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10 Brands Like Nautica [For Men & Women]

Based out the Big Apple, Nautica is a popular clothing brand that sells men, women, and kids clothing, accessories, and bed and bath products. Nautica doesn’t have many of its own retail stores, so it might be challenging to find the brand’s products in some locations. Or, you may already have a closet full of Nautica and want to explore other brands. Fortunately, several brands are similar to Nautica.

We reviewed over 30 brands and found that the closest brands to Nautica are Eddie Bauer, L.L. Bean, and Gap. These brands sell clothing with similar designs and prices comparable to Nautica’s. These brands sell sweaters, t-shirts, coats and jackets, jeans, and various accessories. We also handpicked seven other brands (ten in total) like Nautica.

Want to learn more about the ten brands like Nautica? Check out our list, and don’t miss the most frequently asked questions at the bottom of the page.

Brands Like Nautica

1.Eddie Bauer

Based out of Bellevue, Washington, Eddie Bauer is a clothing chain that sells apparel for women, men, and kids. The brand focuses on outwear, including fleece jackets, parkas, and insulated coats and vests.

Eddie Bauer commits to sustainability, enabling their target market of outdoor enthusiasts to flourish. The company is also one of the few clothing stores that allow you to rent their gear for your outdoor adventures. You can find Eddie Bauer stores at hundreds of mails throughout North America or purchase apparel online.


Leon Leonwood Bean founded the retail brand L.L.Bean in 1912, and the company’s headquarters is in Maine. L.L. Bean is famous for its flannel shirts, Bean Boots, and wide selection of bags and totes.

Many L.L. Bean enthusiasts love the brand’s generous one-year return policy. L.L.Bean has over 50 retail stores scattered across ten states, including Kansas, Michigan, and Minnesota. Many large department stores also carry L.LBean apparel and accessories, such as Nordstrom’s and Bloomingdale’s.


The next brand similar to Nautica is Gap – a clothing and accessories company founded in 1969. Gap sells a wide variety of apparel for men, women, kids, and babies. The brand maintains a mission to promote inclusivity and protect the planet and local communities.

Gap advertises its clothing as “comfortable,” and that’s made evident by the brand’s notorious hoodie with “GAP” printed across the front. Gap Inc. has thousands of stores worldwide and operates in more than 40 countries through its Gap brand and multiple subsidiaries. You can also buy merchandise through Gap’s website, which runs frequent promotions.

4.Tommy Hilfiger

Founded in 1985, Tommy Hilfiger is an all-American clothing brand dominating presence in over 90 countries. Tommy Hilfiger sells a huge variety of tops, bottoms, coats and jackets, underwear, and accessories. The brand tends to design clothing in its flagship colors – red, white, and blue.

This NYC-based clothing store maintains various retail outlets, but you can also find Tommy Hilfiger in different retail stores, including Dillard’s and Macy’s. The brand recently started its “Make It Possible” mission to create sustainable clothing without producing waste. Whether you’re on the hunt for shoes or pajamas, there’s a good chance Tommy Hilfiger has something in stock for you.


Orvis is a clothing company that Charles F. Orvis founded in 1856. The brand primarily designs clothing for those who spend lots of time outdoors. You’ll find extensive collections of flannel shirts, vests, pants, and sweaters for both men and women. Not only that, but Orvis also has a line of apparel specifically for hunting and fly fishing.

And if you want to pamper your dog, you can pick up a cotton dog jacket or parka. Moreover, Orvis is one of the longest-standing catalog companies in the United States. You can buy Orvis products online, at Orvis retail and outlet stores, or authorized dealers.

6.J. Crew

Crew is famous for having relatively simple and modestly designed clothing. Nevertheless, the brand uses high-quality materials that are long-lasting and highly comfortable. The brand sells clothing for men, women, and kids online and in traditional retail stores and outlets.

You’ll find a generous selection of relaxed-fit pants, flannels, cardigans, and vests, to name a few. The brand runs frequent details to save over 60% on certain items. J. Crew clothing is universal – it’s formal enough that you can wear it at work and fashionable and fabulous for date nights.


The next brand to make our list is Wrangler – an American staple that has been around since 1947. Albeit founded in North Carolina, many people associate Wrangler with the American West. However, you don’t need to be a cowboy (or girl) to sport Wrangler attire.

The brand sells high-quality jeans, denim tops and jackets, and flannels. The brand also has a multigender Rodeo line perfect for those who ride horses. Whether in New York or Wyoming, you can indeed find something from Wrangler that catches your eye. The brand sells its clothing in Wrangler retail stores and large department stores.


Element may remind you of skateboarders, but it’s much more similar to Nautica than you would think. Johnny Schillereff founded the company in 1992, and it’s based out of Irvine, California. The West Coast brand sells t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, pants, and vests for women and men.

It also sells skateboards and skating accessories, such as grip tape and wheels. Although the brand only has a handful of physical locations, you can buy Element clothes in various retail stores, such as Zumiez and Macy’s. However, you’ll find the best selection of products on Element’s website.


Levi’s is a classic American brand famous for its high-quality denim. However, Levi’s brand sells much more than denim jeans – it also has chinos, outerwear, jackets, t-shirts, and more. The California-based company has retail and outlet stores across the United States and a fully-stocked online store.

Be it school or work, Levi’s clothes are a hot choice for all occasions. The brand makes most of its clothing in Southeast Asia but still has the same commitment to quality that it has had since 1853. And since Levi’s is an everchanging clothing chain, always be on the lookout for new releases.


The last brand to make our list that’s similar to Nautica is Timberland. Although famous for its durable boots, Timberland also sells an expansive collection of men’s and women’s clothing – t-shirts, flannels, vests, and so forth. The company has retail and outlet stores and sells its product through authorized dealers (primarily shoe and department stores).

Timberland has a profound commitment to invest in its workplace, support black business owners, and promote diversity. Not only that, but the brand emphasizes the importance of sustainability and responsible manufacturing processes. If you’re looking for a brand to replace or supplement Nautica, Timberland is a great pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about Nautica and similar brands? Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions:

Where Is Nautica Sold?

You can buy Nautica clothing at Nautica retail stores and department stores like Macy’s, Nordstrom Rack, and Dillard’s.

When Was Nautica Established?

David Chu – a fashion designer from Taiwan – founded Nautica in 1983. Shortly after founding the company, Chu sold the company the State-O-Maine, and State-O-Maine later sold the company to VF Corporation in 2003.

Where is Nautica Clothing Made?

Nautica makes its clothing in various Asian countries – India, China, Malaysia, and the Philippines, to name a few. It’s essential to note that Nautica does not make any clothes in the United States.

How Often Does Nautica Have Sales?

Nautica almost always has a sale. If you want to find discounted products, you can check out the brand’s current promotions and special offers. You should also keep up with your local department stores’ sales since many of these stores sell Nautica clothing.

Is Nautica Cologne a Good Brand?

Yes, Nautica is an excellent brand if you’re looking for aromatic cologne at a reasonable price. You can buy the brand’s colognes at numerous stores, including Walmart and Amazon. Nautica’s most popular colognes include Blue Eau De Toilette and Voyage Eau De Toilette.

How Much Are Nautica Shoes?

Nautica sells various types of shoes – sneakers, flip flops, sandals, boots, and slip-ons. Nautica sneakers sell for around $30, and you can get a pair of sandals for under $20.

What’s The Best Alternative to Nautica?

All the brands on our list are excellent alternatives to Nautica. However, the brands with the most in common with Nautica include Eddie Bauer, L.L.Bean, and Gap. If you purchase from any of these brands, you’ll enjoy similar designs and quality.

Why Are These Brands Like Nautica?

These ten brands are similar to Nautica because they have similar clothing collections at reasonable prices. Furthermore, you can buy many of these brands at the same stores that stock Nautica.


After reviewing more than 30 brands, we can conclude that Eddie Bauer, L.L. Bean, and Gap are the closest brands to Nautica. If these brands don’t mesh with your style, we highly recommend that you explore the other seven options on our list! No matter which brands you choose, you’ll enjoy clothing of similar quality and prices.