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10 Brands Like Herschel | Specific Models

Backpacks by Herschel Supply Co. have become nearly the most popular backpacks on the planet. This is why you see them all over the place from Tokyo to LA.

What usually happens, though, is when a brand becomes so successful that just about everyone has one, then people end up buying the product less because they don’t want to be carrying what everyone else is carrying.

Basically it comes down to the fact that no one wants to be like everyone else. So, in this article, we will introduce you to some brands like Herschel Supply Co that you might like.

Topo Designs, Bradley Mountain, Pinqponq, Filson, and United by Blue are the brands that are most like Herschel. Some other brands that are similar to Herschel are  Datum Outdoor, Epperson Mountaineering, Kletterwerks, Patagonia, and Jansport. Each of these companies brings their own unique design influences to the table, but at that same time, provide a product that is very similar to Herschel in terms of quality and price point. 

We are going to focus on brands that have a ‘heritage vibe’ and a focus on nostalgia. Also, these brands will be excellent choices for college or high school students. Its 2021, so one of the requirements we have to be on this list is the ability to carry books and a laptop.

Brands Like Herschel

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a list for everyone. So, all of the options here will be available for purchase for $200 or less.


Brands Like Herschel

1.Topo Designs

Topo Designs are world-famous for their ability to successfully combine modern urban functionality with an outdoor aesthetic. Packs like their Y-Pack and Rover Pack all all sorts of practical features like a water bottle holder and a laptop sleeve.

Backpacks made by Topo feature a durable 1000D Cordura construction, so you know it will be able to take the wear and tear that comes along with wilderness and city streets alike.

2. Bradley Mountain

If you are looking for a handsome, sophisticated bag, then Bradley Mountain’s is definitely worth checking out. This company’s bags are produced using a durable, handmade construction process with a heavy focus on practical, everyday functionality.

One of there more popular offerings is the The Day Pack, which is a mainstay on college campuses across the country. This bag features an elegant combination of leather and highs-quality waxed canvas, while providing easy, quick-access to all your things.


pinqponq is a German brand that has a focus on sustainability, city style, and accessibility. They make some of the most spacious bags you can get. Some of their most popular offerings are their Blok Backpack, Okay Maxi Backpack, and Large Cubik Backpack.

All of these pack will provide excellent access to all your gear. You will also find a padded laptop sleeve on all of these packs. pinqponq and other brands like Herschel have an urban styling that looks right at home on college campuses. Another important note about this company is the fact that they place heavy importance on the use of recycled and bluesign® materials.

4. Filson

Filson is not new to the bag game. In fact, this company has been making high-quality bags and accessories for over 100 years. In their long history, Filson has developed a strong focus on durability and functionality. Evidence of this fact is their Day Pack and Ranger Pack.

Both of these amazing backpacks feature a removable wool pouch and clean silhouettes. The pouch is great for storing smaller items. The Field Pack includes is a more practical solution and offers a large zipped side pocket and an exterior water bottle holder.

5. United by Blue

United by Blue is unique in that they remove one pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways for each and every product they sell. This brand is known to combine a strong eco-conscious ethos with versatile designs to create variety of high quality bags to suit many different needs.

Two of their most popular bags are the 30L Base Backpack and the 45L Range Daypack. Both of these backpacks are made with recycled polyester and unlike most other brands on this list, are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

If you are looking for a great option that will work well for both outdoor and day-to-day needs, then the Range Daypack is what you have been looking for.

It has front and top access and a laptop space that can accommodate a 17″ computer. If you are more of a light traveler, then you may want to take a look at the Base Backpack. It has room for a 15 inch laptop and it has top, side, and front pockets.

6. Datum Outdoor

This brand is a lot like Herschel in that it offers an excellent balance between outdoor ruggedness and street style. Gear produced by this brand is built to be durable enough to take whatever you can throw at it.

Not only are these bags known to be highly durable, but they are also some of the most fashionable packs you can get. These bags are produced in the United States using a high-quality construction process. Datum Outdoor packs are loaded with all the practical features that you would expect a modern backpack to have.

One of their best-selling products is the Trecknos Deuce Expandable Pack. This bag has a clever design that is able to alternate between a sling bag and a backpack. That enables this bag to handle a wide variety of loads very easily.

If you are more into style rather than versatility, you should check out the Trecknos Roll Top Pack. This model features a sleek and sturdy design while having quite an eye-catching silhouette. The Trecknos Roll Top Pack also features a dedicated 17 inch laptop compartment.

7. Epperson Mountaineering

Epperson Mountaineering takes outdoor inspiration to the next level. One look at the their Large Climb Pack makes that obvious. This pack takes an inspiration from climbing rope bags, so it features a carabiner closure.

You can get this pack in a variety of colors that all have a vintage outdoor gear aesthetics to them. Inspiring even more outdoors nostalgia is the Epperson Mountaineering Day Pack.

This model offers several straps and leather lash tabs that are used for exterior attachment. Focusing on practicality, you will also find a front pocket that includes a removable organizer.

8. Kletterwerks

Dana Gleason is one of the most influential carry bag makers on the market. This brand was founded back in 1975 has delivered nothing but excellence and innovation ever since. The Kletterwerks Drei Zip represents a near-perfect combination of convenient access and classic heritage styling.

If you are looking for something a bit more versatile, however, then look no further than the Kletterwerks Market Bag. This bag features a hybrid daypack/tote design and can be used for all sorts of different situations.

Another bag by this company that is worth checking out is the Summit daypack. This bag is a flexible blend of functionality and urban styling. The Summit daypack provides everything you need without any of the unnecessary frills. All Kletterwerks include interior laptop sleeves to keep your most valuable possessions safe and secure.

9. Patagonia

Patagonia is an American clothing company that was founded by Yvon Chouinard back in 1973. The first Patagonia store sold mountain climbing gear but as the company evolved, they started producing more and more carry bags and backpacks.
The Arbor Classic by Patagonia is one of the best Herschel alternatives you can get. If you are looking for a backpack that is jammed packed with features, Patagonia has a focus on outdoor and everyday carry backpacks, and their packs feature a classic heritage design.
Patagonia bags take pocket placement very important, so when you are using one of these bags, you know that you will always have easy access to your essentials.


No backpack list is complete without Jansport! Jansport is an iconic backpack brand that is known for their minimalistic approach to pack design. Jansport has evolved over time to quite a powerful brand that sells a wide array of backpacks covering use-cases from everyday casual use like a school bag to heritage-flounced backpacks that are ready for an adventure. So, if you are on the hunt for brands like Herschel Supply Co, then take a look at what Jansport has to offer.
One of Jansport’s best Herschel alternatives is its Superbreak backpack. This bag is based on a classic design that most customer say is even better than the legendary Herschel Pop Quiz backpack.
The crazy thing is that the Jansport bag is much cheaper! Jansport is known for variety, with over 20 different colors to choose from. If you are looking to buy a great bag on a budget, then make sure to check out the Jansport Superbreak. The Superbreak is a low-cost backpack that provides all the essentials and none of the bells or whistles.

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Herschel Supply Co. has become the worlds most popular backpack. In fact, products by this company has reached market saturation to the point to where people are looking all over for the best Herschel Supply Co alternatives. So, we make this list to point people in the right direction.

All of the companies on this list provide a product that is very similar to Herschel in terms of price point and quality while bringing their own unique design components into the mix.
Topo Designs, Bradley Mountain, Pinqponq, Filson, and United by Blue are among the top brands like Herschel, while Datum Outdoor, Epperson Mountaineering, Kletterwerks, Patagonia, and Jansport also make products that are comparable to Herschel Supply Co.
We hope this article helped you make the best purchasing choice in your quest to find brands like Herschel Supply Co. Thanks for reading!