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7 French Soda Brands

France is famous for its history, architecture, iconic sights, and landmarks. This country is also famous for beaches, but French soda and French drinks are something you need to try out. This gorgeous country is a power pack for all the travel bloggers, foodies, and people who love sipping new beverages from all over the country. 

Looking out for a perfect guide to try the French soda? Here’s a list of the top 7 best French soda brands you need to try out! Don’t delay any further, and grab your favorite French soda and toast it with your friends on a perfect eve!

Visit France next time and try out these amazing French soda brands, which are famous worldwide!

 French Soda

French Soda Brands


Badoit is a brand that started in 1778. Marin Richard started Badoit water which uplifts the spirit and mood. Badoit started with sparkling water in 1837.

The hydrotherapy was a huge success where the water was obtained from Fontfort spring. Auguste Saturnin continued the development of Badoit sparkling water. 

Auguste continued with home hydrotherapy in the market during 1842. It is famous for its natural water status through the academy of medicine. Badoit home hydrotherapy moved from pharmacies to supermarkets during 1950.  Badoit joined the French culinary industry in 1981, leading to a joyous moment.

In 2021, this brand strengthened the system supporting professionals. In the upcoming years, Badoit modernized the brand with high-quality french soda. 

Planning to spark your life with the bubbles of French soda, then catch up with Badoit. Badoit made sure to offer flavored drinks having a natural fruity aroma with no additives. These drinks brighten up daily life with the fruity zest.

 2. Alain-milliat

Alain Milliat created a brand Fruit juice house that started in 1997. A passionate man who took over the entire family farm and restored the entire thing with artisan tradition. He integrated nature and the environment creating an aesthetic view. 

In 1997, he created six different nectars and juices. He then delivered the fruit juice to random sommeliers, adjusting the sugar balances, colors, and textures. The brand gained success amongst gourmet restaurants and then was noticed by different hotel managers, grocers, and chefs.

This brand is now popular amongst 20 more countries. Fruit juice house makes sure to offer authentic juices with unique tasting.

This brand combines sensitivity and expertise, offering French, reasoned juices. Alain himself makes sure to select high-quality raw materials and ensure that agriculture is done with sensitivity. 

This entire transformation occurs within Valence in Drome, after which fruits are taken to the workshop. These bottles then ship to around 20 countries. 

What makes this brand unique amongst others is the clean, organic, pleasureful taste without any additional sugars creating a unique taste. The best part about this brand is they take 50% of the fruits from the local producers. This brand makes sure to collect exotic fruits with good consistency. 

3. Perrier

Perrier another best French soda brand. During the mid-19-century, the spa cities with amazing hot spots adopted Perrier. Perrier is a French brand that starts with natural mineral water bottle sources in Vergeze, located in the Gard department.

This brand is popular for carbonation and distinctive green bottles. It was initially a pet of Perrier Vittel Group SA, after which it became Nestle waters.

The bottles are available in three ranges 200, 330, and 750 ml within Europe and 330 ml cans. Perrier bottles come in a distinct teardrop shape.

Perrier had released the limited-edition packaging during 2019. The bottles come in multiple flavors like lemon, natural, and lime.

In 2007, Pamplemousse rose and citron lemon-lime flavors were introduced, and green apple flavor during 2015. In 2016, another flavor in France was introduced, named mint flavor. 

It is a type of French sparkling water from Vergeze in Gard. Perrier is a brand that offers a wide range of sparkling water with fine bubbles.

You can put a lemon slice or mint syrup to enjoy the Perrier drinks.

4. SFWTC (Duché-de-Longueville) 

San Francisco Wine trading company is not just the spirits or local wine store. It started as a company in 1976. This company is for knowledgeable and friendly staff who help the customers regarding purchases.

They offer an impressive selection of wines, including imported and local wines from vintners like Kermit Lynch and Robert Chadderdon. 

The San Francisco Wine trading company owner is Gary Marcaletti, famous for starting this company. He had spent his entire career building a company named Mr. Liquor during 1976. Then he shifted to business with the company’s relaunch during the 90s. 

San Francisco wine trading company is located in the West portal neighborhood. It has been a landmark since 1976. This company is a perfect amalgamation of converting farming practices, consolidation of all liquor houses, technology, blossoming of the artisan importers, and economic booms. 

The knowledgeable staff at this company has complete access to both California’s wineries and the import market, allowing you to select rare spirits and fine wines. This French soda brand focuses on loyal clientele with happy customers. 

 5. Lorina 

Lorina is a brand that started its exquisite collection in 1895. Victor Geyer installed the lab and started using the heritage family formulas. Victor Geyer made sure to use local ingredients in the beverages with the pure water from Vosges Spring. 

This stunning beverage was the first one along the line of beverages. Victor Geyer then utilized these recipes for creating festive drinks. 

In 1900, Mr. Geyer came up with a stunning collection of drinks in glass bottles. Then in 1929, he conquered the taste of youths with the latest beverages, including fruity flavors. 

In 1946 he came up with lemonade which was then altered with Lorina. In 1997, Lorina won the award for the best beverage having a perfect combination of bubbles, water splash, natural flavors, and imagination. 

To date, Lorina makes sure to offer you flavorful sodas. Moreover, these sodas are a healthier alternative than the drinks available on the market. 

6. Val de France 

Val De France is a brand that ensures buyers with a premium product. This sparkling juice is USDA, organic-certified. The bottle keeps the freshness intact.

This French soda brand is unique because it has fewer sugars than other brands in the market. They believe in no alcohol, no addition of gluten, and just plenty of flavors. 

The sodas produced by this brand taste like real fruits, and they pair well with pastries, salads, and sandwiches. They believe in delighting the consumers with great products. 

Enjoy this sparkling juice by a brand worldwide that comes with five delicious flavors. Val De France is a French soda brand that started in 1953. 

They make sure to choose exceptional fruits hand-picked and carefully selected from the orchards in Brittany, France. This brand has an excellent reputation worldwide for offering delicate sparkling juices. 

Moreover, you can rely on this brand as their sodas are organic and USDA certified. 

7. Orangina 

It’s funny how the Orangina brand came into being by the Spanish scientist within Valencia because of the best oranges in Europe.

However, this idea was bought by the business during the trade fair. Monsieur Beton took over the brand and came up with an amazing french drink in a bottle like orange.

Orangina is a french soda brand that offers a lightly carbonated drink made with carbonated water, 12% citrus juice having 2% concentrated lemon with 10% concentrated orange, concentrated grapefruit, and mandarin juices. 

Moreover, this beverage also comprises 2% orange pulp. Orange drinks are sweetened using high fructose sugar with natural flavors. 

Orangina came into being by Augustin Trigo Miralles during 1933 within Algeria. In today’s time, it is one of the most famous beverages within Europe, especially Switzerland and France, with North Africa, Japan, and North America. 

Since 2009 November, Orangina is now owned by the company Suntory in most countries worldwide. This brand is owned by the famous Keurig Dr. Pepper in the US. Within Canada, Canada Dry Motts owns Orangina. 

It is also famous for sparkling drinks that come in orange flavor. Orangina is a French soda that belongs to the Orange Suntory France company. Orangina is a popular soda brand in France that serves delicious sodas to buyers. 

Get your hands on these all-natural, original sparkling citrus juices, which are incredibly refreshing. Just shake it, pop it and sip it naturally or mix it within cocktails to enjoy the magnificent taste.

Orangina is the sweet citrusy shaky drink which you can enjoy every day. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does soda have any health benefits?

Yes, soda does offer health benefits to the human body. These benefits include the following

  • Improves the swallowing ability.
  • Increases the feeling of fullness.
  • Helps in relieving constipation. 
  • It can also help in reducing cholesterol.
  • Soda helps in relieving blood sugar levels.
  • It also helps in reducing inflammation.
  • Soda also helps in reducing the risk of heart disease.


Is French soda better than coke?

If we compare French soda and coke, French soda is better than coke. This is because it does not include any sugars, and some of them are naturally carbonated.


For all those seeking to start with French sodas, this guide is helpful for you. We have listed down the seven best French soda brands that are authentic and worth spending money on.

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