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Charm Bracelet Brands Like Pandora [Top 10]

Pandora bracelets are of high-quality and beautiful. However, these bracelets come at a steep price, especially if you are looking to own more than one. For one of those high-quality charm bracelets, you are looking at a $100 and above price tag. Luckily for you there are similar brands that produce similar charm bracelets at a more affordable price. If you are someone who is not worried about price, but rather wants a different brand or style there are similar brands that produce high quality charm bracelets.

Here are some top brands that have similar charm bracelets to that of Pandoras.

Top Charm Bracelet Brands Like Pandora

1.Pura Vida

This charm bracelet brand was established in 2010 by Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman. They created this brand to spread their lifestyle which is looking at the little things in life. This charm bracelet brand gives of a beachy, relaxed vibe. The charm bracelets are slightly different to that of Pandoras because they are hand crafted, colorful, and woven or spun with string. They also offer a bracelet club which is a subscription where you’ll get 3 charm bracelets a month and stickers.

These charm bracelets stay in the $10-$20 range and come in colors such as colors of the ocean, the sunset, and many other tropical beach colors. Pura Vida is a brand that donates to charity. They have helped over 200 organizations and donated over $4 million to charities. They are rated highly with 4 out of 5 stars and above.


  • Cheap
  • Story behind the brand
  • Donates to charity
  • Beachy themed charm bracelets



  • Slightly different style from Pandora
  • Not as high quality


2.Luca + Danni

This handcrafted charm bracelet brand was originated in the USA and is a family tradition to the owners. They believe each bracelet tells a story and that there is one they created that symbolizes your journey. Their bracelets are made with either crystal, designed metal, crystal pearls, and more.

This brand is similar yet different from Pandora. Luca + Danni’s charm bracelets are high quality and highly rated. Unlike Pandora there is a deeper meaning to their bracelets. The bracelets also feature more design, but they do offer bracelets with minimal designs like Pandora. This brand is also a lot cheaper than Pandora, ranging around $34 for each charm bracelet.


  • Cheaper
  • Meaningful charm bracelets
  • Handcrafted
  • Family business


  • Not as simple as Pandoras charm bracelets



Madewell’s central focus is on denim jeans. However, they do offer a small variety of affordable charm bracelets that are similar to that of Pandora. This brands charm bracelets mainly come gold plated. They have a series of charm bracelets that come with a certain stone and story behind the stone. Those are $18 to $24 each. The affordable gold charm bracelets range anywhere between $20-$36. They do offer more, but at a higher price like Pandoras.

The brand itself has a rating that varies. Some websites rate it with around 3 stars out of 5 while others rate it 4 stars out of 5. If you are looking for a brand that specifically does charm bracelets this brand may not be for you, but they do offer a good variety of simple charm bracelets like Pandora.


  • Cheaper
  • Similar charm bracelets to Pandora
  • Decently rated


  • Not focused on jewelry
  • Not many charm bracelets to choose from

4.Alex and Ani

This charm bracelet brand that started in Rhode Island uses clean metals and eco-friendly metals. This brand is like Pandora because it offers similar simple charm bracelets but at a lower price. They range around $20 to $40 but can go up to around $80.

This brand offers silver and gold colored bracelets and charms. Their rating is around above 4 out of 5 stars. They offer large sales up 40% off on a lot of their charm bracelets. They also offer personal shopping appointments to help you style yourself and find which charm bracelet works for you.


  • Cheaper options
  • Personal shopping appointments
  • Highly rater



  • Can get pricey


5.Adinas Jewels

Adinas Jewels was established in New York. The founder named the company after her grandmother and the brand is a successful family business. They preach being individual and make trendy jewelry that will make you stand out. The jewelry is either silver or gold plated. Free repairs are offered within 60 days of purchase. They are partners with BCRF (breast cancer Research Foundation) and have raised around $20k.

These charm bracelets are simple and most offered are thinner. The charm bracelets are similar price to Pandora’s prices ranging around $50 and up. However, the reviews for this brand are not similar to Pandora. Some give it 4 stars and above but there are others who give it a 1 star out of 5, claiming the product never arrived. Reviews are quite mixed.



  • Free repairs within 60 days of purchase
  • Donates to Brest Cancer Research Foundation
  • Simple design like Pandora
  • Products will not rust


  • Same price as Pandora
  • Mixed reviews


6.Emerson & Oliver

Founded by two best friends in 2012, this charm bracelet brand is said to being unique and to spread togetherness. They are committed to giving back to the community. They donate to black communities, feeding America and have been a part of various other campaigns. This brand offers a subscription in which every week or month you could be sent different bracelets and charms.

The charm bracelets are similar to Pandoras because they are simple and clean. Most of their charm bracelets are silver but they do have a select number of gold-plated bracelets. The charms on the bracelets are small and consist of mainly one charm. Unlike Pandora, these charm bracelets are a lot cheaper. Most range from $15 to $30, and some can be bought in bundles.


  • Cheaper
  • Donates to multiple charities
  • Offers subscription
  • Similar to Pandora’s style



  • Cheaper may mean lower quality

7.Sterling Forever

This charm bracelet brand based in Maryland, US is inspired by trends, celebrities and creates high end looking jewelry. They are very in touch with Instagram influencers who help to style their products to make it easier for you to match what you choose with your outfits. Their products are supposed to last forever.

Their charm bracelets they have to offer come in silver, gold, and rose gold. The products are similar to Pandora’s charm bracelets because of the simple style. These charm bracelets are a little more on the expensive side. They range from $50 to $100 and up. They do offer lifetime guarantee on products and free shipping when you spend $50 and up.


  • Three different color options
  • Free shipping on $50 and up
  • Helpful with styling the jewelry
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • More pricey
  • Limited reviews



This charm bracelet brand was created by Lynn and Michelle Coulter in 2011. Their bracelets and other jewelry can be found in department stores around the world. Their charm bracelets are similar price to Pandora’s price. Most are $50 and above. However, they do have very good reviews which range around the 5-star area. They can also be found on Amazon.

They offer some simple charm bracelets that are similar to Pandora’s charm bracelets. They also offer charm bracelets with a more complex design. Their products come with a description of the size of the bracelet and size of the charm. All of their charm bracelets will not rust and come in multiple colors such as gold, rhodium, and rose gold. They also carry hair products and candles.


  • Multiple colors
  • No rusting
  • Long lasting
  • Highly rated
  • Have more than just charm bracelets


  • Pricey
  • Limited simple charm bracelets


9.Brook & York

Established in New York, this American styled charm bracelet brand is sophisticated and represents the east coast. Their jewelry is for everyone and for any occasion. This brand also gives a link to their instashop which is their Instagram. This allows for you to see how to style the bracelets along with being able to see comments. Comments on their Instagram will act as reviews as well.

They offer a variety of bracelets but only a small number of charm bracelets. They range between around $85 and can be more on the pricey side like Pandora. They do offer free shipping on every order and give a description of every part of the bracelet and charm.


  • Helpful with styling the jewelry
  • High quality


  • Small amount of charm bracelets
  • Expensive


10.Estella Bartlett

Established in 2011 by Nick and Louise, Estella Bartlett is jewelry brand based in London that makes charm bracelets just like Pandora. They believe their jewelry to be sophisticated and is meaningful. They create all types of jewelry and charm bracelets with the options of beads, silver, and gold. They also offer other jewelry in collections such as their rainbow edit collection that has all similar themed jewelry, including particular charm bracelets.

This brands charm bracelets have a large variety of different style of charm bracelets. The prices range around $20 to $30. They also offer more expensive charm bracelets, but most are in a lower price range than Pandora’s charm bracelets. They offer 30 day returns and free shipping.


  • Different styles of charm bracelets
  • Cheap
  • 30 day return
  • Support sustainability


  • Most charm bracelets are thinner than Pandora’s


How to Choose the Best Charm Bracelet Brands Like Pandora

 Picking which charm bracelet brand that is like Pandora may be difficult because Pandora is one of a kind. Even so, there are a large number of other brands that offer similar charm bracelets. When choosing a charm bracelet brand, it is important to look into the quality of the product, as well as which style you want and for what price. Reviews will also help you understand other customers experiences with the brands.


Pandora is an exclusive, high-priced brand. Everything they produce is high quality. When looking for bands that are similar it is important that you look for the right quality. Such as whether you would like gold plated, silver plated, or a woven type of bracelet. Each type comes with a different quality. You should also consider thickness of a bracelet.

Those that are thinner may be more delicate and could break easier. Reviews will also help you with seeing other people’s experiences with the quality of the products.


Price is one of the most important aspects to consider when deciding which charm bracelet brand, you would like to choose. There are many similar to Pandora that can be cheaper or just as expensive.

If you are looking for a cheaper brand this may mean that quality could be lower, but the charm bracelet could last just as long. Price is something that is personal to yourself and will help which brand is right for you.

Style of Charm Bracelet

Another aspect to consider is what style of bracelet are you looking for. Pandora’s charm bracelets are simpler and cleaner. These brands specified above do offer simple charm bracelets and more extravagant ones. There are bulky, thin, gold, silver, string and may more styles of charm bracelets to choose from. It is important to look at which one you like best. Along with one of the most important parts which is which charm do you want on the bracelet.


Going though reviews will able you to get to know other people’s experiences with the brands. Whether there was fast shipping, good or bad customer service, quality products, and much more. Reading reviews can help you from getting stuck with a bad purchase.

Reviews can also help you know if a brand is worth it or not. If you decide to purchase a certain brand, you can also leave a review to help others in their search for a perfect charm bracelet.


When finding which charm bracelet brand that is like Pandora you should consider certain aspects that will help you on your search for a charm bracelet that is perfect for you. Once you know what style, quality, and price you are looking for you can go through reviews will help you understand the brands better. Doing all of this will help you on your search for the perfect charm bracelet.