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5 Best BMX Clothing Brands

Safety is the number one priority in BMX racing; hence brands around the world thought it wise to provide special gear for this purpose. You want to stay protected and safe during crashes and falls. What are some excellent brands to trust when it comes to providing maximum protection?

Flybar BMX clothing brand is at the top of our list when it comes to offering protection, fashion, and variety. Whether you require safety gear for an adult, a teen, or a child, Flybar is a great brand to turn to. Their equipment comes in many different sizes and color combinations to suit you.

However, there are other reputable brands in the market, such as JBM International, GROTTICO, XJD, etc. The incredible gears they provide are great for protection while offering both comfort and style. Continue reading this article for BMX brands to check out.

5 Best BMX Clothing Brands

Top BMX Clothing Brands

Aside from owning a BMX protective gear, you want to ensure that it fits appropriately – not too small nor too big. Pads and helmets that don’t fit can have unpleasant effects on users, as they can have too much movement, thereby causing injuries.

Perhaps you’ve been having a hard time selecting a BMX brand to shop with; this list will help you make a choice.


Flybar BMX clothing brand is a top-rated provider of BMX protective gears. They provide protective apparel for adults, teenagers, and kids. Their kit comes with a set of elbow pads, a set of knee pads, and a set of wrist pads made for multi-sport protection.

They come in various sizes that will comfortably protect and fit sports and athletes enthusiasts of all ages.

The adjustable straps that come with their gears make them flexible enough to fit various sizes of wrists, elbows, and knees. They are never too loose nor too tight, thereby providing a safe and comfortable fit.

Their sets of safety wears are tested and very safe for BMX, bicycling, inline and roller skating, scooters, pogoing, volleyball, skateboarding, and a tone of other sporting activities, leaving you feeling safe and comfortable regardless of the action sport. They can be used as the perfect present during sport seasons, or for Christmas and birthdays.

Flybar clothing has great resistance against impact of all kinds. Each piece of clothing is made with breathable, soft materials with durable and strong ABS hard caps to withstand impact and falls.

Straps that are adjustable ensure free movement, and the wrist guards have a strong-shaped ABS plastic on the guard’s palm side. They are designed for style, protection, and comfort.


2.JBM International

JBM International one size fits all clothing is made to resist impact, is fashionable, and is designed for adults. They are made of durable and tough PE, PP fabrics with breathable Polyester sleeves, allowing users to enjoy sporting experiences with protection to their wrists and elbows.

JBM International clothing set includes elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards.

Their adjustable straps are flexible to fit various sizes of wrist and elbow, allowing for custom flexibility for its users. Their wears are ideal for BMX, bicycling, skateboard, biking, scooter, inline skate, and other sport activities. Go ahead and check them out.


GROTTICO is a BMX gear brand perfect for children, teenagers, and adults alike – medium size for children and youths weighing 66 to 110lb, while their large size is for youths and adults weighing 110 to 166lb.

Their gears are multifunctional. They are safe for rollerblading, hoverboard, BMX biking, skateboarding, cycling, and other outdoor sports.

They provide comfort and safety. Their breathable hard PP shell and EVA sponge padded materials have excellent resistance against external pressure.

Their gears come with adjustable elastic straps with tough adhesive Velcro that are perfect for repeated use. They are thick and also wraps tight. Their wrist guards, elbow pads, and knee pads are excellent choices for you and your kids. Check them out.


XJD deals on sporting protective gear for children of three to eight years old. Their set comes with an adjustable child helmet designed to resist impact and kids’ protective pads.

Their durable and comfortable helmet uses a high-density EPS inner shell and ABS outer shell and thickened soft sponge. Their protective wears are made of durable and strong PE, PP material with breathable sleeves, making children enjoy their sporting experiences with maximum protection to their heads, wrists, and elbows.

Even during intense sport movements, your kid will feel comfortable and safe. Did we mention that their gears are equipped with adjustable straps to fit your kid? Yes, they are well-equipped. The straps are elastic and can simply be adjusted with extending closures to fit the wrist, elbow, and knees of your kid. They are perfect and can be used long-term.

Their safety gear is ideal for bike riding, inline skating, skateboard, bicycling, roller, scooter, and other outdoor sporting activities. Their gears can also be used as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthday presents.


BOSONER brand deals on multifunctional protective apparel for kids. Their elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards are designed for maximum protection, especially for BMX, roller and ice cycling, skating, biking, rolling, cycling, and other sports.

Each of their clothing is well ventilated and lightweight, allowing for a free flow of air, thereby reducing perspiration. They can be gifted as birthday, Christmas, or Children’s Day presents.

Gears to Keep You Safe During BMX Racing

Protection is critical when it comes to racing; below are the essential gears you need. This list contains gears ranging from BMX gloves, helmets, neck guards, gloves, and knee and elbow pads. It also explains the reason you need them while racing.

1.Elbow Pads

Forearm and elbow protection is not necessarily required for racing. Regulations entail that you wear a long sleeve shirt in the absence of alternative protection while racing. Nonetheless, your elbows are one of the most visible areas during BMX racing.

A minor crash can have a significant impact on your forearms and elbows; appropriate gears can prevent this from happening by protecting your elbows and forearms.


A correct fitting helmet is one of the most essential pieces of BMX protective equipment you should purchase. You want to protect your head, teeth, and mouth. In addition, ensure that your helmet passes CPSC standards.

If you are to pick only one piece of gear, this is undoubtedly the piece to choose because you must ensure that your head is well protected.

3.Neck Guard

Neck guards are not a must during BMX racing, but they are an excellent addition to your safety equipment bag. While helmets protect your face and head, neck guards reduce the movement of your helmet and head in a wreck or fall. It covers the exposed parts between your helmet and shoulder.

4.Shin/Knee Pads

Shin and knee protection are not requirements for BMX racing. Regulations only entail that BMX racers wear long pants in the absence of other shin/knee pads during racing. There are many occasions where shin and knee protection did not only prevent injury but also kept rocks and dirt from existing injuries.  


Although goggles are optional, we recommend that you add them to your bag of BMX safety equipment. While racing, goggles will not only protect your eyes from dust and sun but will also shield your eyes from getting struck with objects during crashes or falls.


We’re sure you love your hands and want to protect them. We recommend that you get a nice pair of BMX gloves and add them to your safety bag.

They are made with extra padding and built-in grips that will not only give you comfort but also protect your skin in cases of wreck or falls. They also help to keep the hands clean.


BMX protective gears are essential in BMX racing and other outdoor sport activities. They provide comfort, protection, and style to the user. However, it is crucial to know the right brand to patronize, what to look for in these gears, and the proper equipment to use. This article has highlighted the top five BMX clothing brands to help you decide who to check out. Check out our BMX shoe brands guide.