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Danish Shoe Brands [12 Quality Brands]

Danish people take a lot of pride in their craftmanship, and it shows in the quality and style of their footwear. Danish style is typically minimalist and simplistic which makes their shoes go with a variety of outfits. 

The craftsmen pay attention to every detail while producing high quality, comfortable and fashionable footwear. Danish style is catching the eyes of international consumers making Danish products sell out quickly.

After reading many reviews, I found 12 companies that consistently receive good reviews and stand out among others.

Brand is not the most important detail while shopping for shoes. Other factors to take into consideration are the type of environment and weather you will be wearing them in, the style you are looking for, and the occasion you need them for.

Danish Shoe Brands

These 12 companies are consistently improving their game, and most are trying to minimize their environmental impact.

These 12 companies are:

  • Woden
  • Ecco
  • IvyLee
  • ARKK
  • Roccamore
  • Ganni
  • Yvonne Kone
  • Stine Goya
  • The Last Conspiracy
  • Gardenia
  • Angulus
  • Garment Project

Danish Shoe Brands


Woden, a relatively new company on the market, is environmentally friendly and seeks to use sustainable materials while providing durability and comfort to the wearer. A small amount of recycled rubber is used in the construction of every shoe. 

Their simplistic designs make them easy to match with many different outfits hidden in the back of your closet. They specialize is stylish sneakers, but they also produce a small variety of boots.

Reasons to Choose Woden

  • They are environmentally conscious.
  • They make sneakers in all sizes from children to adults.
  • Their shoes are durable.
  • They are designed to go with a variety of outfits.


Founded back in 1963 by a shoemaker with a dream to own his own shoe factory, Ecco has since grown to become Denmark’s largest shoe brand. They make both trendy and classic looking shoes. 

They place a strong focus on making reliable shoes at a reasonable price. They try to please all their customers by producing shoes in every color and shape. This will help everyone find the perfect shoe for every occasion.

 Their products are made to minimize environmental impacts by using sustainability materials.

Reasons to Choose Ecco

  • They make shoes and boots for every occasion
  • Products are made while being environmentally conscious
  • Wide variety of colors and styles
  • All the customer support of a large company 


While IvyLee might still be relatively new, their products are already well-known for the bright pink, beautiful shoeboxes and elegant designs. The company was created by a woman who designs shoes and boots for women. 

They have a strong presence on Instagram and want all of their products to be worn regularly. Their shoes and boots are designed to be so comfortable and lightweight, that you’ll never want to take them off. 

All their products come directly from their factory in Copenhagen.

Reasons to Choose IvyLee

  • Collaboration with innovators throughout Europe
  • Designed by a woman for women
  • Designed for comfort and everyday use


ARKK was started back in 2014 by two friends who wanted to create the perfect sneaker. They wanted it to be functional, comfortable, and designed the traditional Scandinavian way. After 18 months, their first product made its debut and quickly sold out. 

They continue to learn and experiment while growing their company. Their sneakers are expressly designed for comfort with a simplistic design.

Reasons to Choose ARKK

  • Designed for comfort
  • Sneakers for both men and women
  • Simplistic design
  • Always looking for new designs and ideas


How would you like to wear a pair of high heel shoes that feels comfortable and doesn’t tear up your feet? That is one of the many goals of Frederikke Antonie Schmidt, designer at Roccamore. 

Their shoes have been scientifically proven to reduce pressure on your arches and forefoot.  The shoes reduce forefoot pressure by 26% and arch pressure by 44% while walking. 

Schmidt graduated from a prestigious school and worked for many luxury brands before coming to Roccamore. Her shoes are of Danish design with a little bit of Italian attitude. She also designs heel pumps, chunky heel pumps, and sandals.

Reasons to choose Roccamore

  • Products sourced from sustainable materials
  • Scientifically proven to minimize pressure on fragile parts of your feet
  • Makes all different sizes of heels
  • Made from sustainable materials


Ganni is a brand that is well-known for not only making fashionable clothing, but for also making comfortable and trendy shoes. The company got its start back in 2000 as a cashmere clothing line, and is now a worldwide brand with over 400 retail stores. 

The brand focuses on comfort and being practical. Their footwear line consists of sneakers, loafers, boots, flat shoes, and sandals. They are slowly switching over to fabrics that are organic certified. 

They feature an ultra-sustainable boot whose sole is made from 50% recycled rubber. Ganni’s footwear is made to fit any size from teen to adult.

Reasons to Choose Ganni

  • Environmentally conscious and expanding to organic material
  • Wide variety of foot products
  • Worldwide locations
  • Comfort and practicality
  • Many best-sellers

6.Yvonne Kone

Yvonne Kone received the Elle Style Award back in 2017 and is currently one of Denmark’s most distinguished designers. Her boutique is located in Store Strandstraede, Copenhagen, but all her products are available online and shipped globally. 

Her products use Scandinavian designs, and Italian craftsmen produce her shoes in a family-owned factory. A touch of the Ivory Coast is used for inspiration.

Besides shoes, she produces handbags and garments from materials that are sustainably sourced. Her shoe line-up consists of sandals, flats and pumps.

Reasons to Choose Yvonne Kone

  • Multi-cultural designs
  • Made by a single, family-owned factory
  • Designed by an award-winning designer

7.Stine Goya

Stine Goya launched her label back in 2006. She has a retail presence in 450 shopping centers across 30 markets. If you are looking for more than typical Danish minimalism, her products might be for you. 

Her shoes are bright, bold, colorful and playful looking.  They might not be for every occasion, but you are sure to draw a lot of attention while out on the town. Her products are aimed to improve people’s moods with the uplifting colors. She also makes clothing and accessories.

Reasons to Choose Stine Goya

  • Cutting-edge, bold designs
  • Supply-chain and environmental transparency
  • Bright and fresh designs

8.The Last Conspiracy

Every shoe at The Last Conspiracy is handmade, creating a bond between the maker and the wearer. Each and every piece of footwear goes through a rigid selection process to ensure only high-quality shoes hit the market. 

Their shoes are designed with Nordic minimalism and constructed using Portuguese craftsmen. Their boots are designed to last a lifetime and to mold to your feet. 

They have a collaborations with Ecco and Hannes Roether to bring you a wider variety.

Reasons to Choose The Last Conspiracy

  • High-quality to last a lifetime
  • Handmade and consistently inspected
  • Collaborations with other top brands


Gardenia’s founder, Herman Gutkin, began making wooden clogs in his basement back in 1941. In the 1950’s he decided to make fashionable footwear for women, and in the 1960’s his company was one of the first to begin making shoes with pointy toes and high heels in Denmark. 

Today they are still family-owned and are one of the most successful shoe brands on the market. They make all sizes of boots, flats, loafers, ballerina shoes, and heels.

Reasons to Choose Gardenia

  • Family owned
  • Traditional values
  • Longevity in the shoe market
  • Wide variety of styles


Angulus was started back in 1904 when its founder did not like the pointy shoes children were forced to wear. He thought the shoes were unhealthy for the children’s feet while limiting the natural movement. 

From there, he left his job as a teacher to become a shoemaker and produce better fitting shoes. The business is still family-owned, and the shoes are being designed in Denmark and produced in a factory in Portugal. 

They produce shoes and boots for men, women, and children.  The footwear is designed to keep your feet warm during the freezing winter months and to withstand all types of weather. 

Reasons to Choose Angulus 

  • Family owned
  • Durable enough to withstand winter weather
  • Lots of children and toddler sizes

11.Garment Project

Garment project arose from a desire to create casual sneakers that can be worn for any occasion. Kent Rau Madsen, founder of Garment Project, brought all his experience from Nike to design a casual sneaker that can also be worn with a suit. 

The first product hit the shelf back in 2013, and his leather sneaker quickly became a success. The sneakers have a soft skin and are handmade in Portugal with a focus on technical details and comfort. 

They are constantly improving their product with better soles, better details, and more comfort.

Reasons to Choose Garment Project

  • Handmade in Portugal
  • Sneakers can be worn for any occasion
  • Styles for both men and women
  • Soft and comfortable leather