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13 Brands Similar To Ted Baker

Ted Baker is always associated with being classy with clean, crisp prints and lines. In the United Kingdom, both women and men, old and young, love this brand –they are very famous. Ted Baker shirts are one of its best sellers. Whether it is the characteristic small piping on the placket and cuff or the buttons with the brand names, they all translate the brand’s sophistication.

Brands similar to Ted Baker are FashionTIY, Paul Smith, Mackage, Theory, Joules, Mango, etc. the clothes designed by FashionTIY are of excellent quality. They are very strict with complete attention to detail. They, therefore, have a vast number of fans in the United Kingdom, and the entire family – women, men, and children – rock this brand. Prices of clothing are very affordable with varied clothing styles.

This brand is determined to make the best unique fashionable clothing suitable to all ages, gender, and style. That is, you may not like extremely flashy clothes but enjoy some splash of colors on fabrics; you can quickly see clothing items that suit your preference. Keep reading this article to find out more brands similar to Ted Baker.

13 Brands Similar to Ted Baker

Below are thirteen brands similar to Ted Baker:

1.Paul Smith

This brand is a model of British taste. They are a recognizable product based on orthodox British clothing for men with bold colors and prints. While their products might be a tad sassy, it is not showy. It is also pretty trendy as an insider.

Perhaps the dress code in your workplace is not too strict; you might want to try Paul Smith’s style of painting.


Start this fashion line is a multi-category fashion online store situated in the US. It chiefly provides women’s and men’s accessories, children’s toys and clothing, beauty products, and home decoration.

FashionTIY pays good attention to details and quality. Their clothing is diverse and fashionable. Compared to Ted Baker, its clothing is more fashionable and affordable. They can provide all types of classic fashion clothing for men, and the styles are often updated and can be updated every day.

The trendiest styles of clothing for men are provided as soon as possible. The quality of the clothing is also guaranteed. It can provide fast transportation and thirty days of free after-sales service.


Many persons have an excellent impression of this brand’s elegant and simple women’s clothing without losing the sense of design. As a matter of fact, their men’s clothing is also very stylish and very comfortable to wear.

One of the focuses of Siori’s attention is clothing material. Rocking these clothing exudes a casual and business atmosphere while staying tuned to a professional style that also appears more capable.


Mackage is similar to Ted Baker in style. This brand is a luxury clothing brand for women, men, and children. They focus on outerwear with a modern, sexy edge, featuring designs with classy detailing and designed to fit all silhouettes.

Eran Elfassy founded this brand in 1999. It was inspired by the experience of his brother in the leather industry. Elisa Dahan later joined Eran, and together, they designed one of the most prestigious fashionable outerwear brands in the world.

A philosophy that has primarily modified the outerwear game is its mission. Their mission was chiefly to elevate outwears with an outstanding balance between function and fashion. Their collections combine the finest wool, down, and leathers tailored precision and silhouettes. They are proof of the brand’s cornerstones of unwavering commitment, design, and innovation to unique quality.


Mango is another incredible brand similar to Ted Baker. They inspire the world by sharing their love and passion for Mediterranean culture and style—the joy of their people, the warmth of its light, and the water that bathes their coasts.

At Mango, they strive to share the very best of the Mediterranean importance they have cultivated for over thirty-five years. An appreciation for detail and the taste for a quiet life, which they decode from their collections into ageless designs that are committed to the environment. Mango believes in a contemporary and natural style that also unites everyone via the enjoyment of culture in all of its forms.


Tom Joule established Joules in the British countryside in 1989. This brand is a perfect premium lifestyle brand with true heritage. Joules’s clothing is similar to Ted Baker’s in terms of style and quality.

However, being a multi-channel company, this brand develops and sells clothing, accessories, footwear, lifestyle product collections, and homeware gifting for all the family. They started selling their clothing at rural events and shows, so Tom – the founder – had a deep-rooted knowledge of the lifestyles of his customers and found it pretty simple to capture their attitudes, interests, and opinions. Something they pride themselves of still being able to do to this day.

This brand has remained authentic to its British heritage while staying tuned with what its customers really want. At the center of everything this brand creates is unmatched attention to detail and a drive to provide – this makes them extraordinary.


Zara is similar to Ted Baker. They are one of the biggest international fashion businesses. Belonging to Inditex, which is one of the world’s most prominent distribution groups. At Zara, they have unique clothing similar to those of Ted Baker.

Their customers are at the heart of their outstanding company model, which includes design, creation and distribution, and marketing via their extensive retail network.


DB3 is a fashion boutique for female folks. They are situated in England, at the Mall of Bolton. They offer a varied brand of accessories, footwear, and apparel. They pride themselves on being a family-run company for over forty years now.

They stock different brands of women designer clothing, accessories, and footwear. You might want to check out their online store and look out for clothing and accessories that might interest you. This brand is huge in both quality and style.


Ganni brand is another brand similar to Ted Baker. It was founded by Frans Truelsen in 2000 as a line of Cashmere. Later in 2009, the Reffstrup took over the business with Nicolaj Reffstrup as CEO and Ditte Reffstrup serving as the creative director.

Ditte Reffstrup began her career as a clothes purchaser die Parisian and Danish brands. Nicolaj, who graduated from Copenhagen Business School and got a Masters’s at the IT University of Copenhagen, was once a technology entrepreneur.

Later in 2019, Ganni launched a Denmark-wide initiative named Ganni Repeat. Here, apparel could be rented in Copenhagen for up to three weeks at a time. During Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2020, Ganni publicized an expansion of their brand to the United States and Europe in partnership with Levi. This rental-only combined collection involves upcycled denim wears.

Go ahead and browse through their website and shop for their products, especially those similar to Ted Baker.


This classy brand is a British retail chain and fashion brand. They take design as the frontline concept of womenswear, menswear, and accessories. They combine unique value, quality, and design with a solid commitment to providing original and innovative products.

Today Reiss is a well reputable a prominent company in the global fashion world for both women and men. Its philosophy of holding fast to creativity at its heart will guide Reis through its international company development.

11.Ben Sherman

Like Ted Baker, Ben Sherman will help you reject the mundane and normal and help you embrace the different and new. Ben Sherman is everything related to classiness, sexiness, and high quality.

Go ahead and explore the history of this company by looking at the man behind this brand, their images, blog, and videos on their website. You will undoubtedly understand why this brand appears on our list of brands similar to Ted Baker.


This brand is a uniform without uniformity, a catalyst for personality that their customers can create for themselves from their international franchises, concessions, and store across twenty-seven countries and their online platforms.

This brand has a true commitment to responsible practice throughout the manufacturing and design of all its collections. This is evident from sourcing raw materials to limiting the usage of water to being a part of the Better Cotton Initiative and Responsibility Wool Standard.

Be sure to check out their website. You may be interested in our post about brands like AllSaints.

13.Moss Bros

Moss Bros has been dressing men up in suits for generations. Their eye and expertise for sartorialism have been modified through many different years.

This brand is an editor for men, providing a multipurpose range of clothing for men. By drawing upon their one hundred and seventy-one years of tailoring and designing experience, they give intensive knowledge and suiting proficiency – utilizing up-to-date trends and sticking to their heritage.

As a brand, they guide and inspire, helping men feel amazing regardless of the occasion.


Ted Baker brand is internationally known for its commercial fashion style and very stylish womenswear, menswear, accessories, and everything in between. While they provide one of the most stylish and high-quality clothing, other brands like FashionTIY are also doing excellent work in the fashion industry. Go ahead and check out the similar brands provided in this article.