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10 Best Wood Watch Brands | Top Wood Watches

These watches aren’t your run-of-the-mill timepieces. Wood watches have become quite popular over the past few years. Increasing numbers of companies have begun producing eco-friendly timepieces using sustainable and natural materials. This gives the wearer peace of mind knowing there won’t be a harmful impact on the environment. 

In addition to being eco-friendly, most of these wood watches are hypoallergenic, which is a fantastic solution for those who may have an allergy to nickel or stainless steel. Additionally, there’s no effect on the watch during temperature changes. 

If you’re looking for an attractive wood watch, you’re in luck. There are several brands on the market that offer you just the timepiece you want. In this article, we’ll discuss the top 10 wood watch brands, what materials they use, and what organizations they support. 

10 Best Wood Watch Brands

Here’s a quick rundown of the top 10 wood watch brands: 

  • Original Grain – Best High-Quality Wood Watch
  • SVENN – Best Couples Watches
  • Treehut Bamboo – Best Customizable Watch
  • WeWood – Best Toxic-Free Watches
  • BoBo Bird – Most Affordable Wooden Watch Brand
  • Plantwear – Best Classic Design
  • Lux Woods – Best Charity Support
  • Kerbholz – Best Vegan Watch Collection
  • Jord – Most Unique Watch
  • Vejrhoj – Best Danish Wood Watch

Top 10 Wood Watch Brands

1.Original Grain – Best High-Quality Wood Watch

Original Grain was founded in 2013 by brothers Ryan and Andrew Beltran. They wanted to create a watch made entirely from wood and steel. They use nothing but sustainable hardwoods and stainless steel for their timepieces. Whether they use wood from old Kentucky bourbon barrels or seats from the iconic Yankee Stadium, every timepiece is guaranteed to be one of a kind. 

Not only do they create one-of-a-kind watches, but they give back with each purchase. They are partnered with Treed for the Future in Senegal. They ensure that with every watch purchased, a tree will be planted in a region where poverty needs to be reduced, helping to feed families and change lives. 

We checked Amazon and found their Sapele Black Barrel to be one of their most attractive men’s watches. This premium watch is crafted out of Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel wood. It features a matte black plated 316L stainless steel watch band that can be adjusted to fit any wrist by adding or removing links. Additionally, the high-quality sapphire crystal glass that covers the dial is scratch and water-resistant to 5atm. 

We also found a beautiful women’s watch called the Zebrawood. This 36mm watch is set in yellow gold and stainless steel with all-natural Zebrawood. It has a 316L stainless steel band that can be adjusted to fit any wrist. The dial contains a Japanese Miyota Citizen quartz movement with an analog display with a high-quality sapphire crystal glass for protection

2.SVENN – Best Couples Watches

SVENN was founded in 2017 by four friends who want nothing more than to give back to nature and preserve the environment. They follow fashion very closely and enjoy traveling the world together. Since their foundation, they have spent all of their time and effort creating watches that you can use for years to come. 

They use only high-quality materials for all of their watches, from their movement to the wood quality and lock mechanism. These watches are made with nature-friendly materials and most of the watch is constructed with recyclable wood. We don’t see that they support any causes, but they do offer an engraving service so you can give your loved one an unforgettable gift. You can even use your own handwriting. 

We looked through their website and found the Nature Watch to be a classic timepiece at an affordable price. It’s made with Teak wood, which is the most durable and lowest moisture-absorbing type of wood. It features a Swiss Ronda 763 movement under scratch-resistant sapphire glass. It’s very lightweight and has a natural and noble look. 

On the women’s page, we thought the Violet Watch was unique and vibrant. The watch is made from Purpleheart, which is one of the most durable trees among all species. This watch will be able to be worn for many years. As with the Nature Watch, this one has the Swiss Ronda 763 Movement under scratch-resistant sapphire glass. 

Now, here’s a category we haven’t discussed yet; the couples watch. SVENN offers a great collection of couples watches that are amazing. These watches are jet black and vanilla wood with 100% tempered natural wood and a Swiss Ronda 763 movement encased in scratch-resistant sapphire glass. 

3.Treehut Bamboo – Best Customizable Watch

Treehut Bamboo was founded by a husband and wife from San Francisco. They are a family-run company that focuses on personalization and using nothing but natural materials. Their company began after they went on a trip to Bali and experienced true adventure. They saw that Bali didn’t have luxury brands, rather, simple and beautiful art. 

They started in a 700 square-foot house, biking shipments back and forth to the post office and working out of her mother’s bedroom. Now, they have 20 employees and work out of an 8000 square-foot space. It’s pretty awesome that they have an option to create your own watch and engrave them. 

Their classic create your own wood watch option allows you to completely customize your watch to fit your style. For the case, you can use bamboo, zebrawood, rosewood, ebony, or walnut and the dial options include zebrawood, walnut burl, maple burl, olive ash, and more.

You can choose whether or not you want hour markings or not and you can choose what color you want the second hand to be. The movement is a Japanese Miyota 2035 and you can choose between a leather or wooden strap. Lastly, you can choose an engraving to make it even more special. 

4.WeWood – Best Toxic-Free Watches

WeWood is an Italian brand founded in 2009 in Florence. This city is well-known for its art, beauty, and creativity. Their watches are a combination of style, environmental responsibility, and luxury. All of their timepieces are inspired by the wonders of the Tuscan territory. Additionally, they were the first company ever to create wristwatches that were completely toxic-free and free of any artificial materials. 

You will find that all of their watches are designed with an eco-conscious mind and with great attention to detail. They use all types of wood with peculiar colors and characteristics. They’re free from chemicals and are super lightweight. Additionally, when you buy a watch from them, they will plant a tree through the Trees For The Future program. Since they started their reforestation program in 2010, 604,475 trees have been planted. 

One of their coolest watches that we found is the Kos Indian Rosewood Watch. It’s made from all-natural Indian Rosewood, which is an extremely heavy wood that polished very well. It’s the type of wood used for black chess pieces and billiard cued. The watch features a premium Miyota 6P22 movement with hardened, scratch-proof mineral glass covering the dial. The watch is completely free of toxic chemicals and is hypo-allergenic. 

5.BoBo Bird – Most Affordable Wooden Watch Brand

BoBo Bird is a company that is set out to make the planet better. They create their watches in such a way that they leave a very small carbon footprint and create a larger circular supply chain. They claim that their watches are more environmentally friendly than any other watch. They use fewer power tools in their plants and their watches are made with the most comfortable and sustainable materials. 

As with most of the other watch brands on the market, this brand will plant a tree for every item purchased from their website. By 2030, their plan is to have 3,000,000 trees planted. Additionally, they believe in ethical manufacturing. Their ethical factories create your products in guaranteed safe working conditions that are fair and equal. 

One of their most popular men’s watches is the Business Casual watch. It’s made with Ancient Asian sustainable wood as well as various types of other materials including teak, ebony, maple, and bamboo. This particular watch has an imported quartz movement and a Sony battery.

It’s guaranteed to be durable and accurate with time. The dial is a black chronograph with a  date display covered by Hardlex glass and the band is adjustable.  Additionally, the handcrafted natural material makes it smooth and comfortable to wear. 

If you’re in the market for a women’s watch, the Bamboo Wooden watch is a real eye catcher. It features a Japan 2035 quartz movement and a long-lasting Sony battery.

The case is made from bamboo that has absolutely no paint on it and is hypoallergenic and the bright blue band is made of leather. The dials and markers are covered by a Hardlex glass for maximum protection. 

6.Plantwear – Best Classic Design

Plantwear began in mid-2013 by individuals who had previous experience in the woodworking industry. Since they had a strong design and fashion sense, they decided to begin Plantwear. No, they weren’t the first people to come up with the wood fashion ideas, but they want to be the best. 

All of their watches are handcrafted in their workshop and made from mostly natural raw materials. This is one characteristic that makes their products original and unique. They work in their workshops through countless hours and days without a break for months, but they still love what they do. All of these hours mean they work very hard on their watches to ensure they’re durable, practical, and beautiful. 

Their website is full of unique and beautiful watches, but this watch from the Raw Series is unbelievable. The case is crafted from a beautiful ebony and natural stone material and the dial is made from natural stone. There are luminous silver hands that are powered by a Japanese citizen quartz movement. There is a mineral glass face covering the dial and the strap is made from recycled nylon NATO. 

Their Pure Series watch is great for a woman looking for a classic design that they can wear in the office. The dial and strap are made from washpapa, which is a completely vegan material that is a great alternative to leather. You have the option to choose which type of wood the case is made from, whether it be maple, American walnut, Zebrano, or black oak. It has a Miyota 1L45 movement under a mineral glass covering. 

7.Lux Woods – Best Charity Support

Lux Woods began over 20 years ago. The founder grew up tinkering with watches with his grandfather. He was promised a special watch when his grandfather passed away. He took the passion he shared with his grandfather and turned it into a company. His main goal is to make the world a better place with their watches. 

All of their wood watches are handmade and every watch is different. They assure that every watch is as unique as its owner. The company supports more than just one charity as well. One of their goals is to end worldwide childhood hunger through Additionally, they support They want to plant a billion trees by 2025. 

In their men’s collection, we thought that the Dawson Wood Watch was pretty unique. It has a very sleek modern design that is crafted from 316L stainless steel with rose gold plating. The wood is Zebrawood and is highly stable, dense, and hard. There’s a Seiko movement in it hat moves the dual time and date. Furthermore, the wood band is adjustable and has removable links. 

Unfortunately, they only offer one women’s watch, which is the Gaston. It’s crafted from high-quality Chanate wood with a comfortable band. The dial is made from white marble and has beautiful rose gold accents. It doesn’t say what type of movement it has, but we are willing to bet it has a Seiko movement. 

8.Kerbholz – Best Vegan Watch Collection

Kerbholz was founded in 2011 by two friends who traveled to Central America and found inspiration in the wood. They saw it literally everywhere; cabins, cutlery, jewelry, etc. They were in awe by the warmth and timelessness of the wood and saw a huge potential to turn it into a fashion statement. 

When they got back to Germany, they told their friends about their idea and thus created their first Kerbholz product. After that, they spent a few years touring Europe in a VW van to sell their first products. Now, they have watch collections that are surrounded by natural minerals such as marble, acetate, wood, and slate. Additionally, most of their products are Vegan-friendly. 

The Herbert Walnut is one of their signature pieces that remains popular. The dial is made from natural wood with natural grain and covered by a scratch-resistant sapphire-coated mineral glass. It has a high-quality Hattori quartz movement within a stainless steel case and crown. Additionally, there are blue date displays with a day display at the 6 o’clock position.   

We are huge fans of the vegan-friendly Hinze. It features a beautiful case and bracelet made from natural wood with natural grain. There is a high-quality Miyota GL20 quartz movement under the sapphire-coated, scratch-resistant mineral glass. It’s comfortable to wear and is splashproof up to 3 atm. 

9.Jord – Most Unique Watch

Jord is a company made up of designers, marketers, minders, and artists. They spend most of their days making decisions, whether through talking or arguing, and end with agreeing. They are focused on creating watches that are created with a modern lifestyle in mind. They believe in efficiency, experiential living, and sustainability. 

Jord uses 100% natural wood and they don’t use toxic chemicals to treat or protect the wood. They do use stainless steel clasps for those who may have a nickel allergy. Their watches are splash-proof and they offer engravings for their boxes and watches for certain models. Additionally, they offer Apple watch bands. 

One of the coolest watches we found by them is the Dover II. It features a Steelcore endoskeleton with a 50x strength increase over standard wood. The dial is constructed from casted steel that gives it both depth and contour. Under that sapphire crystal dial is a 17 jewel self-winding automatic movement. Putting it all together is a beautiful 48-piece handmade wood and steel band. 

If you’re looking for a women’s watch, the Cora Polaris is absolutely stunning. This watch features hand-seated Swarovski crystals that encircle the 34mm dial, similar to the little dipper pattern.

The North Star is sitting at the 12 o’clock position and the hour markers are denoted with colored stones. The band features finished hardwoods and is enclosed in polished metals. The watch is powered by a 21 jewel, perpetual, self-winding automatic movement with a 40-hour power reserve. The window on the front dial is made from sapphire crystal and is water-resistant up to 5 atm. 

10.Vejrhoj – Best Danish Wood Watch

Vejrhoj is a company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They were founded in 2014 by Janus Aarup, making it relatively new. They specialize in Nordic and Scandinavian designs, so if that’s what you’re into, you’ll love this brand. They also teamed up with Danish designer Bo Bonfils to create the Nautic collection. 

They believe in simplicity and natural materials. This is due to their Scandinavian design heritage. They are also dreamers who want to create bold designs that stand out from the rest. They do this by combining wood, steel, and Nordic minimalism. Their designs are simple, but distinctive. 

We thought that the Arch 01 was a wonderful men’s watch. It’s made from natural walnut wood and 316L stainless steel. It’s run by a high-quality Swiss quartz movement from Ronda and the dial is covered by a scratch-resistant mineral glass with a sapphire coating. The dial and hands are very simple as is the dark brown leather strap with quick-release function. Additionally, the watch is water-resistant up to 3 atm. 

The Takeaway

We found some of the most magnificent watches while searching for the top wood watch brands. There are watch companies that support various charities and others that don’t, but still offer gorgeous watches. Most, if not all of the watches we chose are hypoallergenic or vegan. This is something that we really thought would make earth lovers of all kinds feel better about buying a timepiece.  

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