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Best Neighborhood To Stay In Washington DC [A Must Read]

Do you plan on owning a home in Washington DC, or do you appreciate the beauty of the capital city of the US and want to walk in some of its most fascinating neighborhoods? This is the perfect guide to experiencing the multicultural vibe the top neighborhoods in Washington; D.C has owing to the distinctive mix the people.

It has many beautiful neighborhoods that you could explore and possibly live in. If you ever decide to visit Washington DC or you plan on moving there, here are some of the best neighborhoods you should see during your visit or recon.

Best Neighborhood To Stay In Washington DC

The neighborhoods reviewed were ranked based on shops, safety, beauty and access to social amenities.

Best Neighborhoods To Stay In Washington DC

1. DuPont circle

DuPont Circle is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Washington DC. It has got highlights that attract young and wealthy people across the world. They include art galleries, bars, Embassy Row, Sunday Farmer’s Market, cafes, The Phillips Collection, and a large marble fountain.

Many Historic Sites

Other highlights include museums, exclusive shops, comedy clubs like DC Improv, and a great nightlife scene. Some historic landmarks in DuPont circle include The Cathedral of Saint Matthew the Apostle, The Mansion on O & O Street Museum, the Brew master’s Castle, and Woodrow Wilson House.

LGBT Friendly 

DuPont Circle is a top destination for the gay community in Washington dc.  Ensure you stop by at Bistrot du Coin for an irresistible glass of champagne. The burger at Dukes’s Grocery is something you should never miss.

The “Spanish steps” is a great spot for daily workouts. Here are the best hotels to stay in DuPont circle during your next visit.

  • The DuPont Circle Hotel
  • The Embassy Row Hotel
  • The St Gregory Hotel.

2. George Town

George Town is the oldest part of Washington dc. It’s in all sense DC, and attracts a political crowd. George Town has busy streets occasioned with shopping, as well as winning-and-dinning avenues. It is perfect for all kinds of visitors.

This neighborhood lies above the waterfront harbor of the Potomac River. By the pathways, you can find tall, old trees. Its lanes are covered with quaint 18th and 19th-century architectures.

One of America’s Best University 

George Town is home to the prestigious Georgetown University. The presence of this university gives the area its liveliness and robust student life. For handmade tortillas made with all-vegetarian fillings, stopover at Chaia tacos.

Easy on Traffic

If you’ve ever lived in New York, you’d understand why this is a big deal. You don’t have to spend hours siting in traffic.

Lobbying on your behalf

Remember a lot of powerful people live in George Town. This means your neighbours lobby endlessly for services and improvements that you get to enjoy without lifting a finger. Call me an opportunist, but that’s a hell of a bargain.

Places you should visit

Places you should visit here include the Exorcist Steps, Dumbarton Oaks, Book Hill, and Washington Harbor. Others are Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Oak Hill Cemetery, Old Stone House, and Tudor Place.

When planning your visit to George Town, be sure to make a hotel reservation with any of the following

  • The George townhouse boutique inn.
  • Graham George town.
  • George Town inn.
  • George Town suites.

3. Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill otherwise known as the Hill is the seat of the US government. Capitol Hill is home to the United States Supreme Court, Capitol, and Library of Congress. This is where you will find most politicians.

Capitol Hill has lots of townhomes and families. The city is lively and charming. Whether on a long or short visit, Capitol Hill has lots of places to make your stay a memorable one.

Everything is within walking distance

Everything is within walking distance. This awesome because parking is difficult and mostly expensive in most parts of DC. Besides, the idea getting by without having to drive long distances is just relieving

The Century Ballroom

One thing you can’t get in any other city is the music from the Century Ballroom. On Wednesdays, Sundays, and some Saturdays, you’d hear vintage jazz coming from the club for one of the best Lindy Hop scenes in the nation accompanied by one of the best instructors in the industry.

Where to visit

You can start by visiting the capitol building, the Supreme Court, and the library of congress. More so, visit the U.S. Botanic Garden, the statue of freedom, Peace Monument, and Ulysses S Grant Memorial.

If you will like to shop in Capitol Hill, Union Station the ideal place for budget dining and shopping. Best hotel pick here include

  • Capitol Hill Hotel
  • Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill
  • Capitol Skyline
  • Washington Court Hotel

4. Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan is at the west of Columbia Heights. It is named after the John Quincy Adams Elementary School (for whites alone) and the Thomas P. Morgan Elementary School (for blacks alone). It is popular for its cultural heritage, open markets, and international diners.

If you love late-night jumbo slice and rowdy revelers, Adam Morgan is the place to be. It has gourmet restaurants and boutique shops. You will be thrilled to classic cocktails at the Mintwood Place and live music at Madam’s Organ blues bar.

Easy Late-night commute

Doesn’t matter when, you can always find a cab to take you home. This is one of the only neighbourhoods where transport isn’t a difficult to catch. There are also plenty of bus routes available.

Great restaurants and bars

This neighbourhood is also well known for its numerous great restaurants and bars. If you are the type to eat out, or catch a drink or two, then this place is going to treat you well.

Sightseeing and Relaxation

For sightseeing and relaxation, do well to visit the luxurious embassies, Meridian Hill Park, Lanier Heights, Kalorama Recreation Center and Victorian row houses of the 18th Street. Adam Morgan’s weekends is popular for the assemblage of drunken early twenties youths on the sidewalks.

Here are the best Hotel picks in Adams Morgan.

  • The line hotel dc.
  • American guest house
  • 1BR in DC Hotspot Adams Morgan

5. National Mall

The national mall is surrounded by several Washington DC’s neighborhoods. They include the Penn Quarter, Capitol Hill, and Independence Avenue. You can access them within a short trek.

Home  to the Smithsonian

It is home to Smithsonian Institution museums such as the National Museum of American History. In this museum, you will get to see Dorothy’s real red slippers. More so, you see an exact copy of Julia Child’s kitchen.

Affordable Properties

There are several cheap properties in the National Mall. The best pick will be the luxurious Mandarin Oriental hotel. Not forgetting the W Washington DC from where you can view the white house.

The national mall contains government buildings, old houses, and chains of hotels. Highlights of the national mall include the International Spy Museum, and the Museum of the Bible.

6. Shaw

Shaw is home to D.C’s largest hotel (the Marriott Marquis Washington, D.C) with about 1,175 rooms. It has several other hotels, galleries, slick bars, and shops. It holds memories of local African-American history; like the history of the African American Civil War.

The Howard Theater in Shaw hosted the musical acts, Ella Fitzgerald. Interesting right! This DC’s neighborhood is ideal for visitors coming to dc for a conference or event at the convention center (The Walter E. Washington Convention Center). It’s also cool for those visiting Howard University

Make your hotel reservations at

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  • The Marriott Marquis Washington, D.C