Top 10 Hippy Style Sandal Brands [Men & Women]

Do you enjoy the style from the hippy days of the ’70s? If so, then you may enjoy footwear that has a bohemian or hippy style to them. These looks are still chic and are a popular fashion trend that came about in the 1990s that hasn’t shown signs of slowing down. 

The hippy style is more about embracing a sense and means of being unconventional and fashionable without following mainstream cliches. 

Hippies are a unique breed of individuals who live free from what modern society has to offer and its social hierarchy. If you are one of these individuals or are sought out to become one, check out this list of hippy-style sandal brands that may tickle your fancy. 

Hippy Sandal Brands

Best Hippy Style Sandal Brands

1.FitFlop Tia

FitFlop Tia has been in the shoe game since 2007. This was way back when people didn’t think a shoe should be both stylish and comfortable, especially after continual use. FitFlop Tia created a hippie sandal that was not only stylish but with world-class science.

Each one of their shoes is biochemically engineered. This means it’s designed to complement your joint alignment, natural movement, and body structure. They use nothing but cutting-edge science and testing before debuting a new shoe.

One of their most popular hippie sandals is the Gracie. They’re a chic flat with leather straps and a slip-resistant rubber outsole and dynamics technology. 

2.Alpine Swiss

Alpine Swiss is a lifestyle brand founded in 2010 and based in Los Angeles, California. They focus on creating amazing-looking products without compromising their outstanding customer service and value. They are available in 45 countries and continue to make a global impact. 

They are huge supporters of the Children’s Hunger Fund that aids children and their families around the world. They partnered with this organization to donate over 915,000 meals annually across the globe and donated over 3.6 million meals as of 2019.

Not only that, but they support the Friends & Helpers Foundation that focuses on helping domestic violence victims rebuild their lives through monetary and product donations. A fan favorite sandal is their Women’s Braided Sandal with a slingback T-strap braid and buckle closure. 


Volcom started 30 years ago after the March Dumps of 1991. It began as a snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing company after riding for over four days on fresh powder. Two men, Richard and Tucker, came up with a business idea of starting the company. They began with $5,000 and named their company Volcom. 

They traveled across the globe while keeping the business side of things to a minimum. They had set their headquarters up in Newport Beach in Richard’s bedroom. All sales were run out of Tucker’s bedroom in Huntington Beach. They didn’t know how to make clothes either, but it didn’t matter.

All they were concerned about was spirit and creativity. Their first year of business yielded $2,600. Since then, They have created a global brand that sells more than just activewear. They now sell hippie sandals, sneakers, outerwear, and more. 


Chacos was created in 1989 by a Colorado rafting guide. He set out to create the ultimate footwear for outdoor adventures in and out of the water. They create sandals that are built to last, but may need to be repaired by their ReChaco repair program based in Michigan.

Their repair team can repair outsoles, replace straps and buckles, and adjust the length of the straps. The only reason you would have to send them in for repair is that after years of travel, trails, and streams, they may need some TLC. 

Chaco is proud to partner with various outdoor-minded organizations and individuals regarding issues that move people forward together. They are environmentally conservative and promote inclusion and diversity. Additionally, you can upload your own artwork and choose from a variety of strap designs to customize sandals that are unique to you. Lastly, they’re proudly assembled in the USA. 


The main goal of TOMS is to improve life. Their founder Blake Mycoskie pioneered the One for One model. Since 2006, this program has had a positive impact on over 100,000,000 lives. Today, they commit ⅓ of their profits for grassroots good, supporting people building equity at a local level. This is why their hippie sandals are so popular and special. 

In 2020, they made a commitment to expand sustainable practices in key areas of their business over 5 years. One such practice is to expand Earthwise to include more products that are rooted in earth-friendly materials and processes.

Additionally, they plan to increase their B Corp environmental score by reducing waste and energy use. Lastly, they plan to expand their use of sustainable cotton, sourcing 100% sustainable cotton by 2025. 


UGG began in 1978 when Brian Smith, an Australian surfer, moved to sunny Southern California with just one dream. He had a dream of designing a product using just his favorite material-sheepskin. It was then that the Classic Boot was created. It wasn’t until the mid-80s that UGG became a symbol of SoCal beach culture. They were sold in surf shops and adopted by the fashion elite and then the world. 

UGG believes in creating apparel that is dedicated to long-lasting quality. They are not a leader in the industry when it comes to using premium materials. In 2016, they joined the Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative with over 9,500 participating companies. We must admit, they make some of the most comfortable hippie sandals on the market today for both men and women

7. Birkenstock

Birkenstock is probably one of the most well-known hippie sandal brands known to man. They have been around since 1774 and have passed their commitment down from one generation to the next. In 1896 master cobbler Konrad Birkenstock began manufacturing and selling flexible footbed insoles. Then in 1902, he developed the first contoured arch support. 

Between the years of 1964 and 1990, they launched the first fitness sandal with a deep and flexible footbed, introduced into the U.S. Market, began using environmentally-friendly adhesives in production, and reduced energy consumption by over 90%. Birkenstock hit its 50-year anniversary of being in the United States.

Their production and logistics may be based throughout Germany, but their footwear is sold in 90 countries worldwide and their U.S.. headquarters is located in Novato, CA. They have a large selection of both women’s and men’s hippie sandals. 


Skechers is a family-focused brand founded on the philosophy of putting people first. They offer comfort and care to both employees and customers alike, supporting both with dignity and respect. One of their core values is human rights and they base how they conduct their business around that philosophy. Our favorite thing about Skechers is that many of their products are affordable to the average consumer. 

Skechers is a partner of The Nature Conservancy worldwide. They contribute a minimum of $800,000 to help the organization protect lands and waters. Not only that but their “Planet Matters” styles are made with recycled materials to help reduce their environmental impact.

Their corporate buildings are LEED Gold certified, have low water use plumbing and fixtures, use renewable features such as solar panels, LED daylight harvesting, and motion-detected lighting. They offer a nice selection of hippie sandals for both men and women

8. Purely Lush

Purely Lush is a local business in the Pink City of India. Their creative director Swati Punjabi was inspired by the rich cultural and heritage background of Rajasthan. It was then that everything began and full handmade and handcrafted collections of footwear were expanded into clothing. This company offers determination, quality, and exceptional services. 

Purely Lush has dedicated itself to both handmade footwear and clothing. Their journey has been only devoted to promoting and delivering locally handmade ethnic footwear and clothing that maintains their true ethnic beauty.

Their sandals are some of the most unique on the planet since they are all handcrafted. One of their most popular hippie-like sandals features multi-color beads with a flat heel and rubber sole. 

9. Sandalwali

Sandalwali was created out of a love for dressing feet. They have a firm belief that the proper footwear completes an outfit. Each item they create brings the joy of handmade artistry through embroidered stories and embellished with memories. They also believe in creating stunning sandals that are also comfortable. 

Many of their creations feature myriad coloring and themes. Much of their time is dedicated to creating customized orders for their customers.

Additionally, Sandalwali strives to revive age-old techniques like gota patti, zari, mukaish, and various arts of embroidery. Their workforce uses skills that have been passed down from them from generation to generation. We won’t be the first to say that their sandals are unique and will appeal to your hippy style. 

10. Hippie Shop

Hippie Shop is just as it sounds-a shop dedicated to the hippy style. They made their debut in the 1990s in the parking lot of concerts and festivals. In 1997, they created their first website. It was the world’s first online Hippie Shop. Their first shop contained jewelry and items. In 1995, the realtors opened a shop in the Meadowlands area of Northern New Jersey with inspiration from the Grateful Dead tour. They used their memories of the good times they had at concerts and festivals to make their creations. 


Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! Those are the top ten hippie-style sandal brands on the market today. Some of them may not be traditional hippie sandals, but certainly do look like them. The Hippie Shop is probably the best place to acquire genuine hippy sandals. The other brands have their own twist on hippie-style sandals, but that doesn’t make them less appealing. 

Most of the brands offer hippie-style sandals for both men and women but are more common for women. We found Birkenstocks to be the most comfortable hippie-style sandals, but are quite expensive. With that being said, feel free to check out all of the brands on the list to help get in touch with your inner hippy. 

In 2001 they moved into a garage space that could accommodate their rapidly growing business. They hired help, worked on a customer care plan, and purchased inventory. In 2005 they changed the name of their business shop to Hippie Shop, LLC and created an equal partnership. They certainly do have some of the most unique and genuine hippie sandals currently on the market.