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10 Brands Like Guess [You Will Love]

Guess is a well-known lifestyle brand that is all about denim. This fashion staple has been among the most popular designer denim brands for almost 3 decades. Guess caters to customers in the 20 to 40 year old range. Recently, Guess has changed the way it does business a bit in response to the market. This is because the demand for vintage and resale items has increased drastically in the past few years.

Brands like Guess include Reformation, Nasty Gal, Express, Topshop, and Mango. These brands are most like Guess and offer products that are very similar in quality. Bebe, & Other Stories, PrettyLittleThings, Revolve, and Missguided also make excellent Guess alternatives because they have the same female-oriented style and focus on quality. 

On the Guess website, one can find a highly feminine selection featuring both elegant and provocative clothing. It’s generally agreed that Guess brand clothing features a classic look with a modern touch.

Brands Like Guess

Their clothing ranges from semi-urban chic to a casual. While Guess does have its own unique style, there are many brands out there that serve as excellent guess alternatives. In this article, we will go over the top brands like Guess. We will focus on brands that deliver a similar aesthetic and quality as the world-famous brand.

Brands Like Guess


Reformation is a company that is well-known for making clothing that is edgy, feminine and highly sophisticated. This brand places a high focus on its environmental footprint. Also, making clothes in a sustainable way is of utmost importance to Reformation.

This store is popular for people who very interested in fashion, but are also environmentally conscious. For this crowd, its very important to find clothes that are not made from animals or using unfair working conditions. This brand is able to do that while still maintaining its expressive, artsy style.

2.Nasty Gal

As you would expect by the name, Nasty Gal has is all about that bold, edgy and contemporary aesthetic. Nasty Gal is an American clothing brand that targets a wide age-range of consumers from 16 to 40 years old.

The company is known for having low-cost, high-quality apparel that is fashion forward every step of the way.

Clothing by this brand is available in sizes ranging from 0 all the way up to 28. When it comes to dollar figures, you can expect to spend anywhere between $10 and $300 for clothing from this company.


Express is a highly-respected manufacturer of stylish workplace and business clothing. This brand is a lot like guess in that it makes contemporary items suitable that can be worn to the office or a party just as well.

Clothing by this company is known to have a fresh and fashion-forward style while also having a reasonable price-point. Express sells some of its products on its website and through other e-tailers.

As you would expect for a list of brands like Guess, Express makes denim their primary focus. You will also see denim as a major component of their marketing strategy.

Express does, however, differentiate itself from Guess by carrying baby apparel. So, if you are a fan of Guess and feel a little annoyed by the fact that the company does not have a kids section, then Express is the perfect alternative for you.


Topshop is, by far, one of the United Kingdom’s most popular and most prestigious fashion brands. This Guess alternative invokes sense of cutting edge, trendy style. Compared to Guess, this brand is more conservative when it comes to keeping up with changes in the market.

These brands have a lot in common, though. Both Guess and Topshop are known for being trendy and contemporary. Another similarity is that both clothing brands have massive global supply chains.

TopShop has many brick and mortar stores that provide a unique and innovative shopping experience. Topshop sells other brands in its stores that include but are not limited to House of CB, Adidas, and Calvin Klein


Mango is a European fashion brand that is popular for making vibrant, fresh designs. This brand is similar to Guess in that it offers an undeniably contemporary style. Unlike Guess, however, Mango adds a notable amount of Spanish flare and influence to its clothing.

This brand aims to reshape the cloths shopping experience. Mango is known to be very progressive and forward-thinking, so they put a focus on online sales just as much as traditional shopping,

Unlike most other brands on this list, Mango now offers plus size clothing. This is an attempt for the brand to appeal to an even wider variety of customer.
The Millennial generation has a strong affinity for this brand because it provides that specialty store feel without the accompanying specialty store price tag. minus the price tag. Similar to Guess and other brands, Mango’s clothing is in the ‘super-chic’ category and has a quality that is somewhat above-average.


The Bebe clothing brand makes chic, feminine items that are usually always considered to be contemporary. Bebe and other brands like Guess have made a lot of internal changes to adapt to this new, digital world. So, Bebe is well-known to actively engage with their loyal fan-base via several popular social media platforms.
There is a relatively new marketing campaign by this company that featured diverse groups of global social media influencers. Because of this Guess alternative’s progressive, high-tech approach, you can find easy access to their entire collection on the company’s website.

7.& Other Stories

& Other Stories is a company that has recently disrupted the international clothing sector. This brand is known to be bold and edgy with a strong fashion-forward sense. This brand differentiates itself by offering clothes that have a unique and striking aesthetic. & Other Stories makes a wide variety of items, so there is a bit of something for everyone in this brand.

This company is known for collaborating with many of the most well-known names in the fashion industry to create remarkable, iconic designs. This helps this brand appeal to anyone who is a lover of fashion. Brands like Guess and & Other Stories are always advancing their designs to draw in more customers.

8. PrettyLittleThing

Last but not least is PrettyLittleThing. This brand like Guess has seen a recent and very rapid success in the clothing industry. PrettyLittleThing became hugely popular due to it getting an enormous amount of celebrities endorsements. The intended age-group for this brand is between 14 and 24 years old.
Unlike most brands on this list, this company has recently launched a line of clothes for young girls ranging from 5 to 12 years old. PrettyLittleThings is a brand that is well-known to place a high level of importance on diversity, so that fact also helps them attract more customers.

9. Revolve

Revolve seeks to provide clothing to the urban youth market. So, as you would expect, this brand is like Guess in that it caters to mostly Generation Z and millennials. Revolve is different from most other clothing brands because it heavily leverages fashion bloggers and even did so far before the social media revolution.
Because they were into social media before social media was cool, they found themselves in an excellent position once the influencer culture came into play.

10. Missguided

Missguided is a world-renowned fashion brand that is based in the United Kingdom. Clothes by this brand are thought to be trendy, edgy and feminine. So, in this way, this brand is a lot like Guess.
The target audience for Missguided is most female in the age range of 16 to 40 years old. Misguided, along with several other brands like Guess have substantially grown in visibility and presence in markets the world over. Misguided is the go-to Guess alternative when you are looking for fresh, new collections. Clothing by this company is available in petite, tall and plus-size.

Is Guess Still Popular 2021?

Yes! While it is very difficult for any fashion brand to stay relevant, Guess has done an excellent job in doing so. Guess has managed to continually evolve along with the demands of the fashion industry. As a result, the company has managed to keep its edge for almost 3 decades. 

Is Guess a Respected Brand?

Absolutely! Guess is considered globally as a luxury and designer brand. While it may not be on the same level as Pradam, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton, Guess products are highly fashionable, have a supreme quality, and have considerably lower price tags.

When it comes to fashion and clothing in general, Guess is an ultra-popular household name. It is such a well-known lifestyle brand that many people are looking for brands like Guess so they have some more options and a little more variety to choose from.

The brands that are most like Guess are Nasty Gal, Express, Reformation, Mango, and Topshop. There are other brands, however, that are also like Guess because they are clothing that is over similar style, quality, and value. Those brands are Bebe, & Other Stories, PrettyLittleThings, Revolve, and Missguided. These brands lean more towards the edgy side of things and have the same female-oriented focus that Guess has.

Guess is all about denim and has had the iconic blue fabric as its main focus for almost 30 years! If you are not well-versed in the fashion world, it can be really hard to find brands that are similar to Guess. We hope this article helped you discover a wider selection of clothing and apparel! Thanks for reading!