come in different designs, including sneakers, hipster boots, and flip flops, and sandals. Along with your hipster shoes, you can also purchase some Air Vapormax that will definitely enhance your sneaker wardrobe, click here for the latest releases by Nike.

Out of all the hipster styles, sneakers are some of the most preferable hipster styles by many hipsters, boots are the second favorite, while sandals and flip flops are the least favorite.

Sneakers brands such as All-stars, Skate Style, and Vans all have a positive impact on Hipster style. Hipster shoes come with some common features including:

  • Durable rubber outsole for resistance against slip
  • Canvas or cotton materials, synthetic or real leather in the upper part of the shoe.
  • Sleek design that imitates a casual canvas sneaker design or skate shoe
  • Slip-on or laces closure
  • Faded or black colors
  • The insole or cushioned padding

Top Hipster Shoe Brands

1.Vans Authentic Hipster Sneaker – Overall Best

Vans are quite common among many hipsters, and they come in varying designs and colors. You can choose from simplistic and sleek Vans designs to easy and lightweight designs.

Many people prefer the Vans sneakers because they go with almost every outfit, including formal wear.

Vans have leather or canvas uppers, suede finish, and various patterns and colors. The sole has shock-absorbing properties and, it is built to be thick for durability.

The interior part has a moisture-wicking lining and a lightly padded comfort footbed.

2.Reebok Classic – Best Leather Hipster

The leather finish and simplistic design of this hipster make it a common hipster shoe. It has comfortable uppers made of soft leather and a lace-up closure design.

Reebok Classic has a sleek and sporty design with lightweight and durable construction. The midsole features a Die Cut Eva that absorbs impact and a low-cut design that is both comfortable and sturdy with a tight fit. It also has a foam sock liner that offers long-lasting comfort.

The Reebok Classic sneakers also come in various colors, including metallic color finishes. The outsole is made of highly durable rubber that provides great traction and grip.

3.Puma Suede Classic

As a well-known brand, Puma is widely accepted by many Hipsters. Puma suede comes in numerous striking color combinations and basic white and black color.

The uppers are made of soft suede leather that is comfortable to wear. The tongue and collar are padded to ensure a better cushioned and snug fit. The lightly padded footbed in the shoe has a supportive midsole, while the outsole is made of highly durable rubber that offers great traction.

4.Adidas Superstar – Best Trendy Hipster

Adidas Superstar is also common among Hipsters, and it’s one of the well-known Adidas casual sneakers out there. The uppers are made of synthetic leather, moisture-wicking lining, and a smooth interior.

The footbed has a comfortable light padding, and the outsole is made of thick and highly durable material. It comes in numerous colors, with each color having the Logo on the tongue and contrasting three stripes of the Adidas Logo. It has a mesh interior lining, and the collar and tongue have light padding for a more comfortable and snug fit.

5.Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

This shoe remains one of the most popular brands and has remained so for many decades. Many Hipsters love this brand a whole lot!

Chuck Taylor All-Star comes in both high cut and low cut designs, depending on your preference. The uppers are made of breathable and light Canvas materials, and both sides have ventilation holes.

It comes in solid white, solid black, or contrasting white soles. The footbed has a Canvas lining, and the sole has a Gum Rubber construction that offers great traction. The sole has a minimalistic appeal with a light and flexible feel.


6.DC Trase – Best for Skating

DC Trase is one of the most popular shoe brands for skating among Hipsters. Unlike other DC Skate shoe models, the DC Trase has a less bulky and simplistic design. It has a highly durable, high grip GUM RUBBER and abrasion-resistant outsole.

These shoes come in textile and suede leather finish and various kinds of color. The moisture-wicking fabric interior lining and comfortable insole of the DC Trase make it a great choice.

7.Vans Old Skool

Vans Old Skool comes in various patterns and colors to choose from. The uppers are made of suede leather, and the interior lining is quite smooth. The outsole has a high traction rubber with excellent durability.

8.DC Anvil

The DC Anvil has 100 percent genuine leather uppers with many color options. The rubber outsole is vulcanized with a patterned thread that provides resistance to slip. DC Anvil also has a padded footbed for comfort.

9.All-Stars Chuck Taylor

The All-Stars Chuck Taylor models have a highly durable rubber outsole, side vent holes, and padded footbed. It has an ortholite insole for comfort, and the uppers are knitted. It comes in various color options.

10.Vans Original Slip-on

This shoe comes in many checkered prints and different colors. It has a padded insole and a long-lasting rubber outsole. The uppers are made of canvas material.

Buyers Guide

Shopping for the right hipster shoe for your daily or recreational use can become daunting, especially when you do not have the right person with the correct information.

Our buying guide was compiled after a series of research and use of the various hipster shoes mentioned above. With this, we can give first-hand information as the tester and user of these products.

However, you need to consider some important factors when shopping for your next hipster shoe.

Unlike regular footwear, Hipster shoes are more minimalist shoes with less cushioning, thinner soles, and more flexibility. They are specifically designed to offer mild protection while

ensuring that the foot functions naturally without restrictions while running or walking.

A few tips to consider before investing in a hipster brand include:

Test Run Before Making Payment

If you’re buying a shoe, you want to ensure that it fits perfectly without any issues. If you don’t take a test run of the shoe you’re buying or ask for a refund if it’s not what you want, you may end up losing your money. You do not necessarily have to move out of the store before buying your shoe. You can simply take a few walks or jog around the store to see how the shoe fits.

Also, you can ask the seller if you can take them home, run on a treadmill or walk or run briefly and return the shoes if they aren’t what you want. This way, you’ll be protecting yourself against buying shoes that are not right for you.

Get the Perfect Fit

If you want to enjoy your hipster shoes for the long term, they should be the perfect fit. Getting the right fit is important, and you shouldn’t overlook it. A bad fit can cause painful joint and foot problems, which may sometimes result in fatigue and discomfort.

If a shoe is not the right fit, features like cushioning and motion control will never be effective.

To get the best fit, shop toward the evening or late afternoon as feet tend to be swollen at this time. Also, ensure that you’re wearing the exact type of socks you’ll be wearing with the shoe. Check inside for rough spots, bumps, and seams.

Your shoe should be a good fit without you forcing it in.

Consider Orthotics as the Last Option

Orthotics are used in place of insoles by people who experience sore feet when walking or running. Some people go for it to help their feet feel more comfortable, but this isn’t always the case.

Orthotics are quite expensive, and you might end up not getting the cushioning you need for your shoe.

Before settling for orthotics, check if you can go for different shoe categories, including neutral, stability, and cushioning. If none works, you can then consider orthotics.

Check Your Gait

Your gait is another vital factor you should consider, and manufacturers offer walking and running shoes for any type of gait.

If you have feet that roll inward quite a lot, a motion-control or stabilizing shoe may be your best bet.  Motion-control shoes tend to solve such problems.

On the other hand, if your feet tend to land on the outside edge most of the time, getting a cushioning shoe with shock absorption will help a great deal.

To get the best shoe with the right gait, go along with a running shoe you’ve been wearing for a while during shopping. The wear pattern of that shoe will help a good salesperson check your gait and help you make the right decision by choosing the right shoe.

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