7 Brands Like Spiritual Gangster

Spiritual Gangster is a high-end clothing line that majors in the distribution of various dresses and activewear such as Yoga apparel and gears. The brand’s designs are made to ensure that you are comfortable as much as you can while you go about with your different sporting activities.

The brand was inspired by yogis, athletes, musicians, and even artists from different parts of the world. Spiritual Gangster rolls out nothing but collections that embrace the practice of giving, kindness, and gratitude at its peak.

The awesomeness of the brand knows no bounds. The clothing brand makes it their life mission to inspire generosity, positivity, kindness, and connectedness. For every sale made on every item, the brand donates proceeds that provide meals for those in need with her partnership with Feeding America. Spiritual Gangster has been able to provide over 14 million meals since the commencement of its fight against hunger.

The brand has a wide collection of clothing for men and women that include Activewear, Outerwear, Tops, Shorts, Sweatpants, and Joggers. It’s no secret that the brand is awesome. But there are other brands like Spirit Gangster you can explore. These brands are top-quality and are somewhat affordable. Without further ado, here’s a quick breakdown of brands like Spiritual Gangster:

  • Prana
  • Beyond Yoga
  • Alo Yoga
  • Live Fit Apparel
  • Lululemon
  • Hibbett
  • Shop Gaiam

Brands Like Spiritual Gangster


The brand has come a long way right from the days of assembly each piece with the use of hands to extracting hand tags from repurposed papers. Prana’s vision, culture, and mission are crystal – to make clothes that have a higher purpose.

Every clothing designed by the brand does tell a story. Right from the start, Prana has been intentional with sustainability. Right from the brand’s choice of organic cotton, hemp, factories, to chemicals has always been influenced by people and the planet. Indeed, it is our collective responsibility to be environmentally conscious and safeguard our world from the aftermath of climate change and the emission of greenhouse gasses. When you decide on Prana’s clothing, you will be doing your part towards the sustainability of our planet.

The premium clothing brand’s official site allows easy navigation. The site has a filtering feature that allows you to sort by pricing, popularity, top-rated, and features.  Some of their bestselling clothing for men and women include Cozy Up Sweatshirt, Rogue Sleeveless, Cozy Up T-Shirts, Vaha Straight Pant, Hillgard Jean, Vaha Short, Super Mojo Short II, Prana Polo, Prana Baseball Raglan, and many more. Other clothing and accessories you can get from the Prana include:

  • Yoga & Bra Tops
  • Leggings & Yoga Pants
  • Shirts & Tops
  • Sweaters & Hoodies
  • Denim
  • Shorts
  • Vests
  • Jackets
  • Hats & Headbands
  • Fleece
  • Sustainable Down Outerwear and more.


2.Beyond Yoga

The next brand like Spiritual Gangster on our list aimed at giving everybody of different sizes and shapes a luxurious level of comfort they deserve whenever they rock activewear. Beyond Yoga was pioneered by Jodi Guber Brufsky and Michelle Wahler in 2006.

Beyond Yoga’s activewear is designed for the betterment of your body and the planet. It is safe to say that the brand is eco-conscious. Beyond Yoga always make concise efforts to reduce its environmental impacts by coming up with creative designs that are long-lasting, durable, and create less waste.

They evolve with trendy technologies that ensure a better way to be eco-friendly. And all these are done by reducing carbon footprint, deciding on better recyclable packaging methods, and making the most out of fabrics. The brand understands that protecting the planet is a collective effort. Therefore, when you decide on their clothing, you are doing your part in a way.

With Beyond Yoga, everything begins with the choice of better fabrics. After diligent research and testing, the clothing has been able to design distinctive and top-quality fabrics to create styles that work for you. And the result of their endless creativity is designed to be durable and stand the test of time.

Some of their best-selling products are Leggings, Crop Tanks, Joggers, Biker Shorts, and Skirts. Other clothing and accessories you can get from their store include:

  • Bottoms
  • Leggings
  • Pocket Bottoms
  • Long Leggings
  • Midis
  • Joggers & Sweatpants
  • Dresses & One-Pieces
  • Capris, Biker Shorts & Skirts
  • Shop All
  • Tops
  • Bras
  • Crop Tanks
  • Tanks & Tees
  • Long Sleeves
  • Sweatshirts & Jackets
  • Shop All
  • Maternity
  • Leggings & Biker Shorts
  • Tanks & Tops
  • Beyond Birth Collection

3.Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga started in Los Angeles in 2007 and has been focused on creating top-rated yoga clothing that inspires yogis. It inspires more yoga in the lives of yogis. The pioneers of the brand have the vision of spreading good by bringing Yoga into the world to those that are acquainted with the transformative effect of Yogi.

Anyone can easily navigate through Alo Yoga’s official site. Some of their bestselling collections are Alosoft Protection Turtleneck, Airbrush High-Waist Legging, Foxy Sherpa Jacket, District Trucker Hat, Gold Rush Puffer, and more.  Other Alo Yoga clothing collections and accessories for men and women are:

  • Short Sleeves
  • Long Sleeves
  • Tank Tops
  • Shorts
  • Pants
  • Sweatpants
  • Sweatshirts & Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Yoga Mats & Gear
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Shoes & Socks
  • Bags
  • Underwear
  • Jewelry
  • Books
  • Gift Card
  • Bras
  • Tank Tops
  • Short Sleeves
  • Long Sleeves
  • Crop Tops
  • Full-Length Tops
  • Leggings
  • 7/8 Leggings
  • Capris
  • Skirts & Dresses
  • Shorts
  • Biker Shorts

4.Live Fit Apparel

Live Fit Apparel was founded by Randall Pich. He started as a personal trainer and later added lifestyle brands to his forte. The lifestyle brand is not like any other. It provides a rare style to those with an active lifestyle. Not just that, the brand provides edgy and hip sides in their fitness clothing collection. Here, fashion and fitness are infused together to serve you better.

It’s no secret that there has been more and more awareness on being active. And there are different ways around staying active and keeping fit. You can explore surfing, skateboarding, or even hit the gym. With that said, the Live Fit Apparel lifestyle brand has grown to become a movement that seeks influence from those that are dedicated to being active and keeping fit.

The brand has a wide collection of activewear and accessories for men and women. These collections cut across:

  • T-Shirts
  • Tank Tops
  • Long Sleeves
  • Raglans
  • Jerseys
  • Briefs
  • Shorts
  • Pants
  • Joggers
  • Wrist Wraps
  • Wrist Straps
  • Snapbacks
  • Caps
  • Leggings
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Bags
  • Bottles
  • Hoodies


Lululemon started when Chip Wilson pioneered the athletic apparel brand in Vancouver back in 1998. The Yoga-inspired brand has created a community hub where people can meet up and have conversations on the physical aspect of living healthy. Lululemeon’s first rollout was for women doing Yoga.

The brand’s site is easy to navigate. Some of their bestsellers are Shop Legging, Shop Shirts, ABC Jogger, Evolution Short Sleeve Polo Shirts, Shop Hoodies & Sweatshirts, and many more. You can easily pick your size while shopping for your activewear. Moreso, the brand other clothing and accessories collection for men and women include:

  • Backpacks
  • Bags
  • Beanies
  • Belt Bags
  • Crossbody Bags
  • Gloves & Mittens
  • Hair Accessories
  • Hats
  • Scarves & Wraps
  • Water Bottles
  • Yoga Accessories
  • Yoga Mats
  • Leggings
  • Coats & Jackets
  • Dresses
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts
  • Joggers
  • Pants
  • Shirts
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Socks
  • Sports Bras
  • Sweaters


The brand was founded by Rufus Hibbett in 1945 under the name of Dixie Supply Co. Back then, all they did was sell school and team apparel. But in 1952 the name was changed to Hibbett & Sons when two of Rufus’ sons joined the company. Much later in 1969, the company’s name was changed to Hibbett Sporting  Goods Inc. After close to a century of existence, the brand now has thousands of outlets in different locations.

One of the things that caught my eye is the sleek categorization of the collection on their official website. You can easily pinpoint shoes less than $100, new arrivals, and more. Apart from that, you can easily find your way around the site.

When you visit the brand’s site you will find a wild collection for men, women, and children. Some of these collections cut across:

  • Running Shoes
  • Casual Shoes
  • Boots & Trail Shoes
  • Basketball Shoes
  • Sandals & Slip-Ons
  • Training Shoes
  • Skate Shoes
  • Tops & T-Shirts
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts
  • Jackets & Coats
  • Pants & Joggers
  • Leggings & Yoga Pants
  • Dresses & Skirts
  • Sports Bras
  • Shorts
  • Tank Tops
  • Compression
  • Swim
  • Polo
  • Underwears and many more

7.Shop Gaiam

Shop Gaiam is the last brand like Spiritual Gangster on our list. The brand is focused on doing more by helping people live more and be more active. Shop Gaiam in accord with the fact that the thought of holistic perfection holds a lot back. That is why the brand has been making a concise effort to roll out fitness and wellness products for you, just the way you are. Today, the lifestyle brand has over 17,000 different outlets.

Shop Gaiam has a wide collection cut across Yoga Kits, Yoga Mats, Towels, Blankets & Bolsters, Hypo-microbial Gear, Malas, Socks, Hats, and many more. Apart from that, the brand also offers other fitness, recovery, and mediation services.


Now that you are familiar with brands like Spiritual Gangster, I am pretty sure you are ready to explore one or two of these brands.