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How To Choose The Best Metal Carports

Metal carports are, hands down, one of the best means of protecting your vehicles from Mother Nature’s touch. Wood has long been a staple of construction techniques for one reason: It’s plentiful and easy to use. Still, with the aid of modern technology, steel structures are now far cheaper, more efficient, and durable than just about any other building material, including wood.

Despite being a pillar of construction for thousands of years, there are still many drawbacks to selecting wood as your source of building material.

Risks of fire, moisture damage, and extreme temperatures can quickly bring a wooden building to the ground. But steel will stand the test of time. Immune to most fires and certified to withstand incredible wind, water, and snow loads, there really is no competition between the two.

These benefits will give you a clear understanding of just how much of an improvement choosing a steel carport over wooden structures can make. Take a look below at some crucial advantages of picking metal structures to protect your vehicles and essential investments.

Arrow Shed 10' x 15' x 7' 29-Gauge Carport with Galvanized Steel Roof Panels, 10' x 15' x 7', Eggshell

How To Choose The Best Metal Carports

1. Consider The Weather

As mentioned previously, metal structures can hold up under intense stressors, including snow, hail damage, wind, and flooding. Our buildings are engineered to meet or exceed wind, snow, and seismic load regulations across most of the United States, keeping you, your family, and your automobiles safe.

They also have a natural resistance to fire damage. With steel’s melting point being over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, typical electrical and home fires can’t destroy the external structure. Wooden structures are famously susceptible to fire damage. With steel, you won’t have to worry about risking your safety and losing your possessions in a fire.

2.Consider The Cost Efficiency

In addition to the sheer strength that Metal Carports show when facing off against the elements, there’s another significant reason they stand tall as the best method of protecting your automobiles and important items: the price.

Choosing to build your carport from steel instead of wood can save tons of material costs and speed up the construction process tremendously. Who wants to wait for a construction crew? Ordinary wooden structures can take months to erect, with tons of headaches and logistical issues along the way. But metal carports are engineered and pre-cut in a factory, streamlining the building process and cutting down on production time!

Concrete is no different! Concrete may protect your important items from harm, but it is a very rigid material to work with and is a terrible option when it comes to construction time and moisture retention.

Though concrete may be resilient when it comes to wind, fire, and rain damage, it’s still an inferior option when facing off against seismic forces. Earthquakes can cause immense damage to unyielding stone structures, leading to cracks and foundation issues that can grow into massive problems and be quite expensive to repair.

3.Consider Durability & Longevity

Even though your carport or garage won’t take long to put together, it will last a very long time. Lifetimes even. Galvanized steel is immune to moisture infiltration, protecting your structure from rotting and falling apart over the years.

Steel is also a natural deterrent to insects, rodents, and other pests. Termites are a natural enemy of wood and can level an otherwise sound structure in no time, but steel offers no safe harbor. Rodents and mice are also unable to infiltrate the substructure of a metal building like modern wooden structures, allowing pest removal to be conducted quickly and efficiently.

4. Aim For Low-Maintenance

One of the best qualities of steel carports lies in the sparse maintenance requirements over the life of the building. Many wooden structures will repeatedly need repairs to the fascia and roofing to prevent leaks and moisture infiltration.

However, steel structures boast a special coating on the roofing panels, giving them an extra advantage against any damage. This greatly reduces the number of times you’ll have to hire handymen or put yourself in dangerous situations for repairs.

5. Choose Eco-Friendly

Among all the numerous benefits that steel buildings offer, one of the most essential is their eco-friendly nature. Wooden structures require miles and miles of forest to supply building projects, damaging the planet and devastating forests around the world.

But steel is easily forged and 100% recyclable. In fact, many of our products are forged from recycled materials! This gives metal buildings the ability to operate with a much smaller carbon footprint, protecting the environment for future generations.

Overall Protection

We can go on about the laundry list of benefits forever and a day, but when it comes down to it, metal carports protect your valuable automobiles in several ways.

You’d probably expect that carports simply protect vehicles and equipment from the outside elements, but they do quite a bit more than that.

Metal garages and carports, especially with proper climate control, can protect the interior components of your vehicle, preventing rust, contamination, and even dry rot. This is the perfect solution for owners of classic automobiles that want their investments to last.


By now, it should be evident just how much better steel buildings are compared to similar wooden structures. In terms of durability, longevity, and ease of construction, there really is no competition. Choosing steel for your garage or carport will save you money for years.

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