6 Brands Similar to Needle and Thread

Both summer and prom seasons are almost in full swing, and many of you might be busy searching for dreamy summer dresses to buy. Needle and Thread offer high-quality occasion wear with sensitive colors and artisan decoration. Their tulle dresses and lace chiffon are perfectly complemented by intricate embellishments, sequins, and embroidery.

However, other brands like Lipsy are also very busy creating contemporary dresses for women for all occasions. Thus brand numbers among this more economically accessible savvy fast-fashion and tier of slick brands. It has managed to keep its everywomen persona while attracting the attention of high celebrities like Kate Middleton, Ariana Grande, and the Kardashians.

Lipsy has never failed in doing an amazing job in the fashion industry. So if you like the style of Needle and Thread, you will undoubtedly fall for Lipsy. Continue reading this article to explore some of the similar brands to Needle and Thread.

Top Six Brands Similar to Needle and Thread

Below are the top six brands similar to Needle and Thread:


Elliatt is an Australian brand that was launched in 2011 but has already been taken up by ASOS and Revolve. Their style is fixated on intrinsic embroidery and lace. One thing this brand is synonymous with is ‘femininity.’

After working for various Australian brands, Katie Pratt noticed a gap that needed to be filled in the Australian market for outstanding, gorgeous designer female wear that encapsulated up-to-date femininity. After that, she launched Elliatt from her home in Australia.

This brand focuses on fine detailing such as specialty fabrications and laces – that are all intrinsic to high quality and the signature of the brand. Creative embellishment paired with strong feminine shapes has since become priorities to the recognizable handwriting of this brand.

Elliatt was initially focused on occasion wear for Melbourne and Sydney social scenes. However, it has long expanded globally and is now stoked across six continents in over one thousand two hundred boutiques around the world.

The first flagship store of this brand was launched in a fancy mall located in China. It had since then appeared in prominent fashion weeks, including Virgin Melbourne Fashion Festival, New York Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week, and Sydney Mercedez Benz Fashion Week.

Perhaps you are based in Australia; you should absolutely check out their designs, as you can get them at lower prices than in the US.

2.Adrianne Papell

This brand is similar to Needle and Thread in both quality and style. Adrianna is mostly known for its pocket-friendly bridal wear and wedding dresses. However, they have also succeeded in making a name for themselves in occasion clothing.

This brand was founded in New York City in 1980. It started as a vision to help women feel their most elegant – producing silk blouses and dresses in artful prints. The brand fast developed from showcasing daytime and occasion dresses to cocktail and stunning evening wear. As the demand for refined fashion that celebrates life’s most meaningful experiences continued, this incredible brand responded, becoming a style terminus for every occasion and every woman.

This brand is not much cheaper than Needle and Thread, with the prices of dresses often stretching across two hundred to three hundred and fifty dollars, but their designs are full of detail, unique, and beautiful.

If you are not scared of the prices of the dresses, ensure you check out some of their designs – on the brighter side, they may have the most excellent dress for you.


Boohoo brand is a brand that owns similar dresses to Needle and Thread. Their dresses are not only elegant but affordable. You can get dresses for £35 – which is an excellent price if you are just looking for a dress to wear during the day.

Boohoo launched in 2006 and has since become the world’s fashion bestie. This brand never sleeps, and neither does their style – they are 24/7 – dropping more than five hundred new products weekly. This means that you are sure of always having the latest look for less amount of money. With Boohoo, fashion is both fun and accessible so that every woman can afford the wardrobe of her dreams.

One thing that this brand claims to love more than your stunning style is your personality and individuality. They will help you show off your individuality, allowing you to do your thing while looking fabulous at the same time.

Their philosophy is quite simple: we do not take fashion or life too seriously. Just like the bestie, you can always count on them. They have got all the inspo and outfits you could ever need, from a pick-me-up when you have had a bad day to a date-night dress; they will not let you down. Be sure to browse through their website.

While some of Boohoo’s dresses may pass as wedding guest dresses, we might not recommend that you wear them out for fancy occasions. For fancy occasions, a Lipsy or Chi Chi London would be a much better option for that.


Lipsy is an excellent brand to look out for in search of brands similar to Needle and Thread. Lipsy London, also known as Lipsy Limited, is a British fashion retailer.  Lipsy deals on children’s and women’s clothing, beauty products, accessories, and homeware through in-store sales and external websites.

It was founded in 1988 and is situated in the United Kingdom. By 2021, the brand went on online sales in forty Next stores and franchise and whole operations. Lipsy’s website was launched in 2006, and in 2008, it was bought by the fashion chain Next for £17.3 million. Later in 20118, this Lipsy stopped marketing via its own website and focused on marking via external websites, in-store sales, ASOS, and Next. As of this time, the brand had more than fifty stores in the United Kingdom and thirty-one worldwide.

In 2019, the brand received Fabled by Marie Claire – a beauty brand. In 2021, it launched a womenswear brand called Love and Roses.

Many celebrities have had encounters with the face of this brand, including Amy Jackson, Kate Upton, Kelly Rohrbach, Ariana Grande, Alex Gerrard, Pixie Lott, Michelle Keegan, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian,

They might not be precisely like Needle and Thread. However, if you do a little digging, you will undoubtedly find lace dresses and amazing tulle for a far cheaper price than most designer prices.

To get started, browse through their occasion.

5.Chi Chi London

Start Chi Chi London has to be one of the best places to shop for occasion wear. Their quality is nothing short of excellent. The general look of their dresses is different – sometimes the dresses are flowier, and sometimes the dresses are more structured. However, regardless of the design, they are always exquisite and feminine.

Chi Chi London is recognized as the forty-ninth fastest-growing private business in the United Kingdom Sunday Times. This brand is on a mission to become your one-stop fashion brand. It focuses on aspirational, feminine styles at affordable prices, leaving you always looking elegant.

They are very similar to Needle and Thread in that regardless of the event you intend to attend, they have got you covered with their stunning range of dresses, and their styles are designed with their customers in mind.

Chi Chi London’s collections are really eye-catching, building a sense of personal style with the promise that when you wear any of their dresses, you will always look fabulous. They pride themselves on expressive, vibrant, and exclusive styles. They are outstanding in both services and products, with the advantage of having a family-owned factory to assist in creating their stunning collections.

6.French Connection

French Connection was founded in 1972 with the major aim of creating fashionable, design-led clothing. Today, they produce contemporary accessories, clothing, and homeware – all you need is situated in one place.

Responsible denim, signature dresses, and relaxed staples are what they do best. This company is an eco-friendly and accessible, high-quality product that stands the test of time, providing you with the confidence to feel and look your best every day.

In more recent years, French Connection has grown its portfolio into new exciting areas, including women’s and men’s watches, toiletries, footwear, optical and sunglasses, and an expanding range of home accessories and furniture.

French Connection has some dresses in Needle and Thread’s, and while some of the dresses are affordable, others can cause you to almost break the bank. If you desire to look at very affordable dresses from French Connection UK, visit the ASOS website and allow yourself to fall deeply in love with the elegant dresses you’ll find. Expect compliments when you have their dress on.


Needle and Thread is a British clothing brand that is known for its feminine dresses that celebrates fine detailing and hand-embellished clothing. They come in very handy for essential events, contemporary styles, and other celebrations. This fashion brand is the address for delicate materials, dresses in a flowing style, and embellished dresses. However, while they might be among the best in contemporary dresses, other brands like French Connection and Chi Chi London are similar brands doing similar things in the fashion world. Be sure to check out their websites.