11 Brands Like Vera Bradley

Are you looking for brands similar to Vera Bradley? After researching numerous top alternatives to Vera Bradley, we have summarized the ideal options for you to select from. You can find Vera Bradley’s competitors to compare the alternatives’ features, prices, and products from the choices below. It is essential to check the other options whenever buying a product to ensure you get the best quality and value for money.

Vera Bradley is a store offering mid-priced female accessories. It is a US-based handbag and luggage production company that makes lightweight, water-resistant, durable, convenient bags and accessories. The products are recognized for their high quality.

Following are some similar brands like Vera Bradley Furla, Doucherbags, The Realreal, Kipling USA, Ebags, Smythson, Forzieri, and Lastcall

Brands Like Vera Bradley


It is an Italian company with an international organization. This mixture of people and cultures guarantees the success of Furla all around the world. This is done while ensuring the company’s dedication to tradition and innovation.

It was established in 1927 in Bologna by Aldo Furlanetto. It aimed and has been selected as a platform from the future while having a foot set in ancient classic craftsmanship, a sense of innovation design and beauty, and artisanal expertise.

The expert artisans bring one after another in the Furla Collections to life utilizing time-honored techniques, which have lifted the brand’s quality principles to their present known levels of excellence in every part of the world. At Furla, art is integrated with fashion and has always been deeply committed to creating and fostering creative minds, making this brand offer top bags at the best prices.


Doucherbags was previously known as DB journey is a company founded in 2012 and is a brand offering bags, travel luggage, and backpacks. It was founded by Swedish Freeski legend Jon Olsson and Norweigian product designer Truls Brataas.

Doubebags have now become a globally renowned brand have won multiple prestigious awards for superior quality, functionality, and bag designs. They offer online retail services in the US. The site provides the customers with branded carry bags, travel kits, backpacks, and other travel-associated accessories and products of all needs and sizes.

3.The RealReal

The RealReal, Inc. is a brick-and-mortar and online marketplace for legitimate luxury consignment. Dependent on the circular economy, The RealReal offers its customers consigned clothing, watches, fine jewelry, fine art, and home décor. The platform has employed an in-house staff of specialists comprising gemologists, luxury fashion authenticators, art curators, horologists who check all the items for value and authenticity.

After rigorous authentication procedures undertaken by experts, the RealReal brand ensures a reliable and safe platform for customers to buy luxury items. With this platform being a high-end consignment store, you can resell your high-end designer goods at the most reasonable prices.

4.Kipling USA

It was founded in 1987 with its name stimulated by Rudyard Kipling, the author of ‘The Jungle Book”. Kipling has established its reputation much beyond its primary root by offering high-quality backpacks ideal for the adventure of daily life into a unique international brand providing a range of carryalls for different needs and customers.

The bags here are stylish, colorful and practical, and long-lasting even with active use. It is headquartered in New York City, while the products are designed and developed in North America.


The eBags platform is an online retail platform offering handbags, luggage, laptop bags, backpack, and other travel accessories, created in Greenwood Village, Colorado, close to Denver. The person became popular among the traditional retailer as a survivor of the dot-com crash coupled with the September 11 terrorist attacks, which significantly lowered the travel product sale in 2001.

Samsonite acquired it in 2017 for $105 million, offering bags and accessories for more than 650 brands. It also operated the eBags Corporate Sales site and established its own-label products with the brand name of The eBags, offering top-quality products at the most reasonable prices.


Smythson is a luxury leather product and stationery brand that was initially established in 1887 on London’s New Bond Street. All of the Smythson product is extremely practical, elegant and showcase the flavor of timeless art. It is incorporated in all products, from the iconic leather-bound diaries or notebooks to its bag and travel accessories collection. All of the products are long-lasting and durable.

To continue the brand name and the legacy, they are determined to meet the set standards and go even further. To do so, they ensure to incorporate the best practices and skilled people to operate in the best manner while having minimal impact on the environment. Due to their impeccable work, they are awarded the Butterfly Mark in recognition of what they have achieved so far.


At FORZIERI, the primary focus is to provide luxury accessories through our concept shops targeting internationally. It is a family-based boutique founded in 1992 in Italy. Through the years, the company became a top-notch online shopping standard with its presence in about 150 countries.

FORZIERI provides the customers with a great variety of designer leather bags varying in multiple shapes, appearances, and shades, targeting modern, stylish women. Many renowned brands’ bags are made in Italy, including Gucci, Prada, and Fendi. Similarly, at FORZIERI, we carefully design and manufacture the most trendy and stylish bags with details and present different colored bags depending on your taste and preferences.

8.Tuscany Leather

Due to Tuscan craftsmanship’s delicate work and quality, the diverse and trendy Italy designed and manufactured work is enhanced and detailed by Tuscany Leather.

The manufacturing was initiated with the passion of presenting an idea of the company’s existence in the international market by providing excellent quality outcomes in collaboration with a famous Italian design and raw materials that are much anticipated globally.

For many years, the business received appreciation and awards, such as an “OK ITALIA 2011” award arranged by Unicredit. This was a significant award for small-scaled Italian companies as it highlighted their contribution to Tuscan products internationally.

The ethical values have always differentiated Tuscany Leather as it focuses solely on improvising and improving its top-notch products, and the customers can always witness high standards.


Reebonz falls under ‘convenient luxury’ because the customers can always access it through a mobile application or website and shop the luxury items easily.

Customers have the freedom to purchase or sell pre-loved luxury designer fashion by Reebonz mobile application. At the end of 2013, a healthy ecosystem was introduced to the members, which indicated purchases and offered to sell or consign their pre-owned Reebonz products to the customers. In early 2015, another concept named ‘Closets’ was also introduced, which allowed us to include additional services for similar shoppers globally. Another concept introduced is Reebonz Marketplace, which lets independent boutiques, vintage dealers, and pre-owned luxury merchants be on one platform simultaneously.

We take utmost credit for providing the members with value-based services, such as insurance, skilled artisans, and house calls, to introduce them to the high standard services. It is all so the members can conveniently shop from their houses without worry. We call that a luxury.

We, at Reebonz, now have more than three hundred and fifty staff members located in many places, like South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

10.Tumi Inc.

We, at Tumi Holdings, are located in Edison, New Jersey, and deal with the manufacturing of high-quality travel bags and suitcases. Charlie Clifford first founded our business in 1975. Tumi Holdings is named after a Peruvian Tumi knife utilized in ceremonies for sacrifice. Before its initial public offerings in 2012, Tumi, Inc. was a part of Doughty Hanson & Co.

At Tumi, we are the best renowned for our black-on-black ballistic nylon. Our products are offered at convenience shops as well as specialty shops. We have more than one hundred and twenty Tumi stored globally. Apart from the main product, at Tumi, other accessories are also offered, like pens, belts, and electronic equipment.

11.Last call

Last Call provides a few of the best trendy fashion attires from across the country, including Neiman Marcus locations. The company offers some of the hot-selling deals. It is a creative agency working full-time aimed to develop innovative solutions for clients, both traditional and digital, through print, innovation strategy, digital design, and branding.

The company has a profound purpose of working, which is to offer excellent outcomes that support and assess the companies to improve the surrounding environments. Last Call is located in many places, including Northampton and New York City.