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Best Dog Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego Your Dog Will Thank You For? It has been established that dogs are amicable and intelligent animals, hence can be a great company while at home, on a picnic or when sitting out. Having your dear company while giving yourself a treat in a restaurant can be relaxing also it increases the bond that exists.

San Diego is a lovely place to be with several regions such as North county coastal, Mission bay and beaches, Downtown and gas lamp quarter, etc. These regions boast of several restaurants that are very friendly to dogs and their owners. Here are some dog-friendly restaurants in San Diego. A trip to any of this cafe will be amazing with your dear pet

Best dog restaurants in San Diego

1. Lazy Dog Restaurant

Lazy Dog Restaurant is a casual restaurant with multi-unit restaurant concept and bar. It is located at Westfield mission valley. Its headquarters is in southern California. It was founded in 2003 by Gabe Caliendo, Chris Simms, Roshan Mendis and Steve Price.

On December 19, 2018, Lazy dog has 30 restaurants across five states, namely: Colorado, California, Texas, Illinois and Nevada. It is a place to get together with family and friends. They prepare delicious foods and drinks at good prices. It is also known as a dog friendly because of its policy.

1202 Camino Del Rio N, San Diego, CA 92108, United States

Phone number: +1 619-481-6191

Open Hours: Monday-Friday 11 am-9 pm

Saturday 9am-9pm

Sunday 9am-8:30pm

Las Brisas is one of the classic and sophisticated southern California restaurants. It is located right at the water edge and super dog friendly. It has a beautiful ocean view with a menu infused with traditional Mexican flavours with fabulous foods and drinks.

They have a different perfect list for special events, formal occasions and private parties. They as well have live music that runs every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6 pm – 9 pm and Sundays from 12noon – 3 pm. It has a historical sense that stretches back to the Victor Hugo inn, which was a world-class celebrity eatery. If you are looking for a scenic Laguna Beach coastline, Las Brisas is a premier dining destination.

Address: 361 Cliff Dr Laguna Beach, CA 92651.

Phone Number: 949-497-5434

Open Hours: Monday-Sunday 8 am-10 pm [Dining room]

2. Euphoria Xix Grill

Euphoria is a simple family-style eatery with varieties of menus originating from American Greek and Mexico food.  They prepare delicious meals like Shrimp Enchilada, Burger with fries, chicken tacos, Gyro plate, and lots more.

Euphoria xix grill offers a happy hour which starts from Monday – Friday 3-7 pm and sat-sun 4-6 pm with exceptional services. They have a comfortable atmosphere for chilling after a day’s work. With the great taste of their food, Euphoria xix grill is worth dining in with your dog.

Euphoria Facebook

Address: 3944 W point, Loma BLVD A&B San Diego CA 92110.

Phone number: +1 619-222-0020

Open Hours: Mon 11am-9pm

Tue-Thur 11am – 10pm

Fri-Sat 11am – 00:00hrs

 Sun 9:30am-9pm

3. Prado at Balboa Park

Prado at Balboa ParkPrado at Balboa Park is a Californian restaurant in the Downtown/gaslamp area between the convention centre and mission valley.

The Gourment magazine named it as one of the 10 top restaurants in San Diego with excellent services, handcrafted decorators, outdoor and indoor dining, and unique ambiance.

They have various items on their menu. Basically, here is the center of local foods such as strawberry basil crème Brulee, vegetarian black beans soup, Trio of grilled skewers, Grilled Portobello mushroom salad, Iceberg lettuce wedge, Seafood linguini and lots more. Prado at Balboa Park is perfect for outdoor seating, Birthdays, Special occasions, and a date. It is also a dog-friendly restaurant.

Address: 1549EL Prado San Diego, CA 92101 [6th Avenue] Downtown/ Gaslamp.

Phone Number: [619] 557-9441     ext .203

Open Hours: Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30am-3pm

Sat-Sun 11am-3pm

Dinner: Tue-Thur 5pm-8:30pm

Fri-Sat 5pm-9pm

Sun 5pm-8pm

4. Station Tavern Restaurant

The Station Tavern designed by a San Diego architect Lloyd Russel while Mario Quintero construction built it. The restaurant was awarded for its perfect use of space.

Station Tavern has a massive backyard with picnic tables, kid’s playground with chalkboards. It is also a substantial place to hang out with your dog. Station Tavern opens from 11 am till about 10:30 pm. They serve very delicious meals and drinks. Give it a try.

Address:  2204Fern St. San Diego CA Coner of fern and ivy 92104

Phone Number: 619-255-0657

5. Bud’s Louisana Cafe

This is Bud Deslatte 9th successful cafe sold to a loyal employee. They are experts in traditional dishes and Creola, which is greatly influenced by Italian, Spanish and French conventional cooking.

Their breakfast runs between 8.00an to 10.00 am with meals such as Beignet, Breakfast shrimp and grits, Jambalaya and egg bowl, sandwich and Burritos etc. Hanging out in Bud’s cafe can be a delight with your dog.

Address: 4320 Viewridge Avenue San Diego CA 92123

Phone Number: 858-573-2837

6. Pipes Cafe

Pipes CafeSome of their breakfast menus include scrambled eggs with cheese, egg scrambled with bacon and cheese, also scrambled egg with sausage and cheese, Pipes potatoes, crisp bacon, egg burritos.

Be sure to have an excellent meal just a few blocks to the beach with a fantastic staff. The meals are so delicious and tasty.  You and your dog will surely have a wonderful time out at the Pipes cafe.

Address: 121 Liverpool DR Cardiff CA 92007

Phone Number: 760-632-0056

Opens: Monday to Sunday with breakfast available daily


The restaurant runs daily from 7.30 am to 08.00 pm with an amazing variety of meals. These meals include starters, wraps, breakfast, salad, burgers and sandwiches, tortas, Entrees, kinds of pasta, Soups, and a side salad, and Desserts.

They also have dishes for kids. Their services are prompt, and dishes are delicious with a welcoming staff for you and your dog. They also give special meal daily at different time intervals.

Address: 3232 Greyling Dr, Serra Mesa, San Diego

Phone Number: +1 858-430-6755


Here you have it, seven dog-friendly restaurants in San Diego. Did you know that San Diego was once ranked one of the most pet-friendly cities in the whole of the continental United States?

With one of the most pet-friendly restaurants per capita, the next time you are out with your four-legged family member, either on a date or just on a walk; know that there are restaurants in the city that would love to have you. Just so you know, your dog might even score a date hanging with other dogs and dog owners.