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5 Best German Binoculars Brands

If you are looking for the best pair of binoculars out there, it might be difficult to choose. This is because each brand has its unique features that it brings to the table. Also, different brands produce binoculars with varying levels of quality and price-points. So, if you are unfamiliar with all the German binocular brands, it can be quite difficult to pick the perfect pair.

Steiner, Leica, Zeiss, Minox, and German Precision Optics are all known to make high-quality, durable binoculars. you can get. Zeiss and Lecia are among the absolute best German binocular brands, while Steiner, Minox, and GPO (German Precision Optics) also make some finely-crafted high-quality German binoculars.

Germany is known the world-over for their excellent engineering. One look at a BMW or Mercedes Benz will attest to that. So, as you would expect, the Germans make some of the best binoculars in the world.

Best German Binoculars Brands

German binoculars are known to deliver excellent optical performance and stability over time. In this article, we will go over all the top German binocular brands. We will also go over a few different models by each one of these brands.

Top German Binoculars Brands


Optics You’ll find Steiner Optics on the top of a lot of best binoculars lists. That comes as no surprise, is this famous brand has been churning out top-quality binoculars since 1947. Karl Steiner started the company with the goal of producing high-quality optics for military personnel. Now, Steiner has become one of the most respected and trusted name in optics.
Steiner was the very first company to develop high-tech Makrolon polycarbonate bodied binoculars. This material makes the binoculars strong and lightweight. Steiner made these binoculars for the Germany military in 1967.
Then, later in 1973, Steiner pioneered the concept of filling the binoculars with nitrogen to prevent fogging. Also, Steiner was the first binocular brand to include a built-in compass.
All of Steiner’s optical and frame developments, research, and quality tests are under-taken at their headquarters in Bayreuth, Germany. People choose Steiner binoculars for their long list of features such as being lightweight, fog proof, and having fully multi-coated lenses for contrast.
Also, Steiner’s binoculars are all shockproof and waterproof. So, that makes them great for hunting, military, and other outdoor uses.

Steiner 7×50 Marine Binoculars

These binoculars feature an ultra high-contrast optical coating and are configured with a sport auto focus. This pair is based on a floating prism system and is completely and totally waterproof thanks to its high-quality rubber armor.
The Steiner Marine Binocular’s proprietary multi-coated lenses use a Porro prism design to enhance light transmission through the lenses. This creates an extremely high contrast, detailed image regardless of the lighting conditions. The Steiner Marine Binocular’s auto focus system is set for 20 yards, so there is no need to fumble with the dials when you are trying to catch some quick action.
These binoculars were engineered for boaters, sailors, and other marine uses. So, as you would expect, they are fully waterproof. The rubber arbor is more than just a cover. In fact, it is able to absorb shock and protect the binoculars quite well.
Also, its design features integrated ridges and anti-slip pads. And as you would expect from Steiner, these binoculars are nitrogen-filled, so you will never have to worry about the lenses internally fogging.
Featuring a powerful 7x magnification factor and a 50 mm aperture, the only thing you will be seeing in these binoculars are completely crystal clear images. This pair includes a carrying case and neck strap, and these binoculars come wit ha lifetime warranty.


  • Fantastic optical quality
  • Excellent lifetime warranty
  • Extreme weather tolerance


  • Limited FOV (Field of View)

Steiner Predator AF Binoculars

These binoculars feature a color-adjusted transmission design and are equipped with a fast-close focus system. Like other high-end binoculars, this model is nitrogen filled to prevent fogging. The predator AF binoculars feature a Clicklock system and have also have a lifetime warranty.

The CAT (Color Adjusted Transmission) technology that is featured in the Steiner Predator AF Binoculars helps reveal objects that are hiding in shades and foliage. And like the above mentioned pair, Steiner Predator binoculars are automatically set to focus on objects from 20 yards to infinity.

These binoculars feature one of the most advanced ergonomic designs that are specifically engineered for sporting and hunting. So, keeping in line with that, these binoculars are compact and lightweight. They are also super strong! It has a bombproof Makrolon polycarbonate body and an open bridge design that makes for an excellent anti-slip surface and ensures that these binoculars are totally waterproof.

The Predator AF series binoculars are widely regarded as the best for hunting and come in zoom powers of 10×42 and 8×32.


  • Stunning 3D depth and prenominal detail
  • Extremely compact and ultra-lightweight
  • Completely waterproof and totally fog-proof
  • Somewhat lack-luster focus in particularly non-optimal lighting situations


This German binoculars brand was born out of the establishment of the Optical Institute by Carl Kellnar in 1849. In 1865, Ernst Leitz joined the institute which was, at the time, dedicated to producing microscopes, telescopes, and glasses.

Then, in 1907, Leica made their first prism binoculars in 1907. Since then, the company has been known to produce some of the finest and most durable binoculars.

When it first started out, the institute had only 20 employees. Now, Leica is one of the most popular German binocular brands.

They are also well-known for manufacturing high-quality cameras and scopes. The company offices are located in Wetzlar, Germany, but this brand manufactures their gear all over the place. They have workshops in New York, Portugal, and many other places.

Leica products are known for their precise focusing, color neutrality, and for being robust and featuring a highly ergonomic design. So, these binoculars are great to use in adverse weather conditions.

Leica Noctivid 10×42 Binoculars

If you are looking for a pair of binoculars that have excellent optical performance and offer a bright, brilliant image, then Leica’s Noctovid 10×42 binoculars are exactly what you have been looking for. These offer a totally unrivalled image plasticity, and are built for comfort and maximum longevity.

These binoculars feature roof prisms that use Schott HLT (High Light Transmission) glass that provides a perfect balance between color accuracy and light transmission. They feature super-high-tech high-temperature plasma coatings that ensure the suppression of stray light and prevention of inner reflection.

These binoculars feature roof prisms that use Schott HLT (High Light Transmission) glass that provides a perfect balance between color accuracy and light transmission. They feature super-high-tech high-temperature plasma coatings that ensure the suppression of stray light and prevention of inner reflection.

The focusing wheel has a diopter adjustments and requires just two full rotations to focus anywhere between 1.9 m to infinity. This pair of German binoculars features a rugged design and a strong, comfortable-to-hold rubber outer covering. They are also water and corrosion resistant-resistant, which makes them super long-lasting.

  • Spacious eye relief area
  • Precise and effortless focusing
  • Absolutely no globe effect
  • High cost

Leica Trinovid HD Binoculars

These binoculars can focus on really close items, as close as 6 feet away. These binoculars include a unique and innovative carrying system that allows for comfortable, quick deployment.
Like other binoculars on this list, the Leico Trinovid HD series features a compact and light construction. These binoculars in particular offer an excellent balanced that makes grabbing quick, long-range looks really strait forward.
The Leica Trinovid HD Binoculars have phase-corrected prisms that drastically minimize distortion. Their multi-coated lenses help to maintain natural colors while boosting the transmission of light. All of this comes together to form a bright, color corrected, and razor-sharp image.
The Leica Trinovid HD Binoculars are designed with an ergonomic, non-slip body that is engineered to be able to easily fit into a pocket. These binoculars have a strong, rubber housing that ensures that they are fully protected from rough use and weather.
These beautiful binoculars come in four different sizes which are 8×32, 8×42, 10×32, and 10×42.
  • Phenomenal color fidelity
  • Fabulous field of view
  • Terrific for travelling


  • High cost


Zeiss was founded by the now-legendary optical scientist Carl Zeiss in 1846. When it first started, the company was headquartered in Jena, Germany. In its early years, Zeiss trained employees to be able to produce microscopes and other optical instruments.

Then, in 1872, Ernst Abbe, a notable physicist joined Carl Zeiss and together they invented some of the best microscopes you could get at the time. Over time, the business eventually evolved into the optics manufacturing company that it is today.

After World War 1, Zeiss started making binoculars and rangefinders for the Nazi party. The company has been able to since shake off its Third-Reich reputation and was able to maintain its name in one of the top German binocular brands.

In fact, Zeiss products are sold under many different brand names. Here are some of them:

Zeiss Victory HT Binoculars

These binoculars feature a powerful 10X magnification level and offer a stunning 95% light transmission thanks to its HT Schott lenses. The Zeiss Victory HT binoculars provide optimum resolution and identification of any and all subjects in just about any lighting condition you could imagine.

Every little thing is thought out with these binoculars. In fact, they even have an optimized lens diameter to provide the most perfect visual experience possible. This pair of binoculars features a Zeiss T* coating that help  create a brilliant, high-contrast image. This works particularly well in twilight and other adverse lighting conditions.

The diameter of this paid of binocular’s objective lenses are optimized to reduce weight while not reducing image quality.

This balance helps to ensures a perfect viewing experience. This pair has a large central focusing wheel that makes it easy to precisely focus these, even when gloves are worn. Also, this pair has a LotuTec coating on its lenses which provide excellent scratch and abrasion resistance.


  • Over 95% light transmission
  • Phenomenal low light performance
  • Extremely easy to focus


  • A bit on the pricy side

Zeiss Terra ED Binoculars

While these might not boast the 90+ percent figures of the above binoculars, the Zeiss Terra ED binoculars feature a still-very-high 88% light transmission. This is thanks to its innovative design and Schott ED lens coating. These binoculars are completely hydrophobic, comfortable, and quick and easy to focus.

This paid of binoculars are built to be compact, and are very lightweight and offer quote a robust, comprehensive design. The lenses feature the same proprietary T* lens coating as well.

The Schott extra-low dispersion glass that is used in this pair of binoculars tremendously reduces glare and provides excellent color accuracy.

This pair of binoculars features a patented Schmidt-Pechan roof prism system that helps to form some of the most high-resolution, razor-sharp images that you will ever see through a pair of lenses. It has a massive focus wheel that is easy to find without looking.

As you might expect for high-end binoculars, these are also nitrogen-filled, so you will never have to worry about any annoying internal fogging.


  • Very low chromatic aberration
  • Top-quality hydrophobic lenses
  • Very lightweight


  • A little blurry on the edges of view


Minox is a one of the most well-known and most well-respected names in German binoculars. This company has been providing high-quality and reliable optics since 1936. The company was founded by Walter Zapp due to his interest in developing miniature cameras.

After World War 2, Minox became popular for producing some of the best spy cameras during the cold war.

Later, Minox shifted its focus a bit to produce rifle scopes, night vision devices, and, you guessed it, binoculars. These days, binoculars are at the core of Minox’s business.

In fact, this company has received several awards for its contribution to the German binocular industry. The company is located in Wetzlar, Germany where it designs, produces, and assembles all of its products.

Minox has dedicated years to optics research and that shows in each and every product that it manufactures.

This brand makes some of most popular German binoculars such as the RAPID, X-range, X-lite, X-active, and BV series. Minox binocular lines are known to be highly versatile and well-suited for hunting, sporting, and other outdoor situations.

MINOX 62060 BV 10×25 Binoculars

This pair of binoculars are highly optimized for optical performance and feature M-coated lenses to produce a clear, bright image. The Minox 62060 have excellent color rendition neutrality and a sturdy, non-slip aluminum body. The eyecups on this model rotate freely, which is fantastic for people who wear glasses.

Like other high-end binoculars found on this list, the Minox BV Binoculars feature a roof prism design that has multiple coatings on the lenses to prevent reflections and produce a clear, bright, and completely sharp image. These binoculars support a 10x magnification level which works great to bring the action up close and personal.

This pair of German binoculars feature fully rotatable eyecups that give a full 19 mm of eye relief. That makes these binoculars comfortable to wear weather you use eyeglasses or not. The Minox BV Binoculars have a slender design and are equipped with a non-slip rubber body.

They are built to be rugged and totally waterproof all the way down to 16 feet deep. This paid of binoculars has an open-bridge design that makes them comfortable and easy to grab quickly in just about any environmental conditions. As you would expect, they are nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Highly versatile
  • Compatible with tripods
  • Very easy to hold
  • Very plastic design

MINOX 62043 BL Binoculars

Made entirely in Germany. The Minox 62043 BL Binoculars feature a compact design at just 9.6 by 26.2 by 18.3 cm.

The Minox BL Binoculars are excellent in low-light situations such as dusk and dawn. They feature ultra-low dispersion lenses that are fully multi-coated to increase their light transmission in all use-cases.

It has 56 mm objective lenses that are able to gather an enormous amount of light, so these binoculars are able to produce some truly fantastic images.

It has an easy-to-see central focus wheel that makes it super simple to adjust these binocular’s focus and eye diopter. This pair of binoculars also provides a decent eye relief length to make it easier to use with eyeglasses.

They are housed in a strong, sturdy polycarbonate housing that makes them completely water and dust-proof. And these binoculars, of course, also feature a nitrogen-filled chamber that is O-ring sealed to provide a long life-span.


  • Industry-leading glare reduction
  • Extended FOV (Field of View)
  • Work great in low-lighting conditions


  • Not tripod compatible
  • High price

5.German Precision Optics

German Precision Optics is headquarter in Munich, Germany where is engineers, tests, and develops most of its products. They also have offices in Virginia, USA, where some of the developments take place.

German Precision Optics was founded with the sole purpose of providing excellent quality binoculars at a reasonable price-point.

German Precision Optics’ most popular binocular models are its Passion ED and Passion HD series.

Passion ED Binoculars

This pair of German binoculars uses ED glass technology and has a strong and light magnesium body. As most high-end binoculars do, the Passion ED series has a proprietary lens coating to help produce a strong, clear image. It also has aluminum eyecup tubes, and is completely waterproof and will never fog up. It comes with a custom-molded hard case for convenient and reliable storage.

The glasses have a double-coating of chromatic aberration reduction material and have the same roof prism system as other high-end German binoculars to provide the most stunning images possible.

It offers a buttery-smooth focus wheel with an integrated diopter integrated that guarantees quick, precise focusing. The eye-relief provided by these binoculars are among the highest on the market at a spacious 17mm.

The sturdy. magnesium chassis has a soft rubber covering that provides a comfortable, non-slip grip surface. It also provides extended temperature resistance. And of course, these binoculars are nitrogen filled which makes them fog proof.


  • Very accurate color
  • Fog and waterproof
  • 10x magnification level


  • Slightly heavy


While each brand has its unique take on how to make the best binoculars, there are a few that really stand out from the crowd.

Zeiss, Leica, Steiner, Minox, and German Precision Optics are the most popular German manufacturer of binoculars. If you have the money to spend and what the absolute best experience, then you should go with a model by Zeiss or Lecia. If you are still wanting that finely-crafted German-engineered experience, but are on a slightly smaller budget, then you should check out Steiner, Minox, and GPO (German Precision Optics). 

There are so many different binocular makers out there, so we put this article together to help people make a more informed purchasing decision. Thanks for reading!