Citizen Watches As Investment (Value, Pricing & Top Picks)

Citizen is among the most unique watch brands because they produce both budget and luxury watches. Their watches vary in cost by hundreds and even thousands of dollars. So, do Citizen watches hold their value?

Citizen watches don’t hold their value or appreciate because of how readily available they are. There is little resale value for Citizen watches because they aren’t as rare as a Rolex or Breitling. Some of their watches such as the Caliber 0100 are limited to only 500 pieces, however, and they are more likely to appreciate.

Several Citizen watches are limited to 500-1,000 pieces, but it’s too soon to determine whether or not they are a good investment. However, Citizen watches are worth the money because they are so accurate and can last for over a decade. Follow along as we explore the value of Citizen watches.

Do Citizen Watches Increase in Value?

Citizen watches don’t typically increase in value or hold their value. However, high-end Citizen watches are more likely to increase in value, particularly if they are part of a small batch. Several Citizen watches are limited to 1,000 or fewer units which can increase their value on the secondhand market.

However, Citizen watches such as the Corso or Drive series are common which makes it hard for them to appreciate over time.

Citizen mass produces their more affordable watches and limits their luxury pieces to small stock. Even still, you are unlucky to turn a profit if you resell a Citizen watch unless it is a luxury model that is sold out, such as the Satellite Wave GPS F950.

citizen eco drive diver's 200m
citizen eco drive diver’s 200m

Are Citizen Watches Luxury?

Citizen doesn’t exclusively produce luxury watches, but many of their watches are considered luxury. Luxury watches are defined by their price and exclusivity which high-end Citizen watches embody. There are currently 7 Citizen watches that cost over $2,000 and fit into the luxury watch market.

The inclusion of sapphire crystal watch faces, pink gold, and titanium helped solidify many Citizen watches as luxury pieces. However, watch enthusiasts don’t mention Citizen in the same breath as luxury brands like Cartier, Breitling, and Rolex. Citizen is diverse because they produce low and mid-tier priced watches as well as luxury watches that exceed $7,000.

Why Are Citizen Watches Expensive?

Citizen watches are expensive because their luxury models feature titanium and a sapphire crystal watch face. Some expensive Citizen watches even feature a band of pink gold. Let’s take a look at why Citizen watches are so expensive.


Citizen watches come in a wide variety of styles that go hand in hand with their price differences. For example, cheaper lines such as Corso only cost $168, but they have a basic, simple aesthetic. High-end Citizen watches like the Caliber 0100 cost $7,400 but they look nothing like any other piece on the market.

The cheaper Citizen watches still have a distinct style, but their pricey pieces are wholly unique. Citizen produces watches that have a simple, yet functional style as well as pieces that exemplify luxury. The more elaborate and luxurious Citizen watches generally costs hundreds or thousands of dollars more.


Citizen focuses on function more than anything and their Eco-Drive line is a perfect example of that. Their Eco-Drive watches are energy-efficient and can run on natural light. Citizen Eco-Drive watches can even run for months even if there is no direct sunlight because of their impressive technology.

Citizen watches feature an annual time deviation of 1 second which means you can always depend on them. To put that in perspective, Rolex has an annual time deviation of plus or minus 2 seconds by comparison. Their non-mechanical watches are a perfect example of how Citizen can achieve premium accuracy without conforming to traditional watch craftsmanship.


Many of their high-end watches, such as the Caliber 0100 contain premium materials such as titanium. Citizen often includes sapphire crystal which is one of the markers of a luxury watch. Sapphire crystal makes for the most durable and glare-resistant watch faces, and premium citizen watches feature it.

Titanium drives up the cost of many luxury watches because of its appearance and weight. The comfort of a titanium watch bracelet and case is lighter than stainless steel, and many watch enthusiasts prefer it.

Most Expensive Citizen Watch

The Caliber 0100, Satellite Wave GPS F950, and Hakuto-R are the most expensive Citizen watches. These pieces are an example of how Citizen can keep up with luxury brands such as Rolex. Let’s take a look at the most expensive Citizen watches and see what makes them so special.

Caliber 0100

The Caliber 0100 is the most expensive watch that Citizen currently produces. This watch costs $7,400 and features titanium which helps explain the high price. Citizen focused as much on precision as they did the appearance of the Caliber 0100 considering how accurate this watch is.

Accuracy is key with this watch and there is an annual time deviation of plus or minus 1 second. The Caliber 0100 is a collector’s item as there are only 500 of them available. Each Caliber 0100 contains a sapphire crystal, titanium bracelet, and titanium case.

Satellite Wave GPS F950

Watch enthusiasts can appreciate the luxury Satellite Wave GPS F950 which costs $5,000. This lightweight watch is durable, flashy, and made out of titanium. The case is made out of titanium and features a band of pink gold that can quickly draw eyes.

You won’t have to worry about glares because the sapphire crystal watch face is highly visible in any lighting setup. The Satellite Wave GPS F950’s durability is equally due to the impact-resistant sapphire crystal face as it is the titanium. This watch also features Eco-Drive technology which allows you to power it with sunlight so you don’t have to rely on a typical battery.


Another Eco-Drive watch, the Citizen Hakuto-R costs $3,950 and there are only 1,200 of them. This is arguably the most elaborate watch that Citizen produces as it features world time with 40 time zones. The advanced chronograph and perpetual calendar reaffirm that Citizen cares as much about precision as style.

Sapphire crystal is among the best materials for a watch face, and the Hakuto-R is a perfect example of this. Citizen promises that this watch features the quickest signal reception from GPS satellites of any watch on the market. That is particularly impressive when you consider that the Hakuto-R is another Eco-Drive watch that can run on solar power.

Nissan Fairlady Z

Citizen collaborated with Nissan to produce the Fairlady Z which is one of their most expensive watches. The Nissan Fairlady Z costs $2,495 and features durable titanium like their other luxury pieces. This watch features atomic timekeeping and Eco-Drive technology.

Citizen made it easy for you to adjust your watch as there are 26 time zones readily available on the Nissan Fairlady Z. Much like the namesake sports car, this watch is sleek, comfortable, and can perform like none other. The combination of black and yellow makes the Nissan Fairlady Z stand out as instantly recognizable.

Summing It Up

Sadly, Citizen watches don’t hold their value and won’t appreciate. That is because there is little demand for Citizen watches compared to the high volume of them on the market. Citizen does produce certain watches in small batches, however, and those may be worth more in the future.

However, their small-batch watches are fairly new and haven’t increased in value on the secondhand market quite yet. Citizen isn’t a luxury watch brand as a whole, but they do produce many luxury watches. All of their watches are impressive, but their luxury pieces contain premium materials like titanium and sapphire crystal.

Citizen watches are worth the money because of how accurate and durable they are. High-end models that feature Eco-Drive technology are particularly worthwhile because they are energy-efficient and precise. While they don’t currently hold their value, some rare Citizen watches may appreciate given enough time.

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