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Top 9 Brands like BCBG

BCBG is a luxury retail brand created by Max Azria that combines trends and fashions best moments into modern pieces for women. BCBG stands for “bon chic, bon genre” which means “good style, good attitude.”

Their style is European luxury combined with modern America. BCBG does come at a steep price. Articles of clothing can vary from basic shirts starting around $100 and to dressed costing $300 or more. This style is not out of your reach though. There are many other brands that create women’s clothing in the same style as BCBG at a more affordable price.

Here are some top brands close to that of BCBG.

Top Brands like BCBG


Founded in 1981 by two brothers, Guess is a clothing brand like BCBG with its European influence combined with American influence. This brand is popular with celebrities and is known by just about everyone. When starting out, their focus was on denim but has grown greatly from there. You can find any article of clothing from Guess. They also have men and kids clothing, along with women’s clothing.

Guess works on being sustainable by having eco-friendly denim options and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They encourage minimal waste and so their clothing is quite durable and long lasting.

Guess is rated higher than BCBG and has a luxury brand for women. Their non-luxury brand clothing is very similar to BCBG, and most pieces cost less. There are some pieces that can be quite pricey such as jackets, coats, and puffers that match the prices of BCBG.


  • Eco friendly
  • Working towards lowering greenhouse admissions
  • Similar style as BCBG
  • Some articles of clothing are cheaper
  • Highly rated


  • Jackets, coats, and puffers are expensive
  • Price can match BCBG

2.J. Crew

Crew is a higher end clothing brand that offers similar styles to BCBG alongside their own styles. This brand considers sustainability and works to use materials that are eco-friendly in their clothing. They are partnered with 10 sustainability organizations and have goals to improve.

This brand offers cheaper options that range around $20 but like BCBG, their more luxury clothing is expensive. Some coats at J. Crew can be $300 but you can find some around $150 which is cheaper than BCBG. J. Crew is rated as average. Ranging in the high 3 out of 5 stars, which may be slightly lower than BCBG.


  • Cheaper options
  • Luxury like BCBG
  • Similar style to BCBG


  • Rating is average
  • Can just as be expensive as BCBG

3.Forever 21

Established in Los Angeles in 1984 by two immigrants from South Korea, this brand features all types of clothing for all types of people. Forever 21 does carry many similar styles to BCBG. This brand does not consider itself a European influenced, with an American modern blend. They carry just about every style of clothing and focus more on trends and the younger generations.

Like Guess, Forever 21 is also committed to sustainability and cutting down carbon emission. They believe in safe, fair environments for their workers and customers. This brand is involved in supporting charities such as the Boys & Girls Club and Los Angeles Police Department’s PAL program.

Even though this brand may not have the same background as BCBG, they offer similar styled women’s clothing that is priced significantly less. From jackets and coats that start around only $40 to shirts that are $20, this brand is a lot more economical. One thing to note is that there is so much on their website so it could take some time to find particular clothing like BCBG.


  • Cheap
  • Similar clothing to BCBG
  • Supports sustainability


  • Takes time to search through website



This brand was established in 1980. It features a modern style with the emphasis of being yourself and to wear what you want with confidence. They encourage posting what you’ve styled your Express clothing with on social media. This is also to help others see how to style their own Express clothing.

Like BCBG their ratings are similar and average around 4 out of 5 stars. Their clothing has similar styles to BCBG and carry products that capture their own style. Express is slightly cheaper then BCBG in some aspects, but products like puffer jackets are in the same price range of around $200. Some can range closer to $100 but there are only a few options.


  • Some products are cheaper
  • Similar style to BCBG
  • Similar rating to BCBG


  • Can get expensive



Zara was founded in 1975 and works on creating cheaper clothing that looks like luxury brands. This brand is owned by Inditex and prides itself on being a large international fashion company. Lake BCBG this company offers modern, contemporary looking pieces. Unlike BCBG, Zara is seen by some as fast fashion which is mass producing cheaper products as quickly as possible to keep up with trends.

This brand does offer cheaper clothing like Forever 21. There are shirts starting from $20, but when it comes to puffers and coats the prices increase drastically. Some coats range around $100. Still, it is cheaper than BCBG and does have its similar style.

Unlike a lot of brands, Zara has a clothing collection program. You can donate any clothing item, accessory, or footwear in one of their stores. If you order online from Zara, you can even ship it to them. The courier will drop off your items and pick up what you want to donate.



  • Can donate clothing at their stores
  • Cheaper
  • Similar style to BCBG


  • Seen as fast fashion



Established in 1947, H&M opened their first store in Sweden. Since then, they have been working on creating minimalist, sustainable fashion. H&M’s minimalist style matches that of BCBG. There are similar articles of clothing at a cheaper price. H&M does feature other styles of clothing that are more colorful or different to that of BCBG as well.

H&M is invested in being and becoming more sustainable. They have begun using recycled plastic to make polyester used in some of their clothing. They are also one of the rare places that allow you to donate clothing of any type in store. They will also give you a 15% off coupon when you donate.

H&M is rated around the same as BCBG at an average of 4 out of 5 stars. The price range of H&M is significantly lower than BCBG. Puffer jackets at H&M range around $60 while puffers at BCBG can be $200 and more. No doubt, if you are looking for a cheaper brand with similar style, this may be right for you.



  • Invested in sustainability
  • Can donate clothing at their stores for 15% off coupon
  • Cheaper than BCBG
  • Similar styles to BCBG


  • Not luxury products



This contemporary woman’s fashion brand is one that ranges from low end to high end products. Some articles of clothing range around $20 to some that go from $300 or more. Most of Bebe’s style matches BCBG’s style but some of Bebe’s products are somewhat flashier or are pieces that would make you stand out more.

When getting products that are closer in style to BCBG, Bebe’s prices are lower than BCBG’s prices. However, the prices are not low like Forever 21 or H&M. A mini dress from BCBG can be around $300 while one at Bebe is around half that price.

The reviews for Bebe vary anywhere from 2 to 4 stars out of 5. Considering this, there is most likely a multitude of different situations in which people have experienced with Bebe. The lower reviews could be from more recent years, as Bebe appeared to be a reliable brand in the 90s. Bebe also does not talk about if they work on sustainability or not.



  • Higher end clothing like BCBG at a lower price
  • Offers cheaper options
  • Women retail focused brand
  • Similar style to BCBG


  • Unclear about sustainability practices
  • Lower ratings
  • Can get expensive quickly

8.Topshop by ASOS

ASOS is clothing brand company that believes in individuality and offers very outgoing pieces along with modern pieces which come from their Topshop. This brand produces only animal-free products and have a foundation to help young adults who were not given the same opportunity as others to grow. They are a partnered with GLAAD, a LGTBQ activism organization.

Topshop was adopted by ASOS. Topshop features pieces that are modern and iconic. The brand has very similar women’s clothing to BCBG at a more affordable price. Ranging under $100 on most products but up to $200 on items such as winter coats. Topshop’s reviews range around 3 to 4 out of 5 stars on most websites. BCBG seems to have rating around 4 out of five stars so they are close in reviews.


  • Similar styled clothing
  • Charity work
  • Cheaper than BCBG
  • Offers more than modern clothing


  • Reviews vary
  • New ownership could affect brand

9.Ann Taylor

This brand is always focused on a chic style. Like BCBG they have a modern look and more of a luxury styled brand. Ann Taylor is partnered with Brest Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), GLSEN and more. They have donated what appears to be millions of dollars over the years. However, they do not have it anywhere clear on their website that states what they do about sustainability.

The price of Ann Taylor is cheaper than BCBG. They carry dresses that range in the $150 area instead of the $300 area like BCBG. This brand is rated high from 4 stars and above out of 5, which is the same as BCBG.


  • Highly rated
  • Cheaper
  • Similar style to BCBG
  • Donates to BCRF, GLSEN, and more



  • Sustainability status not clear
  • Can get expensive



How to Choose the Best Brand Like BCBG

BCBG is a hard brand to match. With its specific style and luxury branding there are only so many that are similar. There are so many retailers out there that create clothing and accessories but fall short of being similar to BCBG.

Above are ones that we feel are the best brands to choose from when looking at using a brand close to that of BCBG. When deciding which brand you want to pick you should look into certain characteristics of those brands. Characteristics such as price, style of that brands clothing, reviews, and your values.


Price is a factor that creates your options. You can only pay as much as you are willing to. When looking for a brand that is like BCBG you should consider if you want a brand that is a lot cheaper, somewhere in the middle or a brand that matches BCBG’s price.

Style of brand

Looking at the style of a brand will help you see if that style matches BCBG’s style. As stated in the introduction paragraph, BCBG is a luxury brand inspired by a European and modern American style.

There are a lot of brands out there that have similar styles within their brand but most likely will not have the same background. Bebe and Ann Taylor are two of the brands listed above that have very similar style to BCBG throughout their whole website.


Insight from prior customers are always good. Reading through another person’s experience and situation with a brand can help shed light on if you truly want to purchase anything from that brand. Even just skimming reviews can be helpful because of the star ratings and headlines people create in the posts. Although, it is possible some reviews may be exaggerated or fake there are always genuine ones that will be helpful.

Your values

Knowing your values will also help you pick a brand you want to use. Knowing whether you care about if a brand is eco-friendly, fast fashion, or is helping charity can also sway your decision. However, sometimes price may overtake your values and there may be nothing you can do about it.

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