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15 Best Feminine Clothing Brands

The best feminine clothing brands make clothes that glow with vibrancy and inspiration. From vintage style dresses to tops and skirts, the most popular feminine clothing brands echo a romantic era appeal while incorporating cuts and patterns that keep everything modern.

Recently, hundreds of new clothing brands have come on the scene, so there is a lot to choose from. Because of this, it can be really hard to know which feminine clothing brands are the best.

& Other Stories, Sister Jane, Kate Spade, Asos, Chi Chi London, Review Australia, Revolve, and Chicwish are some of the most popular feminine clothing brands on the market. Other excellent feminine clothing brands are LuLu’s, LoveShackFancy, Morning Lavender, Ted Baker, Simple Retro, Vita Grace, and ShopBop.

In this article, we will explore the top 15 feminine clothing brands. We will also talk a little about some of the products and categories that each one of these brands are known for.

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Top Feminine Clothing Brands

1. & Other Stories

& Other Stories really excels in the classic styling, neutral colors and an intense attention to detail. This company has many different collections to choose from, but clothing designed in their Paris studios are known to be the most feminine. Also, & Other Stories has some of the most popular sweaters you can get. They are of the utmost highest quality and feature striking, beautiful designs!

2.Sister Jane

Sister Jane is probably the most unique feminine brand there is. Their designs are like no other and feature an out-of-this-world gorgeousness that you simply cannot find anywhere else!

Known for being extremely fashion-forward, Sister Jane design still somehow maintain a strong vintage style.

There is something about clothing from this company that just has that old world charm. Some of the most popular items by this brand are its doll dresses and tops that feature exaggerated details and quirky prints.

3.Kate Spade

Kate Spade is an absolute classic! This brand boasts an iconic collection that is full of color. Kate Spade is known to incorporate fun and whimsical designs and prints into most of its clothing items.

This feminine brand is most popular for their handbags, but their clothing is not something that you want to ignore! In fact, some of the most popular and most fashion-forward coats you can get come from this brand.


Asos is one of the most popular places for the modern, fashion-forward female to shop. This company is known for stocking a wide selection of clothing, so if you have something specific in mind, Asos more than likely has it. Asos works with a wide array of brands at price-points that work well for everyone.

The company’s massive selection can, however, be a bit overwhelming at times. So, you should check out For Love & Lemons, Keepsake, Lace & Beads, and Talulah when shopping at Asos. Those are some of the most popular brands that this store carries.

5.Chi Chi London

Chi Chi London is somewhat of a classic amongst feminine brands. In fact, this brand offers some of the most feminine clothing that you can find on the market. The company reached success in the fashion world with its special occasion dresses.

These dresses are known to be absolutely gorgeous! Don’t let the dresses overwhelm you, though. The company also sells more casual items. Another product category that Chi Chi London is popular for is their line of coats.


Chicwish is one of the most popular places for the modern, empowered, and contemporary female to shop. Since their inception, Chicwish has expanded their offerings to include more styles, the feminine style still lays at the heart of their focus.

Known to be a modern company, Chicwish has new arrivals coming in on a constant basis so you’ll never get bored with anything that have on offer. Many women are absolutely in love with this brands dresses, sweaters, coats and skirts.

7. LuLu’s

Lulu’s produces a highly sought-after collection of dress and casual feminine clothing. This company really has something for everything. All types of styles and trends are covered, here. This company is known to carry many different styles, but they have a focus on all things female.

Lulus offers a marvelous balance of classically feminine and trendy pieces that include many floral and bow designs that are shaded in lovely, pastel hues. Dresses are, by far, the most popular item produced by this brand.


LoveShackFancy is pretty much the ultimate place for women to shop. As you would expect for such a perfect place, this company’s prices can be a bit higher than most. other brands on this list. The high price, however, doesn’t mean that its not worth it!

Clothing made by LoveShackFancy is among the highest quality you can find anywhere. They have a line of iconic floral dresses that are all the rage in 2021.

9.Morning Lavender

Morning Lavender is feminine boutique brand that is known to have some of the most affordable pricing in its sector. This company tends to maintain a focus on feminine casual styling more than anything else.

They make all kinds of loungewear, sweaters, and dresses for you to choose from. Some of the most popular items are their maxi and tulle skirts. They also make a line of popular dresses, one of the most popular being the sequin maxi.

10.Ted Baker

‘Iconic’ is the most accurate way to describe Ted Baker. This brand’s designs are superbly sleek and high-end to the max. This company offers professional-looking attire designed around neutral colors that often feature some of the most stunning floral prints that you will ever see.

This brand is known for including feminine details that are both elegant and understated. Some of the most popular products Ted Baker makes is its line of floral dresses and outerwear, but they also make a wide range of accessories to choose from.

Other Feminine Brands

11. Review Australia

It would be hard to find a women who said that Review Australia was not one of their all-time favorite brands! Thats because unlike a lot of other feminine brands on this list, Review Australia has the most vintage-inspired feminine clothing.

Items by this brand are often very colorful and feature a heathy helping of florals patterns and whimsical prints.

They are a bit more expensive that some other brands, but this is a case of getting what you pay for. Dresses, tops, skirts are the most popular items made by Review Australia, and their line of outerwear has gained popularity in recent years. This brand also produces a line of highly popular coats and jackets.

12. Revolve

Revolve is not just one clothing brand, but instead its a website that carries a many. Revolve hosts many products from high-end brands on their website and they are also known to offer a decent selection of classics.

They do, however, lean more towards the trendy side of fashion. Some of the best feminine brands that you can find on Revolve’s website include but are not limited to ASTR the Label, Alice McCall, Majorelle and Ulla Johnson.

13. Simple Retro

Simple Retro is another feminine brand that we absolutely had to put on this list. This company is known for spending a great deal of its marketing budget on modern social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Clothing by this brand has a strong feminine vibe with a hint of French influence. You could call it female clothing with a Parisian vibe. As you would expect by the name, a lot of the apparel produced by Simple Retro has a focus on the vintage look. They make use of luxe buttons, dainty collars, floral embroidery and ruffles in my of their items.

14. Vita Grace

Vita Grace is a relatively need feminine brand. This company is gaining popularity really fast, though!

That is because a lot of their designs include beautiful details like ruffles, unique collars, and pearl embellishments. Vita Grace’s knitwear, cardigans, and dresses are some of its most popular items.

15. ShopBop

ShopBop is yet another feminine clothing retailer that hosts several brands on their website. This brand learns heavily towards upscale items, so you can expect their pricing to reflect that as well. The thing is, like other expensive brands on this list, ShopBop is worth it.

That’s because this store is a true treasure trove of gorgeous feminine clothing. Some of the most popular feminine brands on this website are Meadows, Needle & Thread, Sea and WAYF.

What Is A Feminine Clothing Brand?

A feminine clothing brand is a company that makes clothes and makeup for a generally female audience. Typically, a feminine clothing brand will sell items like dresses, pencil skirts, low heels, bows, poufy sleeves, pink, sheer blouses, pearls, lace camisoles, and flouncy tea length skirts.


The best feminine clothing brands know how to make a splash! These are brands that glow with inspiration. Due to the fact that there have been many new clothing brands pop up on the scene lately, finding the best brand for you can be more difficult than you may anticipate.

So, its important to remember that Sister Jane, & Other Stories, Kate Spade, Asos, Chi Chi London, Revolve, Chicwish, and Review Australia are the best feminine clothing brands, but LuLu’s, LoveShackFancy, Morning Lavender, Ted Baker, Simple Retro, Vita Grace, and ShopBop are also great options for finding the perfect feminine clothes. 

We hope this article helped you find the best feminine clothing brands for you! Thank you for reading!

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