8 Golf Club Brands To Avoid [Plus Trusted Brands]

Golf lovers and players don’t joke with their golf course as the pitch is where the action takes place. A very good golf club gives you the needed accuracy to get your ball into the hole. However, some clubs are looking so great and attractive but with no required accuracy. 

What is the fun of playing when you cannot get your ball to the hole? A good golf club with an excellent player makes an enjoyable golf game. Because of this, there are some golf club brands you should avoid to get the maximum fun from this game.

Golf Club Brands To Avoid

Some inadequate golf club brands you should avoid include

  • Yonex Graphite Driver
  • Alien Golf club
  • Giga Golf Club Brand
  • Hammer X Driver
  • Bullet Hallow Point Driver
  • Precise Golf Club
  • Yamaha Golf Club
  • Nike SQ 5900 Iron

Other trusted golf club brands for the best-golfing experience include 

  • Callaway Golf club
  • Wilson Golf Club
  • TaylorMade Golf Club

Golf Club Brands Not To Buy    

1. Yonex Graphite Driver

Saying the Yonex Brand came from Japan can be surprising as golf club brands from Japan are usually incredible. However, the Yonex gold club doesn’t give the same overall performance as other golf club brands from Japan. Although the price of the golf club is relatively low, it comes with this poor feel of been cheaply made. 

The Yonex company relatively large and not only make golf equipment but also awesome badminton and tennis equipment. The oversize feel of the Yonex graphite driver has made it impossible for golfers to hit the ball firmly. Hence, the reason it made the list of golf club brands you should keep away from. 

2. Alien Golf Club

The Alien brand is quite popular due to the low price of their products which is available everywhere. Though you can’t purchase directly from them, they have so many channels and platforms to sell their products. Retailers will, of course, want to make their money by all means and shield buyers from the cons of the products. 

The Alien golf product made this least majorly because the quality of the build is poor. The chances of a faster swing speed player breaking one of these Alien clubs is incredibly high. This is due to the substandard quality of the golf club; a great example is the Alien Wedges. 

The Alien Wedges was made to help high handicapped golfers, but it did not really serve this purpose and was not suitable for normal golfing.

3. Giga-Golf Club Brand

The interesting thing about the Giga-golf club brand is that they look very similar to popular models. These imitated models are of very high quality. Hence, buyers mistake the Giga-golf brand for these models. Although they are very affordable, they are not worth spending your money on.

However, if all you desire is an affordable golf club, you may want to go for the Giga-golf club brand. It’s worth noting that they don’t come with a warranty, and you will not be so disappointed if you don’t get the desired result because you got a cheap product. Also, you don’t get to try out the club before buying, thus buying a relatively unsuitable club for your game.

4. Hammer X

The design, look and feel of the Hammer X product is all in a bid to attract the attention of buyers to get them to buy their products. A good golfer can tell the quality of his equipment once he handles it, but what about armatures that want to get their first clubs? The 0cc, power-core-infused sword shape shaft featured in the driver does not in any way get the ball into the hole.

Hitting the ball long and straight into the hole is the major desire of every passionate golfer. To get this desired result, then Hammer X is not the best driver for this job. However, it’s one of the cheapest options out there, but it is not a quality club to get the ball into the hole. 

5. Bullet Hallow Point Driver

The look of your instrument also as a golfer matters when playing golf. No one wants to swing an ugly-looking stick in the midst of other attractive and well build drivers. This is one of the reasons the Bullet Hallow point Driver made this list of golf clubs to avoid. 

The substandard components, poor build quality, plus the ugly design of the Bullet hallow point driver makes it a no-go area for golfers. Also, it does not possess the required accuracy needed to get your ball into the hole.

6. Precise Golf Club 

One great thing about the Precise golf club brand is that you know what you are getting already before buying. Their golf clubs are not made of premium quality, and they do not portray them as one. They are very affordable and great for once in a while golfers, i.e., those that are not avid golfers but would like to have golf bag in their garage. 

So if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and desire a golf club, you can go for the Precise. However, if you are an ardent golfer and want a gold club that will give you the desired result; don’t go for the Precise golf club.

7. Yamaha

Honestly, it should be a surprise when you see names like Yamaha in the list of worst brands to avoid. Nevertheless, it’s the name that brought them on the list, as one will believe that with the years of experience on their sleeves, they should do better. Also, the prices of their golf clubs are on the high side, and it’s not producing the desired results for golf players. 

The club is not worth its weight in gold at all as the cost does not match the club’s performance. There are so many other good golf clubs at a very realistic price that produce results compared to the Yamaha golf club.

8. Nike SQ 5900 Iron

Like the Yamaha golf club, the Nike SQ 5900 Iron made this list because of the manufacturer’s name. No one would expect such a golf club like the Nike SQ 5900 from a manufacturer like Nike. The design is so mundane and cannot get your ball from the green to the hole. 

The above golf club brands got on the list from reviews and feedback from golfers that have handled two or more of the instruments. However, there are many other brands out there you can trust as a beginner or a pro. Below are some golf club brands that can be trusted: 

Three Trusted Golf Club Brand

1. Callaway Golf Club

The Callaway golf club brand is a household name in the world of gold, and they are renowned for the quality of their golf club. It is a suitable golf club brand for both beginners and experts to get maximum fun playing golf. The body quality is very great, plus it is very durable and easy to use. 

The sturdiness of the golf club gives you the needed accuracy to get your ball into the hole. It is so interesting to know that the golf club fits most players’ profile, has a large built body for maximum launch and forgiveness. For an ardent player, it’s worth having the Callaway golf club in your golf bag.

2. Wilson Golf Club

The Wilson golf club is a trusted brand with durable and long-lasting clubs you can trust to give you the desired result on the green. Its lightweight component makes it very easy to hit. With the Wilson Golf club, you can make long, straighter shots that will sure get your ball to the hole. 

Are you playing for the fun of the game, or are you looking at going to the next level? The Wilson golf club is a great brand that can be trusted to go all the way with you. Have fun as you take your game to another level with the Wilson Golf club brand.

3. TaylorMade Golf Club

The TaylorMade golf club brand is another trusted and reliable brand in the world of golf. Golfers looking at having maximum fun and getting results simultaneously go for the TaylorMade Golf Club brand. The TaylorMade golf club offers an awesome feel and comes with neat close-packed head designs with very thin top lines and little offset. 

The P790 irons Of the TaylorMade Golf club can make beyond-believe distance numbers, effortless high take-off conditions, and impressive forgiveness. All of these great features make the TaylorMade a suitable option for any golf lover.

What To Consider When Buying A Golf Club

There are different types of golf clubs; however, below are some general factors to be considered when shopping for one. 

The Appearance

The Appearance of a golf club is one of the most important factors to be considered when shopping for one. However, this factor is often one of the most overlooked. One can tell the confidence a golfer has in his golf club by the way he holds and swings his instrument. 

Also, you believe that the golf club will get your ball from the green to the hole. But when your golf club is not looking appealing, you might not be quite sure of those shots giving you the desired results. While some golfers feel comfortable with a bigger club, others see it as too bulky to make a perfect shot. 

We advise that depending on your preference, choose a golf club that appeals to you to give you the desired result.

The Shaft

A proper shaft is equally as important as the head of the golf club that contacts the ball and determines a shot’s result. There are some factors to be considered when checking out your shaft, factors like the flex, the weight, and size. The weight of the shaft goes a long way in getting your ball into the hole. 

While a heavy shaft makes a lower ball flight, the lighter ones make a great clubhead speed, covering more distance. Also, while a perfectly fitted shaft works for some golfers, some prefer a stock shaft to give them a perfect outcome from the game.

The Grip

One would want to say the grip is irrelevant when buying a golf club; nevertheless, the grip is the only link connecting the player and the golf club. The main things to consider with the grip of a golf club are comfort and the feel of the texture. It is unreasonable to think you will make a perfect fit when you are not comfortable holding the golf club. 

The choice of a grip largely depends on the golfer and the size of his or her hand. Also, the texture and the size of the grip are very important when making a choice. A tacky wrap type of grip is very suitable for some, while the coarse cord feeling is perfect for others. 

Irrespective of whichever you go for, be quite sure you are comfortable with the club’s feel in your hand.

The Performance

 The performance of a golf club is an important factor when shopping for a club. The accuracy of the golf club to get your ball to the hole plus the consistency of the distance makes a perfect golf club. While there are going to be some pure strikes, there are sometimes when mishits also occur. So what should be the top priorities when making a choice should be forgiveness and consistency.


Of what use is an unhittable, ill-shaped, and gimmicky golf club that cannot produce the desired result a golfer needs? Sure, you don’t want to buy a golf club that you will abandon in your golf bag instead of hitting the ball.

Shopping for quality gold clubs has been made easy as you have been cleared on golf club brands you should keep away from in this article. So, go shopping for the right clubs and enjoy your game.