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9 Best Pen Brands To Gift [A Friend & Coworker]

Pens are a gift that can offer high level of elegance. Enabling the recipient of your gift to write smoothly, to get in touch with calligraphy, or to draw. Pens also may act as accessories for a person and may offer a more professional look to someone’s style.

This type of gift is one that you can get for anyone such as a friend, a parent, coworker, or even a kid. Pens are designed in various ways and come in many styles such as fountain, wooden, metal, or plastic offering something for everyone. Here are the best pen brands to gift that we could find.

Best Pen Brands to Gift


Cross was established in 1846 by Richard Cross. Leading America as the first brand to produce fine writing instruments and now leading the world in the best writing instruments. Townsend is a collection by Cross that Presidents, the White House, and both the political party’s use. Each pen comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty. They also offer accessories for their pens, refills, and engravings enabling you to personalize the gift. Pens they offer are ballpoint, rollerball, multifunctional, and gift sets.

Their pens are organized by finish, collection, and special editions. Most pens range from $30 to $400 but there are some that can be as much as $3,500. Finishes come in 14 karat gold, silver, rose gold, and can be patterned.

Each product has specific formulated ink for the pen. You can also choose different ink colors for their pens.  Some of the pens and refills may be sold out on their website so taking a look at their Cross Pens Amazon Store is a good idea if something you want on their own store is sold out.


  • Offer pen gift sets
  • Sells refills for their own pens
  • Best worldwide pen brand
  • Lifetime mechanical warranty
  • Pens used by Whitehouse and Presidents


  • Could be sold out
  • Can be expensive


2.Parker Pen

Parker Pen was founded in 1888 by George Parker in the United States. Emersed in innovation and the belief that you can always make a better pen. In the 1930s Parker invented pen ink that dries quickly and eliminated need for blotting. They offer collections, gift sets, refills, and different types of inks. For their different types of pens, they offer online pen care guides on how to refill and clean the pens.

On their website each pen is described with its features, and you are able to choose the finish. The pens do not directly sell from their website. You can find their pens for sale on Parker Pen Amazon Store. They offer cheaper pens around $14 to more expensive ones up to $460. The gift sets come with either a pen, a cardholder, or a pen holder in their gift packaging. The gift packages range around $40 to $100 but may be harder to find.


  • Gift packages
  • Cheaper options
  • Sells on Amazon
  • Engrave in the pens


  • Website is not a store
  • Have to buy it at a retailer
  • Can be expensive



Created in France, Waterman has been around since 1883. This pen brand has been awarded the Gold Medal of Excellence and is seen as an iconic brand. Each product they create has a mark of French sophistication.

Inspired by the city around them. Waterman is sold all around the world. They carry seven different types of pens, pen ink, and offer pen gifts. Their website is not an online store but offer store locators or can be found on other online retailers.

Each of the seven collections offer a different design of pen that have distinctive details. Hémisphère Anniversary is their limited-edition collection. The pens are online available for 24 months and each are inspired by a certain part of France.

One of their cheapest pens is the Hémisphère Ballpoint Pen which is $25 but they have pens ranging up to $400 or more. These pens are bought by thousands and are rated at 4.5 and above out of 5 stars. Each pen comes with three-year warranty and can be extended to 5 years.


  • Cheap options
  • Highly rated
  • 3-year warranty
  • Gift pens option with pen and pen box


  • Some may be hard to get
  • Can be expensive


4.Pilot Pen

Pilot was founded in 1918 in Tokyo and have subsidiaries in various countries. They produce multiple of their own different pen brands. Around ten or more different brands. Some of their best is G2, EasyTouch, and Dr. Grip.

Along with pens they sell school and office supplies such as highlighters, pencils, and recycled pens. The best pens to gift from this brand would be their fine writing pens or their Namiki Luxury pens which are Japanese styled pens.

The fine writing pens make great gifts because they are more luxury styled pens. However, they do come at a higher price. The luxury pens can range around $200 or more. The Namiki pens can be found through their website but cannot be bought from their website.

The collection included pens such as the Sakura (Cherry blossom) Pen which is $325. If these prices feel too high, then looking at any of their other brands they carry would be a good idea. They carry pens that are as low as $5 that can be found almost anywhere.


  • Luxury styled pens and normal pens
  • Cheaper options
  • Offers recycled pens
  • Hundreds of options


  • Can be expensive
  • No gift sets



Primrose is a UK pen brand that was created in London. Selling cufflinks, belts, and pens. Their site is geared towards gifts for men but can be for anyone. All of the pens that they sell are fountain pens with different designs.

This brand does not have a large section of pens to choose from like other brands. The pens are designed in a London style, and each have some sort of engraved pattern or smooth metal. They offer 24/7 customer service and tracking for all shipments.

The fountain pens are a lot cheaper than other brands. Each one ranges round $16 but look more expensive and sophisticated. If you are not looking to spend $200 on a pen, then this would be a good one to gift.

Since these pens are designed well and cheap they may be harder to find. The website appears to be mostly sold out of pens. There is not description of when there will be a restock either. If you really would like to gift this brand, then emailing or calling their customer service may be a good idea.


  • Cheap pens
  • Designed well
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Sold out of most
  • May be hard to find



Sheaffer was established in 1913 by Walter Sheaffer who used to be a jeweler, so he had a sense for attention detail. They value craftmanship and performance. Each pen includes a white dot. This promises Sheaffer’s lifetime mechanical warranty.

Prior to their opening Walter created an ink loading system for fountain pens. The Sheaffer company also helped in war and received an Army Navy “E” Award. They offer two collections which are called their Frontier Collection and their Heritage Collection. The types of pens they offer are fountain pens, rollerball, and ballpoint. For gifts, they offer a gift set. Along with pens that can be engraved.

Gift sets come in less formal packaging than other brands. Although there are two options that offer more elegant packaging coming with a notebook or two pens. The gift sets price range around $10 to $40 which is cheaper than other brands gift sets.

Their pens are reviewed highly, such as their Prelude Merlot Lacquer Ballpoint Pen that’s rated at 4.5/5 stars and ranges around $50. There are many pen shapes and designs that Sheaffer carries, and all are under $100.


  • A cheaper brand
  • Offer gift sets
  • Multiple styles and designs to choose from


  • Can be expensive
  • May not be luxury enough



Lamy was founded in 1930 in German by a sales representative who used to work for Parker Pens. They first started making fountain pens and later released German’s first ballpoint pen in 1964. Deign of their pens have extreme attention to detail and won them a Design Award.

Most of their pens now have a more modern and clean design than designs with patterns. Along with pens they sell accessories, pencils, and sets which would be good for gifting. Like other brands, their website is not an online store but offers store locators or can be found on online retailers’ websites.

Gift sets from Lamy either come with a pen or two pens and with a pen holder, pen case, or ink cartridges. All of the gift pens are either black or silver with a modern design. The gift sets feature a rose gold pen which is special addition.

Price is not listed on this one but other sets range around $40. Most of their pens do not appear to be too expensive. Their Safari Fountain Pen ranges around $20 to $40 and has 4.5/5 stars by reviewers. The Safari pen is also said to have comfortable grip and is one of their best-selling products on Amazon.


  • Cheap options
  • Gift sets
  • Modern, clean design
  • Special addition pens


  • Have to buy from retailer
  • Doesn’t have pens with patterns


8.Caran d’Ache

Caran d’Ache is a family-owned German pen brand founded in 1915. Along with pens, this brand likes to collaborate with artists and create products used for art. This brand has the most options for gifts than any of the other brands.

Pens for kids, business, men, and women. Pens can be engraved and can either come in luxury styled packaging or regular packaging. Their most famous pens are their ballpoint pens collection which feature their mechanical pens that look like mechanical pencils.

Gift sets from this brand can range from $40 to $200. Some of the pens they offer are designed with more flare than luxury. Such as red patterns, chocolate bar themed, or bright yellow. Those pens are cheaper, in the $40 range.

The luxury-styled pens are distinctly different from their more playful pens because of the higher price ($200-$600) and luxury design. Pens from this brand would be good for creative people along with people who prefer more modern styled pens.


  • Offer playful pen designs
  • Offer luxury pen deigns
  • Can be cheap
  • Largest option of gift sets


  • Can be expensive



Montblanc is a luxury pen brand created in 1906. Using European craftsmanship, it sells pens that hold both its heritage and history in one. Social responsibility is also in Montblanc’s agenda. Launching foundations and partnering with others in order to help the community and do their best to be environmentally friendly. Along with pens they sell bags, fragrances, watches, and a few other products.

This company does not include gift sets but a pen from them would be a gift in itself. These pens are among the more expensive brands of pens. Ranging from $400 to $2,000. They offer different collections with different styled pens. Most of their pens come in a cigar shape and feature luxury designs that are simple but also offer ones that can be more intricate.


  • Luxury styled pens
  • Offer different luxury designs and styles
  • Focus on social responsibility


  • Expensive


How to Choose the Best Pen Brand to Gift

When you are choosing the best pen brand to gift you should consider certain aspects before you buy. Such aspects include thinking about who you are buying for, the price you are willing to pay, and which design you want to give to whomever the gift is for.

Thinking about these things will help you choose a pen brand. If you are buying for a kid, then Caran d’Ache would be a good brand because they offer playful pens. If you are buying a cooperate gift then you may want to choose another brand that carries more luxury designed brands and not ones with chocolate bars on them.