11 Fully Canvassed Suit Brands [Designers & Not]

Buying a Fully Canvassed Suit can be a daunting experience, especially when there are a wide range of brands to choose from. With the increasing desire for longevity, quality, and authenticity in men’s clothing, some people find it difficult to pick a reliable brand.

There are a lot of things to consider while buying a fully canvassed suit, for instance, seeing the cut, fit, and design. Luckily, because of the resurgence of importance in tailored clothing in recent years, there are many excellent options for complete canvas tailoring.

Here is a list of best fully canvassed suit brands that you can rely on:

  1. Breg & Breg
  2. SuitSupply Jort collection
  3. Proper Cloth
  4. Anglo-Italian
  5. Sid Mashburn
  6. Ring Jacket
  7. Giorgio Armani
  8. Banana Republic
  9. Berluti
  10. Bonobos
  11. Brunello Cucinelli

Fully Canvassed Suit Brands

1.Berg & Berg

Berg & Berg have been offering tailoring services for a few years but have expanded to an entire men’s collections. Their tailoring is manufactured in southern Italy. They are exceptionally well priced and provide high-quality suits. They also have exceptional services for tailoring customized clothing. The prices are under $1000, which is worth it for the quality of cloth, stitching, and the final product.

Why Berg & Berg is an ideal choice?

  • Exceptional tailoring services.
  • Wide range of options in stitching (cut and fits).
  • Reasonable pricing

2.SuitSupply Jort collection

The SuitSupply is known for its half-canvas, European-based, contemporary work. They have Jort Line, which is fully canvassed. They launched a tightly curated Jort collection utilizing improved material and elevated design every season. Since they are manufactured in China and have a vertically integrated retail presence, their prices are highly competitive and reasonable.

It ensures the same cues as the rest of the organization’s tailoring, soft-shouldered along a bit of grinze, open patch pockets, and lightweight canvas. They also have a variety with lowered button design, lean shaped, dropped pockets, and several other alterations.

Why SuitSupply Jort collection is an ideal choice?

  • Unique designs and cuts.
  • Exceptional tailoring and alteration services.
  • Reasonable prices with high-quality products.

3.Proper Cloth

Proper Cloth was initially famous for their exceptionally made-to-measure shirts and other items like tailored sweaters, accessories, tailored jackets, and outerwear. Lately, they have uplifted their customization in shirts by increasing the sizes from 32 to all 64 along with short, regular, and long lengths and with fits ranging from extra slim to slim and classic.

In addition, they have Hudson jackets and Mercer suits that are fully canvassed and half-canvassed. The product quality is exceptional, and the prices are also worth it.

Why is Proper Cloth an ideal choice?

  • Diversity in range of products and fits.
  • Designs are incredibly detailed with a soft shoulder, unlined, open patch hip pocket, etc.
  • The prices are very reasonable


Next on our list is another self-branded store, which means they do not offer clothes from other brands or labels. As the name suggests, they aim to provide the customers with an ideal mix of products that are a fusion of British and Italian menswear traditions. They pick soft tailoring and designs from Italy and apply them to English fabrics. Therefore, the output products have exceptional quality with high-quality designs and the most delicate fabric to offer you a classic look with an excellent feel.

They keep the immense focus on the made measure, and they do not focus on any one line but stock the store with a full range of accessories and products from outerwear to ties to shirts and trousers, etc. They also do not overstack the racks and allow customization and further tailoring to meet customers’ needs. All of the products are made in Southern Italy.

Why is Anglo-Italian an ideal choice?

  • High-quality fabric and high-quality designs.
  • Detailed tailoring for the ideal fit.
  • Services for customization of all products to adjust to customer demands.

5.Sid Mashburn

Sid Mashburn is an icon and has a legendary charm that he has successfully incorporated into his business. Sid Mashburn has grown immensely over time to offer customers high-quality and diverse products. They have a wide range of American-Italian spectrum with a range of fully canvassed suits and sportscoats.

They provide detailed customization services with exceptional tailors who offer quick and classic work. The suits are within $1000, which are incredibly reasonable for the quality and services offered.

Why is Sid Mashburn an ideal choice?

  • Detailed services for tailoring and customization.
  • Exhaustive range and variety of products.
  • Exceptionally skilled labor, including tailors and designers.

6.Ring Jacket

The Ring Jacket is a brand based in Japan. Their designs are in the line of southern Italy with curved Barchetta pockets, open patch pockets, and soft shoulders. This is because the company is specialized in making jackets and suits for brands in Japan and has managers who have studied tailoring in Naples. They recreated the Ring Jacket, too, including smaller armholes and larger sleeve heads. They expanded widely from its advent and have maintained their exceptional tailoring quality and fully canvassed suits.

Why Ring Jacket is an ideal choice?

  • Superior quality and finesse in work.
  • Classic designs and availability of products.
  • Customer trust and reliance with years of service.

7.Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani, undoubtedly the most prolific designer is the man who recreated the suits in the 1970s with soft shoulders and fluid drapes. They have since then continued to create exceptional quality and excellent design products which are ideal for all ages.

The cloth used is picked from different parts of the world to ensure the quality of the product, and the tailors are incredibly skilled and trained to provide the most delicate finish. In addition, they include fully canvassed suits for all occasions, along with all accessories that complete the overall look.

Why is Giorgio Armani an ideal choice?

  • High-end designers and tailoring techniques to produce high-quality products.
  • High-class tailoring to give customers an ideal fit.
  • The quality of the cloth is exceptional and hand-picked.

8.Banana Republic

For a long time, it has been known for its office-ready clothing, two-piece suits ideal for all semi-formal and formal settings. They have an exceptional range with the brand standard fit comprising cut with broad shoulders and fuller chest and waist.

They have ensured to add class and confidence in each product to add value and grace to whoever wears it. Moreover, they offer the products at the most pocket-friendly rates, which are ideal given the high quality.

Why the Banana Republic is an ideal choice?

  • Classic design and wide range of fittings offered.
  • Outclass tailoring to fit the requirements of all customers.
  • Offer elegance and grace in all of their products.


It was founded in 1895 and maintained its name and reputation with high-end products. They expanded into fully canvassed suits in 2012. They have exceptional cuts and look, giving a classic outlook and adding grace.

The products are tailored to give off a “Prince Feel,” which ensures that the color, fit, and stitching are outclassed to provide the best outcome.

Why Berluti is an ideal choice?

  • Long-lasting reputation.
  • Classic look and quality.
  • Comprehensive customization services.


This brand initiated the work in a small trunk and offered a complete menswear collection. They now cater to all kinds of menswear demands in a wide range of lengths, fitting, and designs. In addition, they have a premium quality product and degrees for formal, semi-formal, and others.

They have ideal cuts and use the best quality of clothes from all around the world to ensure the best outcomes. They also offer detailed customization services to alter the suits in the best manner to look perfect on you.

Why is Bonobos an ideal choice?

  • Wide range of products and variety to choose the perfect fit product.
  • The exceptional design comes from high-end designers of the brand.
  • The tailoring is detailed.

11.Brunello Cucinelli

The brand Brunello Cucinell is famous for its dedication on offering customers luxurious clothing, and their suits are no exception. They have a classic range of menswear with a wide variety of cuts and fitting to meet customer demand. The material utilized is light and breathable, while the look is neat and classic. They have a vast range available on the shelf and offer instant customization to ensure the fit is perfect for jackets, pants, shirts, or any outerwear.

Why Brunello Cucinelli is an ideal choice?

  • Dedicated to offering luxury and detailed design.
  • The fits are unique and give a great look.
  • The material used is different and of exceptional quality.

Who wears Fully Canvassed Suits? 

Fully canvassed suits are typically worn by attorneys, bankers, and other professionals who need to look professional and sharp. They are made from a heavy fabric that is treated with a coating that makes it water repellent.

What are Fully Canvassed Suits?

A fully canvassed suit is a suit that has been examined by a tailor in great detail, ensuring that the suit fits perfectly and looks its best. This level of scrutiny ensures that the suit will look good on any body type and will be comfortable to wear. Fully canvassed suits are a luxury item, but they are worth the investment because they will last longer and look better than any other type of suit.