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7 Best Greek Watch Brands [Women & Men]

Greece is known for some of the best fashion designers in the world. They have exquisite taste when it comes to their clothing and design, so it’s not a shock when we say that they create some of the most unique timepieces. 

In this article, we’re going to go over the top 7 Greek watch brands known to man. We will take a look at where their company came from, what kind of watches they produce, and how their prices line up with your budget. 

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Quick Overview of Geek Watch Brands 

  • Oxette – Best Overall
  • Loisir – Best Women’s Collection
  • Breeze – Best Mediterranean Styles
  • LouAnn – Best Handmade Brand
  • Lanos – Best Dive Watch Collection
  • Bulgari – Best High-end Collection

Top Greek Watch Brands

1.Oxette – Best Overall

We gave the best overall watch brand title to Oxette because they offer one of the largest collections of affordable watches on the market. You may find that many Greek watch brands are more for luxury than affordability.

Oxette isn’t one of those brands. They specialize in affordable fashion watches for men and women that range from $100 to $270. 

Oxette was founded in Athens in 1998 and they operate in various countries through their retail store as well as franchise stores. They offer a wide range of styles and have a popular Bauhaus style, which consists of a minimalist dial and extended thin hands and hour markers.

 The Oxette Brooklyn 11X03-00585 is one of our favorite unisex watches from this brand. It was designed for casual style and fashion.

It’s made from stainless steel with an IP blue plating. It can also come in rose gold, black, and brown. It’s paired with a multi-link steel band with multi-function movement. It’s the ideal gift for both men and women. At just 125 Euro, it’s extremely affordable.

In addition to the unisex watch, we found one women’s watch to catch out eye. The 11X05-00652 Oxette Link Watch is just extremely unique and pretty.

The watch has a stylish double jewelry stainless steel band and a rose gold dial. There is a rose gold plating over the entire watch and it has a 3 atm rating. This stylish watch only costs $150 Euro. 

2.Loisir – Best Overall Collection

Loisir is a Greek brand from Perideo, S.A., as with Oxette, that designs, produces, and distributes watches. They create watches for more than 200 shops in Greece. They’ve been around since 2009 and have grown with more than 150 corners across the globe. 

They believe in fresh and trendy concepts. Their watches and jewelry are high-quality while remaining affordable. Their accessories are made for men, women, and children. Additionally, they believe that their watches make the perfect gift. 

One of our favorite women’s watches from Loisir is the 11L65-00122. This is called “Fabulous” and it has that name for a reason.

This watch is elegant and irresistible to women. It has a very contemporary look to it with a fashionable eco-leather strap with metal chain detail.

The watch does a great job of expressing femininity and elegance. It’s made from an alloy case with rose gold plating. It’s water-resistant to 3 atm and features 8 gorgeous stones within the watch face. The watch only costs 49 Euro, which equals around $58 USD. 

3.Follie Follie – Largest Women’s Collection

Follie Follie is a Women’s Greek fashion brand with one of the largest women’s selections. They were founded in Greece in 1982 by Dimitris Koutsolioutsos and have since become an international brand. They offer everything from ceramic watches to watches that double as bracelets.

It was originally a jewelry manufacturer before the birth of its watch line in 1994.

This brand is very similar to Breeze. They offer only fashion watches, so you aren’t going to get high-quality craftsmanship such as the watches from LouAnn or Lonas. The best part about fashion watches is that they’re generally affordable, as opposed to expensive luxury watches that have poor quality. 

We scoured through their website and sifted through dozens of watches in search of one that caught our eye. After what seemed like endless clicking, we found the Winter Wonders Ceramic Watch WF2B029BSP-XX.

We love this watch for several reasons, but the main reason is that you can change the bezels to adapt the watch to your style. The watch is stylish, lightweight, and is made from rose gold stainless steel and white ceramic. 

4.Breeze – Best Mediterranean Style

Breeze is Greek brand that was established in 2013. They are best known for their “colorful Mediterranean touch”. They were an instant success once they launched their brand due to their innovation and unique style. 

The brand was then available in 300 department stores and shopping centers. They also have over 450 outlets in Greece and Cyprus. In total, they have 23 watch collections, all of which can be found on their website. 

Our favorite women’s watch from the Breeze website is the Illumina. We really like this watch because it’s not the traditional gold, black, or silver color.

It’s actually purple! It contains a premium quality stainless steel case with a screw-in crown with an embossed “B” logo. It’s water water-resistant to 100 m and features an analog precision quartz movement with date.  

As far as men’s watches are concerned, we’re impressed with the City Spicer. It’s packed with amazing details and tech-inspired designs with a mix of intelligent and luxurious appeal It has a black and rose gold color to it with stainless steel material.

It features an analog precision quartz movement and a butterfly safety buckle. It’s also water-resistant up to 100m. 

5.LouAnn – Best Handmade Watch Brand

The LouAnn brand is rather unique. First, let’s start with their name. Seems like a pretty normal name, right? Well, the name actually comes from the combination of Loukas, the designer, and his girlfriend Anna.

The company came to be in 2004, which is the same year as their first watch was created and named the Louann Transparent.

There are two collections available from LouAnn and they’re the Transparent and LouAnn Balancier. It’s tough to tell what the differences between the two are, but all watches are analog, feature Swiss movements, and use a scratch-resistant sapphire dial glass.

All of the watches in their collection are crafted in 18k gold except for one model in the Transparent collection that can be purchased in Sterling Silver. 

Since all of their watches are handmade, it takes roughly 6-12 weeks for your watch to arrive. Additionally, these watches are pricey. You’ll find that their watches range from 6,800 euros up to 19,700 euros or more. 

6.Ianos – Best Dive Watch Collection

Ianos is a Greek watch brand founded by Jacob Hatzidimitriou. All of their watches are inspired by Greek history, gods, and diving history. Their main goal is to create watches that take vintage styles and turn them into watches for the 21st century. 

Greece has one of the longest coastlines to exist. This means that the nation is built around the sea, which is why the watch brand creates an amazing line of dive watches that can handle all life at sea. This is why the brans feature a large collection of dive watches. 

It seems that the most popular watch from the Ianos brand is from the Avyssos collection. The Avyssos IA02 dive watch looks like a classic dive watch with a vintage twist. It features a mechanical hand-wound movement and an open case back so you can watch the timepiece work.

It can withstand depths up to 300m and has an ancient mechanism that was once used in ancient Greece. It doesn’t count seconds with a hand, it counts with a rotating mechanism called an Antikythera, a 2,000-year-old mechanism.

7.Bvlgari – Best High-End Collection

So this brand is a little different from the others. The other brands are actually made in Greece, whereas Bvlgari only has a Greek designer.

Bvlgari was founded by Sotirios Voulgaris. Sotirios Voulgaris came from a silversmithing family from the Epirus region in Greece but moved to Italy before founding his company. 

Bvlgari is the most famous for their Serpenti bracelet watches. They were first crafted in the 1940s when his two sons were running the watchmaking brand. They’re technically an Italian brand, but since he was from Greece originally, we added the brand to the list.

The Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas watch remains the most popular choice among the ladies. It’s a pricey watch, coming in at $9,850. It’s a spiral watch in 18kt rose gold and stainless steel. It has a gorgeous black opaline dial and a guilloche Soleil treatment as well as hand-applied indexes. 

As far as the men’s collection goes, a watch that stood out to us was the Octo Finissimo Watch. This is a limited edition watch with an extra-thin skeletonizes mechanical manufacture movement.

It features a transparent case back, openwork counters with a red outline, and a 40mm extra-thing case and bracelet in sandblasted black ceramic. It’s water-resistant up to 30m, but it comes with a hefty price tag of $25,300. 

The Takeaway

There you have it! Those are the top 7 Greek watch brands plus one brand that isn’t technically Greek but has a Greek founder.

As you can see, all of these watch brands have different price ranges and styles. This is why we picked Oxette as our top watch brand because they offer a wide range of affordable and fashionable watches. 

We hope that you found our article informative and helpful. Keep a lookout for our other watch brand articles. 

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