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10 Best Blueberry Wine Brands

Since you can grow blueberries across the entire United States, it’s no surprise that blueberry wine is on the shelves of almost every liquor and grocery store. However, no two brands are the same. Whether you’re shopping for a date night or a party, you should buy a brand with 100% natural blueberries and bold flavor.

The best blueberry wine brands in the United States include Keely & Curley, St. Julian Winery, and Cara Mello. These three wineries grow their own blueberries and have a wide selection of sweet blueberry wines to choose from. We also included seven other brands that sell phenomenal blueberry wines that pair well with desserts and cheeses.

Best Blueberry Wine Brands

Want to learn more about the best blueberry wines? Take a look at our list of the top 10 brands.

Top Blueberry Wine Brands

1.Keely & Curley

Based out of Hillsborough County, Florida, Keely & Curley has a vast selection of blueberry wines. The Floridian winery sells Semi-Dry Blueberry, Dry Blueberry, and Gulfcoast Blueberry wine, to name a few.

You’ll also find Blueberry Rosé and other local favorites such as Key West-Key Line Wine and Strawberry Riesling.

While you might not find Keel & Curley in your local liquor store, residents of a handful of states can buy their sweet blueberry wines online. With most bottles costing less than $20, you can’t go wrong with the price.

So, why does Keely & Curley stand out as the number one blueberry wine brand? It’s simple. The winery uses 100% blueberries.

No artificial flavors or grapes disguised as blueberries. Keely & Curley even sells a four-count pack of wines: Dry, Semi-Dry, Sweet, and Gulfcoast Blueberry. The pack is a great way to figure out what flavor you like best.

 Those near Plant City, Florida, can visit the Keel & Curley Winery in person. The business offers daily wine tasting events, allowing visitors to try up to eight different flavors of wine. Not only that, but Keel & Curley hosts live events featuring music and trivia.

The company’s mission is to distribute locally grown and sustainable products around the country. Starting with a 10-acre blueberry farm in 1981, Keel & Curley has grown immensely. Keely & Curley’s three principles are quality, sustainability, and community. 

2.St. Julian Winery

The next brand to make our list is St. Julian Winery. This winery is one of the oldest and most renowned in the state of Michigan. An Italian immigrant founded the winery in 1921 and initially called it the Italian Wine Company.

In 1936, the Italian Wine Company became St. Julian Wine Company. Since 1921, St. Julian Winery has remained in the hands of the same family.

The team behind St. Julian Winery uses 100% locally grown Michigan fruit. Thanks to its commitment to quality, the winery has won numerous awards throughout its long history.

When it comes to blueberry wine, St. Julian Winery has two options – Michigan Awesome Blueberry and Blueberry Wine.

Its Blueberry Wine boasts fresh Michigan blueberries and a sweet flavor. It won the Indy International Wine Competition’s Double Gold Award.

Now, what’s the difference between Michigan Awesome Blueberry and Blueberry Wine? The main difference is that Michigan Awesome Blueberry has 12% alcohol content, and Blueberry Wine has 11%.

While St. Julian Winery only sells two 100% blueberry wines, there are a few other honorable mentions.

The winery also sells Black and Blueberry – a wine made with blackberries, blueberries, and apples. Moreover, it also makes non-alcoholic Sparkling Pomegranate Blueberry Juice and Forbidden Fruit Cider – Black & Blueberry. 

3.Cara Mello

Based out of California, Cara Mello is a relatively new wine brand that sells various flavors online and in grocery stores. The brand sells a white blueberry wine that has 7.5% alcohol content. Considered a Moscato, many customers are happy with the wine’s affordable price and rich flavor. 

According to Cara Mello, its blueberry wine is a great drink to enjoy with desserts, cheeses, and nuts.

You can buy this bottle of wine for less than $10 at most stores. If you’re entertaining a large group, pick up a few bottles without spending a fortune. 

4.Five Points Berries Winery

As you can tell by the name, Five Points Berries Winery focuses on creating a wine with berries – including blueberries.

Based out of Mauk, Georgia, the winery grows its fresh blueberries on a 40-acre farm. Compared to other blueberry wineries, Five Points Berries Winery’s selection is perhaps the most expansive.

You can choose from the following flavors: Blue Flannel, Blue Sunset, Faded Blue, Freebird, Tangled, Indigo, Blue Haze, and Redneck Bubbly.

If you’re new to blueberry wines, the selection might be information overload. Five Points Berries Winery advertises Blue Flannel, Blue Sunset, and Faded blue as “sweet” wines that pair well with desserts.

Friends and Freebird, on the other hand, are semi-sweet wines. Blue Haze and Tangled are both dry wines. Lastly, Redneck Bubbly is a sparkling wine that has a semi-sweet flavor. 

You can buy Five Point Berries Winery products at various liquor stores in the state of Georgia and online.

The winery also offers tasting sessions available by appointment. You can also purchase green apple, cranberry, peach, and pear wines for a bit of variety. The average cost of a bottle of wine from Five Point Berries Winery ranges from $15 to $30. 


The next brand on our list is Barefoot, perhaps one of the most popular low-cost options available in the United States.

Based out of Modesto, California, Barefoot creates various wines, including Moscato, Malbec, Pinot Noir, and Riesling. Large retailers such as Walmart and Target carry Barefoot products. The average cost for a 750-ML bottle of wine is $6.

Barfoot’s blueberry wine is “Blueberry Fruitscato.” As indicated by the name, this is a Moscato. While this wine is not 100% blueberry, it does have natural blueberry juice. As a sweet wine, this drink goes well with desserts, such as cupcakes and brownies.    


Based out of Maine, Bluet is a winery that specializes in producing sparkling blueberry wine with local berries.

Bluet isn’t new to the game. The old-world winery dates back to 1820. Carrying out the traditions of France and Italy, Bluet makes a Champagne and a Charmat. The main ingredient in both bottles is wild Maine blueberries.

Many prominent publications have vouched for the quality of Bluet wines, including The New York Times, Boston Globe, and Portland Press Herald.

Bluet sells its wine to a variety of stores and restaurants in Maine and New England. You can also buy the bottles online. Charmat goes for around $20, and Champagne sells for $33.

7.Stella Rosa

Like Barefoot, Stella Rossa is another famous brand that you’ll see at stores such as Target and Walmart.

This brand is a little more expensive, with the average bottle costing around $12. Despite their low cost, Stella Rosa wines have bold flavors and go well with various types of food.

Stella Rosa Blueberry Fruit Wine comes in a 750-ML bottle and is made with 100% natural, sweet blueberries. The wine’s ingredients come from Piedmont – a region of Italy. You’ll see that this blueberry wine consistently receives four- and five-star reviews across numerous websites. 

8.Island Grove Wine Company

Island Grove Wine Company is the second Floridian winery to make our list. Located in Kissimmee, Island Grove Wine Company features a tasting room and gift shop with wine, beer, and snacks. The winery currently has 400 acres of land where it grows the berries used in its fruity wines.

Island Grove’s Blue Roots collection features all its blueberries wines.

There are eight wines to choose from, including Berry Dry Blackberry, Kinda Dry Blueberry, Blueberry Moscato, and Sweet Winter Blue. The average bottle of wine from Island Grove Winery Company costs around $13. Barreled wine will cost a bit more – roughly $30.

The winery has two other product lines – the Sunshine State Collection and the Island Collection. The Sunshine State Collection boasts Sangria. On the other hand, the Island Collection has various fruity flavors, such as strawberry, peach, mango, and raspberry. 

9.Oliver Winery

Oliver Winery is another brand that sells delicious blueberry wine. Located in Indiana, this winery has a vast selection of wines – Moscato, Pinot Grigio, and Rosé, to name a few.

Of course, this winery does have a blueberry option – Blueberry Moscato. And at only $12, this bottle of wine is a steal.

Oliver Winery’s Blueberry Moscato comes in a 750-ML bottle and has no artificial flavoring. The Moscato comes from California, and the blueberry juice comes from Oregon.

The sweet-flavored wine has a 6.8% alcohol content. With its low alcohol content and sweet flavor, this is an excellent wine for parties.

10.St. Kathryn Cellars

The last blueberry wine brand to make our list is St. Kathryn Cellars. Based out of Colorado, this winery produces various sweet and flavorful wines. One of its most popular products is its pure blueberry wine, which retails for around $20.

This medium-sweet blueberry wine is full of flavor. St. Kathryn Cellars describes it as a “medium-sweet” wine. You can buy a bottle of wine online and at various liquor and grocery stores. 

A Final Glance

If you want the perfect bottle of blueberry wine, it’s best to attend a wine tasting. Unfortunately, not everyone has that option.

We’re confident that if you choose any of the ten brands on our list, you’ll enjoy the sweet taste of fresh blueberries from some of the best wineries in the United States.