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9 Best MICR Printers For Check Printing

Let’s start with the basics. MICR is short for magnetic ink character recognition, a technology used mainly by the banking industry to simplify check processing and clearance as well as clearance of other documents through the Federal Reserve banks.

MICR check printing solutions comply with the ANSI X.9 document preparation standards regulating printed check document quality. These standards also apply to ensure accuracy in the reading and sorting clearance process.

The MICR lines on checks have what are known as MICR characters, which you need MICR ink or toner to print. Using fonts and toner together is what creates a quality MICR line that a machine can read. 

Fraud Protection 

Secure MICR check printing systems deliver great value for issuing paper checks – unmatched protection against check fraud, streamlined transactions through end to end automation, decreased transaction time, significant cost reductions, and revenue opportunities.

Below is a table comparing the best HP MICR printer and MICR printer models by other leading brands.

Comparing the Best MICR Printers 

1. HP LaserJet Enterprise M607n: Best Overall

This is a printer that takes business expectations to a whole new level. You consistently print high-quality documents with the HP LaserJet Enterprise M607n.

This is a laser monochrome printer designed to combine security, performance, and high energy efficiency. 

HP Sure Start 

If there should be hacking attempts, you’ll be happy to know this printer can repair itself from these. This is possible thanks to HP Sure Start. The printers regularly check their operating code and fix themselves after attempted hacks.

The HP Laser M607n is maybe the highest-security printer in the industry with over 175 embedded security features that are always working to detect and stop attacks.

It is easy to add new devices and solutions, apply corporate policies, and update features. This helps augment business efficiency. Thanks to the innovative toner technology and design, this laser printer uses exceptionally low amounts of energy. 

Requires OEM Cartridges 

Last but not least, you can trust the toner cartridges. You avoid wasted supplies, reprints, and service calls by using original HP 37A toner cartridges manufactured for this exact printer.


  • Next business day warranty
  • Free web support 7 days a week
  • 650-sheet total input tray capacity
  • 2.7″ LCD control panel
  • Print speed of up to 55 pages per minute


  • Sometimes trays break early on  
  • Long wait period to print first page 

2. Hp Laserjet Pro M404Dn : Best Compact Printer

The HP Pro M404Dm is designed to keep your business moving forward. Its compact size makes it easy to fit anywhere in your office or at home.

It will find its spot anywhere in any shared work area. It prints very high-quality documents and boasts a suite of embedded security features, like optional pin or pull printing and instant threat notifications.

These features help protect your laser printer from hacker attacks and help ensure the safety of your sensitive data

Paper Capacity 

You can speed up tasks and stay productive with print speeds of up to 40 pages a minute, automatic 2 sided printing, fast first-page print and a 250 sheet input tray.

This black and white laser printer lets you share resources on your network easily. Simply access and print with built-in Ethernet capabilities. 

The toner cartridges are high quality and reliable, as are those of our first choice. Always use original HP 58a/58x toner cartridges. 

This is an environmentally friendly product with enhanced energy efficiency. In fact, the HP LaserJet Pro M404dn has features that help reduce paper waste and saves up to 18 percent energy compared to similar products.


  • Energy efficient 
  • Compact 
  • Reliable toner cartridges 
  • Speeds up tasks 
  • High security 


  • No dash replenishment ready 
  • Setup can be time-consuming 

3. MTI LaserJet Pro M402n: Most Feature-Rich Printer

This check printing package a preinstalled MTI CF226A MICR toner cartridge, a HP LaserJet Pro M402n Monochrome Laser Printer, power cord, and getting started guide.

You need check printing software to print checks, and this is not included in the package. MICR fonts are part of the check printing software.

Enhanced Productivity 

This printer enhances productivity and delivers professional-quality output.

It is ready to use with 1 Hi-Speed USB 2.0, 1 Host USB and 1 Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000T network for your convenience. It is easy to grab pages and go because it prints really fast.

The printer has Ethernet capabilities as well, ensuring that you stay connected, work with ease, and keep your business flexible when opportunity strikes or changes are needed. 


  • Prints up to 40 pages a minute – great for big jobs
  • Reliable connection 
  • Wakes up and prints fast


  • One Amazon user says the cartridge that came with the printer is defective 
  • If you want to work on an older server with this printer, you’ll have to find an older compatible driver

4. Lexmark MICR Printer MC3224 User-friendliest MICR Printer

This multifunction color printer is so compact that it will fit almost anywhere. It can also scan and copy apart from print and has a tray capacity of up to 250 pages, as well as a color touch screen single-sheet feeder.

Setup is easy and fast because the printer is wireless. It’s easy to print from mobile devices with standard Wi-Fi. Ethernet and USB connectivity are available. Mobile support is offered via Air Print, Google Cloud Print, and Morea, Lexmark’s mobile print app.   

Your data is safe with Lexmark’s full-spectrum security architecture, regardless of whether it’s on the device, the document, or the network in general.

Superb Output 

Finally, this printer has good output – it can print up to 24 pages per minute according to the manufacturer. It is environmentally friendly. Lexmark toner cartridge recycling is available. The printer is rated Silver by EPEAT and is energy star certified. Good news for your wallet and nature! 


  • Good output
  • Reliable support 
  • 512 MB of memory 
  • 1-GHz dual-core processor
  • Standard two-sided printing 


  • No printer cable included
  • There have been complaints about the manual being unclear 

Ricoh MICR Printer

While Ricoh’s offerings do not extend to MICR printers, a good alternative is the following: 

5. MICR Toner International Xpress M2020w

The package includes a Samsung Xpress M2020w printer and an MTI D111S MICR toner cartridge. The printer can print up to 1,000 pages in one go and around 3,000 checks, It’s great for a home office, combining affordable pricing, high performance, and combined ease of operation.

Easy Mobile Printing 

The printer offers easy mobile printing and overall multifunction efficiency that are excellent for a home office or a cost-conscious workspace.

With the laser printer, you can print from a USB drive or a range of mobile devices with the built-in NFC wirelessly. It enables fast and easy connection with the Wi-Fi laser printer. 

Samsung always offers high quality printing and crisp black text with innovative imaging technology. Moreover, you save up to 20% on toner with Samsung’s Easy Eco Driver.

High-Speed Printing 

You get up to 21 pages per minute. The recommended monthly volume is 100 – 1,500 pages. The Samsung single-function laser printer features high-speed printing, wireless capability, and monochrome printing.

The laser printer impresses with look and performance with product dimensions of 13.0″ x 8.5″ x 7.0″. There is easy toner saving with a one-touch Eco button. 

This Samsung color laser printer is ENERGY STAR certified, while MTI MICR products are ISO 9001 certified, making sure print quality and page yield match OEM standards.

The manufacturer offers 1 year warranty for the MICR toner cartridges and dedicated customer support.


  • 1 MTI MICR Toner Cartridge for Check Printing 
  • Yield: 1,000 pages; prints 3,000 checks at 3 per page 
  • Exceptionally High Page Yield Compared to Ink Cartridges 
  • Reduce cost and prevent check fraud by printing your own checks 


  • No reviews on Amazon

6. Canon MICR Printer CLASS LBP6230dw Wireless Laser Printer

This is not only the best wireless printer, but also one of the most energy-efficient laser printers on the planet to print checks with.

The package includes an image CLASS LBP6230dw Wireless Laser Printer, a power cord, a preinstalled MTI 126 3483B001 MICR Toner Cartridge, and a guide to get started. The software needed to print checks is sold separately, including MICR fonts. 

The LBP6230dw is a compact laser printer that offers professional quality output at very high speeds with breathtaking features such as automatic 2-sided printing, mobile printing, and wireless connectivity.

It is also compact to fit anywhere and easy to use. There will be enough space for it on a desk in your home office or a small shared workspace.

Wireless Connectivity 

With wireless connectivity, you can enjoy the benefit of printing from virtually anywhere. You save time as this printer’s output is up to 26 pages per minute. The first page is printed in just a few seconds. 

Users limit interruptions with the 250-sheet standard paper cassette and reduce paper use with automatic two-sided printed right out of the box. 

Canon’s LBP6230dw printer enhances productivity and delivers professional quality output.
CANON, however, does not manufacture MICR toner cartridges. These MICR toner cartridges are manufactured by MTI. 


  • MTI 126 3483B001 MICR Cartridge 
  • CLASS LBP6230dw Wireless Laser Printer 
  • Yield: 2100 pages; prints 6300 checks @ 3 per page 
  • Magnetic toner for check printing 


  • No reviews 

7. Xerox Phaser 3260 Monochrome Multifunction Laser Printer

The Xerox Phaser 3260 is a monochrome multifunction laser printer equipped with a 106RO2775 Modified MICR cartridge. The cartridge is developed from a genuine Xerox toner cartridge especially made to print checks on the Phaser 3260 Printer.

Non-OEM Cartridges Are Acceptable 

It’s possible to remove the original toner from a Xerox 106R02775 Cartridge and replace it with MICR toner, which is a great feature. The cartridges are made by Renewable Toner, not Xerox. The latter does not manufacture MICR toner cartridges.

The check printing package includes a printer, a preinstalled 106RO2775 Modified MICR Toner Cartridge, USB cable, power cord, and getting started guide. The software needed to print checks is sold separately, including MICR fonts. 

The Xerox Phaser 3260DNI Printer can deal with big, professional printing tasks with the rapid, uninterrupted performance Xerox is known for. The printer is easy to use with its focus on printing. It features laser printing with up to 4800 x 600 dpi resolution.

Large Input Capacity & Single Sheet Bypass 

This guarantees detailed, high-quality prints. The printer is equipped with a 600 MHz processor and 256 MB printer memory, 250-sheet input capacity and a single-sheet bypass tray. Labels and envelopes are supported.

Another medium that is supported is transparencies. The processor and memory ensure convenient and reliable printing of your most important documents. 


  • Very high quality 
  • 106R02775 Modified MICR Cartridge (1.5k Yield) 
  • Genuine modified toner cartridge is used 
  • MICR toner cartridge is preloaded in printer  
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Check printing software / MICR fonts sold separately  
  • No reviews 

8. Brother HL L2300D : Best Value for Money

While this is not a MICR printer, it is a very cost-effective alternative. It features very fast laser printing, helping increase your productivity with a print speed of up to 27 ppm. Users appreciate the high-quality output with a print resolution of up to 2400 x 600 dpi.

Easy Paper Handling 

It is easy to print two-sided documents with a rear paper exit and manual feed slot. Another benefit is easy, convenient paper handling. This laser printer can fulfill any printing requirement by means of an adjustable, 250-sheet capacity paper tray that handles legal or letter size paper.

The unit has a straight-through paper path. The manual feed slot and rear paper exit make sure you always get excellent quality printed materials. In Toner Save mode, you save on toner when you’re not printing very important business documents. 

This unit uses a USB connection, which makes sure your job site operations run smoothly with no complications. There is very fast USB 2.0 interface. Finally, Brother offers a whopping (max) monthly duty cycle of 10,000 pages.

System Requirements 

Please note that some features of the installed drivers and software may not work correctly if you upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

If you plan on doing this, please uninstall all software and drivers in Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 before upgrading to Windows 10. The recommended monthly volume is from 250 to 2,000 pages.


  • Prints Up To 27 ppm, Automatic Duplex Printing 
  • It prints sharp, professional black and white pages at up to 2400 x 600dpi resolution 
  • 250 Sheet Capacity Paper Tray
  • A4 2 sided print speed 13
  • A4 standard print speed 26
  • Automatic 2 sided print
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty with Free Phone Support 
  • Output Paper Capacity (sheets):100 


  • Does not come with USB cable
  • Printer doesn’t have Wi-Fi capability

9. Troy MICR Printer ST9720 Printer Base Model

On a final note, we have the Troy Standard MICR ST9720 Printer Base Model with a speed of 50 ppm. Here are its specifications: 

  • 800 MHz
  • 256 MB
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • 150,000 pages max duty cycle 
  • USB/Ethernet
  • 650 Sheet Input Cap

Buyers’ Guide 

Checks printed with regular, not MICR ink may be legit, but they can trigger an error when scanned. Opting for an MICR ink printer makes the process easier and makes sure that equipment will read your checks properly.

An ideal output would be in the range of 50 to 100 ppm. An 136 ppm production-class laser printers capable of printing as many as 1,000,000 impressions per month will never let you down.

These are modular systems that deliver the speed and input/output capacity for large operations with fewer interruptions.

A Reputable Manufacturer

Reputable manufacturers ensure buyers that all their printers undergo a meticulous conversion process to transform the system into a MICR-ready solution. MICR fonts are specially designed and the toners are specially formulated.

Every document you print should meet standards for read rates, adhesion, signal strength, character sharpness, among others.

High Yield With OEM  Cartridges 

OEM cartridges are normally the best option when you are looking for MICR toner because they meet your printer manufacturer’s exact specifications. OEM toner cartridges yield the best quality prints and contain the highest quality toner, which is why they are more expensive.

Compatible MICR toner cartridges are a more affordable option. They offer high-quality results some of the time too.

As you look around for a printer and toner, make sure the brand or product you choose complies with ANSI standards to make sure that all banks will clear the checks you print.

Frequently Asked Questions 

We will close out with a section on the most frequently asked questions about MICR printers and all things related. Check for the answer to yours. 

Does HP make MICR Toner?

HP does not make MICR toner. Troy makes check printers using HP printers. The M600 series is used by our Troy choice above. Other possible manufacturers are, Toner Pirate, and ADV Laser. MTI makes modified MICR cartridges. 

Do you need MICR ink to Print Checks?

Yes, despite innovations in image-based processing. Magnetic ink is still required to print paper checks. 

Is MICR toner Still Necessary?

Yes, you need to print checks on blank stock. Depending on your bank, you may have to also use MICR toner. Bigger banks like Chase and Bank of America now feature optical scanners, so MICR toner is not necessary.   

What Printers use MICR toner?

HP, Dell, Lexmark, Canon, and IBM laser printers use MICR toner to print checks. Note that laser jet color printers do not. To print a check, you need a MICR toner cartridge made for your laser printer model, MICR fonts and software, and blank check paper.

Can I use a MICR toner for Regular Printing?

Inkjet printers cannot use MICR toner. You need this toner to print the MICR line on checks. It is only available for laser printers. 

MICR Printer Alternative 

Thank you for reading our review. We hope it’s been helpful. We reviewed the best MICR printers and some decent alternatives. Now you know what the market is like and can make a more informed decision. 

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