3 Graffiti Clothing Brands [Men & Women]

Graffiti clothing has undoubtedly come to stay in the fashion industry. The splashes of colors and significant writings on fabrics make them stand out among other styles of clothing brands. Many fashion brands today are starting to incorporate graffiti concepts into their clothing lines. However, what is the best graffiti clothing brand?

Alexander McQueen is a luxury fashion house that is making excellent use of graffiti on fabrics. Their graffiti wears come in varieties of styles, materials, colors, and for different occasions ranging from casual wear, high styles, and more. There is always a style that will tickle your fancy.

Aside from the Alexander McQueen clothing brand, several other clothing brands produce exceptional graffiti wear that stands out. A piece of graffiti wear from brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, J.W. Anderson, Golden Goose, etc., are excellent brands to check out. However, this article highlights steps to creating your own graffiti t-shirt. Keep reading to learn more.

Graffiti Clothing Brands

1.YININF Mens Hipster Hip Hop All Over Graphic Long Sleeves T-Shirt

2.Hotheart Womens Sexy 2 Pieces Graffiti Print Blazer

Steps to Designing Your Own Graffiti T-Shirt

Whatever your reasons are for designing a graffiti t-shirt, the fundamental of designing remains the same. In this step to designing a graffiti t-shirt, we shall touch on each step of the process. Regardless of the amount of knowledge you already have about graphic designing, these steps will teach you everything you need to know.

1.Be Sure of Why You Need a Graffiti T-Shirt

Irrespective of your reason for creating a graffiti t-shirt, it will always involve some level of branding. Branding is your primary goal. If it is for personal use, you want to ensure that your graffiti design communicates your desired message. If you are using it for promotional purposes, your primary goal should be branding. Even if it is just fashion, you will still need to add consistent themes to your products.

To make this easier for you, write out a list of key personality traits, styles, and themes you want your shirt to convey. Is your brand conservative or edgy? Is it serious or playful? Is it affordable or luxurious? If your t-shirt is focused, all these questions can be answered at a glance.  

Below are four goals that can help your graffiti t-shirt process. These tips will help you to understand why you need a graffiti piece of clothing.


If you plan on selling your graffiti t-shirt, ensure that you factor in business, marketability, and style strategy. You will need to understand the place of your shirt in the market.


Souvenirs are needed in special events, and t-shirts can come in very handy. If you intend to use the graffiti clothing as a souvenir, you want to include the logo of your brand on it. It should have a dominant, strong presence on the t-shirt.

Apply the same cleverness and design quality you would on street wall graffiti or a billboard advertisement. More than just t-shirts, clothes provide publicity each time a person wears them, especially if they are worn often.

After determining your goals, prioritize the various aspects of the design of your t-shirt. For instance, fashion might be of importance for merchandise t-shirts, but not for presents for employees. In other words, design your graffiti t-shirt in a way that perfectly suits your needs.

Promotional Gifts   

Gifting your t-shirts will help to keep your brand in their minds, as well as prospective clients/customers. You can give this away at promotional events, conferences, leave-behind at a business meeting, or conventions.

2.Outline the Quantity and Your Budget

Before moving to design your graffiti idea on your t-shirt, you will need to settle some details first, as this will help you focus your design in a better way – the quantity and your budget. The cost you have budgeted for your design has a significant impact on your actual design.

For instance, quantity and budget will help you determine the number of colors you intend to use. Additional colors may cost more – this depends on your method of printing. If you have a tight budget, you can save money by conserving colors.

The quantity of t-shirt you need will also have an impact on your method of printing. While some techniques are perfect for printing in bulk, others are not. This point is crucial; plan your quantity and budget before you think about printing or designing.

3.Pick a Printing Option

When searching for the best method of printing, there are things to consider. Materials, appearance, cost, production time are all crucial. You want to know more about these methods, as it will make it easier to know which you will prefer.

Vinyl Graphics

This is a method that uses heat transfer. It uses more durable vinyl as opposed to using only ink. The advantage of using this method is that it is high-quality and durable, while the disadvantage is that extra colors cost more. This means that complex graffiti design will be costly. We do not recommend using this for large orders.

Screen Printing

When it comes to printing t-shirts, this is the gold standard. Here, your printer makes screens of your graffiti design to enable you to print in bulk. This method is the most reliable printing standard. Gives high-quality and is affordable. It is perfect for larger orders that are over twenty.

The disadvantage of using this method is that a new screen is needed for every design or new color – and it is expensive.

4.Decide on Your Design Concept

Now is the time to decide the design you want for your t-shirt. You do not want to rush this step. Invest sufficient time and effort to determine your design concept.

* What type of t-shirt do you intend to use?

* What style and imaging are you looking to use?

* How do you want the topography of your t-shirt to be?

* What color and printing technique do you desire to work with?

The answers to the above questions will help you to decide your design concept.

5.Search for a Designer

Suppose you have skills in design, excellent. But if you don’t, there are professionals out there who are ready to bring your design concept to life. If you decide to take the DIY route, you will benefit from saving some extra money. You can choose to do it yourself if you have a tight budget; however, keep in mind that professionals are used to the techniques used in designing t-shirts.

If you have no idea of acronyms such as CMYK, you might want to allow a professional to design your t-shirt. Instead of learning graphic, branding, and marketing design, simply pay a person who is an expert in these skills.

6. Assess Your Design

As you start thinking of the graffiti design options to use, think them through and begin to note your favorites. Keep in mind your technical and marketing requirements. Will your graffiti design fit on your t-shirt? Is your messaging alright? Is the cost of color within your budget?

Communicate clearly with your designer to ensure that your future options look better. You can take a step further by running your design by people who are not connected to what you are doing. Ask them questions such as the following:

* What do you think this graffiti t-shirt represents?

* When you look at this graffiti t-shirt, what is one key message you get?

The answers to these questions will help you decide if the t-shirt is passing the right message you intended for it to pass. If yes, move on to the next stage. If no, contact your designer and decide what you desire to change.

7. Get a Professional Printer

It is now time to print. You want to find a printer that offers what you need at an affordable price. Extra discounts and features are excellent too. You need time and experience to sift through the different options of printing until you find the best for your project.


Graffiti is an artwork that is heavily resonates with modern day artists and youths, thus paving a way for communities and local people to express their feelings, ideas, and thoughts. The use of mural-like techniques, larger-than-life images, and bold colors serves to create an eye-catching piece of artwork. And this form of art has walked its way into the fashion world. Using these patterns in clothing line attracts a more hipper and modern onlookers to the assembly. Perhaps you intend to design a graffiti piece of clothing; we hope that this article helps you.