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5 Best Irish Tea Brands [Breakfast, Decaf & More]

Nothing beats the bold and powerful flavor of a cup of hot Irish tea. While Irish tea has always been popular, there are still many people that dont know a lot about it. Also, there are a lot of Irish Tea brands out there, so if you aren’t very well informed on this subject, it can be quite difficult to know which are the best Irish tea brands. So, we put this list together in an effort to point you in the right direction.

While there is a dizzying array of Irish teas available on the market today, Bewley’s Tea, Barry’s Tea, Thompson’s Tea, Lyons Tea, and Cupán Tae are the most popular and have made the largest impression on the wider tea community. Each of these brands offer a wide variety of teas, so we included our top picks.

Best Irish Tea Brands

Ireland is known to be a nation of tea lovers, so, its no surprise that Irish teas are world-famous. In this article, we will go over the top Irish tea brands that you may want to try out. These are some some of the most popular tea brands that are used every day in Ireland.

So, What Is Irish Tea?

Once it became widely available in Ireland towards the end of the 18th century, it has become a staple drink amongst the Irish people. While there is a Camellia sinensis tea garden in Ireland, Irish tea is, paradoxically, not grown in Ireland. Irish tea gets its name because it is common to be served in Ireland for breakfast or in the early afternoon. Because of Irish tea’s strong, malty flavor, it’s generally served with milk and sugar.

Irish Breakfast Tea

While there are many other delicious Irish teas to try, Irish Breakfast Tea is the most popular type of tea produced by the best Irish tea brands. There are many different types of Irish Breakfast Tea to try including traditional, organic, decaffeinated, or loose leaf.

What Is Irish Breakfast Tea?

Irish breakfast tea blends are typically made from Assam tea leaves. Assam tea gets its name from where its produced, Assam, India. This tea is known for its malty flavor and loved for its its bright red color. Like most teas, Assam tea is high in antioxidants and offers various health benefits.

Irish breakfast tea blends also include tea leaves from Sri Lanka, Rwanda, and Kenya. This eclectic blend really gives the best Irish Breakfast teas their unique color and flavor.

Top Irish Tea Brands

1.Barry’s Tea

Founded in Cork in 1901, Barry’s Tea is arguably the most popular Irish tea brand. This family business was founded by James J. Barry. and produces teas that are packaged in sustainable, recyclable tea boxes and is RA (Rainforest Alliance) Certified. Barry’s also offers a variety of tea infusions and green teas in addition to its traditional Irish tea offerings.

We suggested that you try several teas by this company, here is a list of a few of them:

Barry’s Tea Gold Blend

This is a blend of teas that are sourced from Kenya, Rwanda, and the Assam Valley in India. You can get this tea either as grounds or in loose leaf form.

Barry’s Irish Breakfast Tea

This is a Irish breakfast tea that includes leaves from Africa and Assam.

Barry’s Tea Earl Grey

This one is a classic blend of bergamot and black tea.

Barry’s Tea Decaf Blend

When you want all of the flavor and none of the pep, this one is for you. Barry’s Tea Decaf Blend is a full-flavored decaf tea that is made with the same high-quality leaves as the gold blend, sans caffeine.

2.Thompson’s Tea (Punjana)

Thompson’s Tea was founded in Belfast all the way back in 1896. Thompson’s is a family business that is run by a fourth generation member of the Thompson family. In fact, the family is still very-much-so active in the taste, selection, and sources of all of the company’s teas.

Some teas to try by Thompson’s Tea:

Thompson’s Punjana 

Thompson’s Punjana is the company’s award-winning, signature tea. It uses a blend of Kenyan and Assamnian tea leaves.

Thompson’s Irish Breakfast Blend 

Another amazing Irish tea by Thompson’s is its Irish Breakfast Blend. This tea is a blend of tea leaves from Mount Kenya and Assam.

Thompson’s Titanic Tea

Also, you’ve got to try Thompson’s Titanic Tea. This one is a blend of Kenyan and Assam tea leaves. Titanic Tea is a tribute to the thousands of workers who built the Titanic.

Thompson’s Decaf Tea 

Then there is Thompson’s Decaf Tea. This is one of the most popular and best-tasting decaffeinated teas you can get. In fact, Thompson’s Decaf Tea is aware-winning. It’s produced with Second Flush Assam tea leaves that are picked during peak growing months, which is the best time to grab them.

3.Lyons Tea

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Lyons Tea is a popular tea brand that makes sure all of its tea leaves are Rainforest Alliance Certified and sustainably sourced.

Here are some blends by Lyons Teas that we suggest you try out:

Lyons Original Blend 

Lyons Original Blend is the company’s very first offering. It’s a a bright tea that is reddish-gold in color and is made with only the finest tea leaves.

Lyons Gold Blend

Lyons Gold Blend is a full blend of Assam, Kenyan, and Ceylon tea leaves. You can also get this one as a loose leaf.

4.Cupán Tae

Cupán Tae means ‘cup of tea’ in Irelands traditional language. This tea shop is based in Galway and they serve afternoon tea in a quant and cozy tea rooms. The great news is that you don’t have to be in Ireland to enjoy Cupán Tae, because they also ship their premium teas globally.

Here are some of of Cupán Tae’s most popular offerings:

Dreamy Creamy Galway Tea

Dreamy Creamy Galway Tea is a blend of roasted coffee beans, black tea, and jasmine flowers.

Emerald Isle Tea

Another one to try is their Emerald Isle Tea which is a blend that includes whiskey, cocoa, and vanilla.

Irish Breakfast Tea 

Another one to watch out for by this company is their Irish Breakfast Tea, which is a conventional blend of Assam leaves.

Merlin’s Magic Elixir of Life

Merlin’s Magic Elixir of Life is another popular tea by this company. It’s a fruity, unique, blend that is composed of grapes, apples, and rosehip peels. There is also marigold petals and lemon myrtle. Another important thing to consider is the fact that this tea is certified organic and available in decaf.

5.Bewley’s Tea

Founded in Dublin in 1849 after Samuel Bewley and his son brought over 2,000 chests of tea into Ireland. Now, Bewley’s Tea is one of the most popular Irish tea and coffee brands. This company has a tea cafe on Dublin’s famous Grafton Street, so if you are in Ireland, make sure to stop by! Bewley’s teas are available as bagged ground or loose leaf.

Bewley’s Irish Breakfast Tea 

One of this company’s teas that you really need to try is Bewley’s Irish Breakfast Tea. This tea is a refreshing blend of Darjeeling and Assam tea leaves and is also available as loose leaf tea or grounds.

Bewley’s Dublin Morning Tea 

Another one by this company that you definitely need to try is Bewley’s Dublin Morning Tea. This one is a stimulating morning tea that has a little more caffeine than the average cup.

Bewley’s Irish Afternoon Tea 

Don’t forget about Bewley’s Irish Afternoon Tea. This famous tea is a blend of teas from Rwanda and Kenya that has an iconic fresh golden color.

Is Irish Tea Good For You?

Yes. Irish tea is Good for your heart. This is because all black teas contains flavonoids that are known to prevent plaque buildup in the body’s arteries. This, of course, reduces stress on the heart among other things. Also, tea is high in antioxidants.

What Is The Best Irish Tea?

While there are no rules that specifically describe ‘Irish tea,’ an Irish tea should be strong, bold and very high in caffeine. Sometimes, Irish teas are made from Assam teas alone, but these days, there are many breakfast blends that don’t even include Assam black tea.

How To Drink Tea Like You’re In Ireland

To make a cup of bonified Irish tea:

Step 1: Bring fresh water to a boil

Step 2: Add a few teaspoons of tea leaves into a tea infuser and insert it into a tea mug

Step 3: Steep the tea leaves in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes

Step 4: Remove the strainer or a tea bag

Step 5: Add a small amount of milk as much sugar as you would like

Step 6: (Optional): Add a shot of whiskey

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Many Cups Of Tea A Day Should You Drink?

Typically, most people can consume 3 to 4 cups of tea per day without any adverse effects. Any side effects that are experienced from drinking tea are typically mild and are due to teas tannin and caffeine contents.

Which Tea Is Considered The Best Tea And Why?

Green tea is usually considered the healthiest tea you can drink. This is because it has the highest saturation of antioxidants. Also, green tea has the the most EGCG compared to any other tea. EGCG, or epigallocatechin, also known to be a powerful antioxidant that lowers the drinker’s risk of cancer.

How Do You Make The Best Cup Irish Breakfast Tea?

Because Irish Breakfast Tea is so strong, its generally served with milk added. But really, the best thing you can do is to follow the instructions provided by the tea brand. Remember to add your milk first, then pour your tea. Dairy milk is traditionally what is used with Irish tea but you can also use almond milk.

What Do Irish People Eat With Their Tea

Well, that really all depends on the time of day. It is, however, popular to drink Irish Tea with Barmbrack tea cake, Irish soda bread, oatcakes, tea sandwiches, and of course, scones.

What’s The Difference Between Irish Breakfast Tea and English Breakfast Tea?

English breakfast tea is known to have a weaker flavor than its Irish counterpart. Irish tea is usually made with Assam tea leaves, which is what gives it its reddish color and malty flavor. English breakfast tea, on the other hand, is made with standard black tea leaves.


Nothing can quite take the place of a fresh, bold cup of Irish tea. With so many different brands and types of Irish tea on the market, it can an overwhelming task to know which one to buy.

In all of our research and experiences, we have come to the conclusion that Bewley’s Tea, Barry’s Tea, Thompson’s Tea, Lyons Tea, and Cupán Tae are the best Irish tea brands. This is because each of these companies makes a tea that is widely used and enjoyed globally while maintaining that distinctive, Irish flare. 

Remember, Ireland is well-known for being a country of tea loving people. So, the fact that Irish teas are world-famous is no surprise. We hope this article helped you find the best Irish tea brand for you!