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7 Trombone Brands To Avoid | Which You Should Buy

A trombone is a brass, wind instrument that is enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. It uses a slide and all the air in your lungs to produce the perfect tone and create beautiful music.

After reading many reviews, I’ve noticed five brands that many musicians are advising people to stay away from due to poor quality.

The five brands to stay away from are Bundy, Jupiter, Merano, Moz Tenor, and Tromba. These brands have had many manufacturing problems and might fall apart after only a few months of use.

In this article, I will go over what you need to consider when buying your trombone.  I will also go over quality issues and how to pick out the right trombone for your skill level.  Later, you will read about some of the best brands that take pride in the quality of their instruments.

 Trombone Brands To Avoid

The brand of the trombone you choose is not always the most important factor. There are many others such as the model, bore size, ability level, and the type of music you like to play.

Trombone Brands to Avoid


At the top of many lists to avoid stands Bundy. Many people agree that all trombones by Bundy should be avoided at all costs. They’ve been around for over 70 years, so many people feel that they must be experienced makers at the top of their game. 

Bundy might not make totally useless instruments, but they don’t put a lot of thought into designing trombones. They market their products towards students and design their trombones to only last until the student is ready to upgrade to a more expensive trombone. 

Reasons not to purchase 

  • Cheap but made with substandard materials
  • It easily falls apart after few uses
  • bell and inner slide gets dents easily

Sticky Slide

The slide can be sticky and will get worse if the instrument isn’t played for a while. The counterweight is never balanced correctly, so the student might find themselves leaning forward to balance it out. 

This can make the student focus too much on balancing the trombone and not working on proper posture.  After you’ve been playing for a while, and you get your next trombone, you will notice how much better your new instrument sounds compared to your old Bundy.

Cheap Materials 

Bundy trombones are made with cheap materials that result in the slide bending and denting too easily. The cases these come with are made from cheap plastic that will not protect the instrument adequately. 

This can leave you spending more money to buy a sufficient case to properly safeguard your trombone. That money could be better spent on a better-quality trombone.


Jupiter is another company that made it on many people’s list to avoid. They have been around a long time, but their products are very inconsistent as far as quality. 

You might find a few decent trombone models in the mix, but most recommend avoiding them. This is another company that makes inexpensive trombones and markets them to beginners. Soft metal is used to keep the prices down. 

Durability Issues 

This leads to durability issues and the products tend to dent and warp with any misuse. This can be a headache to any student who’s still learning how to play.

Jupiter trombones don’t sound all that bad for what you pay. Most of the manufacturing problems only seem to affect the physical quality and not how the instrument sounds. 

Airflow Resistance 

Just keep in mind that this trombone is still marginal, and once you play a trombone by a better manufacturer, you will notice a significant difference. These trombone have some airflow resistance that make it a bit challenging on your lungs. 

Jupiter has recently been stepping up its game and will hopefully produce better quality trombones in the future. An Amazon reviewer said she had a Jupiter trombone in high school and some of the soldering began to separate, and she had to send it out to get repaired. 

The person who fixed it told her that there was only one area that was still securely attached.  Another reviewer worked as a brass repairer’s assistant and noticed that all the Jupiter trombones were made from a soft metal and dented easily.


The Merano might not be on everyone’s list to avoid, but many people have had issues with their products. A complaint on Amazon stated that a customer had a problem with the welding, and the bell was about to fall off after only a few months of use.

Another customer complained that the band director was unable to tune her son’s trombone, and he had to borrow his friend’s for band practice.  Another reviewer said the instrument sounded ok and that they got it at a good price, but some of the paint is peeling off. 

Others have complained of cheap materials that easily bend and a rough slide action.

Reasons not to purchase

  • The body quality of the trombone is very inferior
  • It makes an inconsistent tone and not audible enough
  • Made from cheap inferior material that gets scratched and bends easily
  • Slide action is not smooth

4.Moz Tenor

Moz Tenor makes inexpensive trombones with inexpensive material. The slide is easily dented, and the trigger needs to be regularly lubed.

Many have claimed their products are sub-par and should be avoided. These trombones produce tones that are dull and inconsistent, and the poor quality will make you want to go out the following week to buy a new one.

An Amazon reviewer has claimed that once she took the slide off, she noticed the inner and outer slide were not aligned. She used plenty of lube to try to counter the alignment, but the slide still scratched. 

The slide’s lock hook was so close to the slide, that it hit the tip of the outer slide causing a noticeable clicking sound while being played. She also noticed a slightly stuffy sound while playing certain tones.  

Her overall review is that you get what you pay for.  Another reviewer noticed the tone is weak, action is unresponsive, and the slide is a mess.  Most of the positive reviewers claimed they liked the price.

Reasons not to purchase

  • Beginners find the F attachment on the Moz tenor trombone difficult to use
  • It makes inconsistent and dull tones
  • Yes, it’s a cheap product, but the body quality is too inferior


If you’re looking for a cheap trombone made of plastic for your destructive child, you might want one from Tromba. The inexpensive price makes them attractive to people who are prone to destroying stuff or losing interest in their hobbies quite quickly.

These trombones are made of ABS plastic which makes them virtually dent-free.  They come in a variety of colors, and the finishing makes them very attractive.

The downside to these plastic trombones is the poor tone quality. The tone does not even come close to an instrument made of brass. 

The action is not smooth, and the slide is hard to operate. The tone is dull and not loud enough, and the mouthpiece doesn’t make for a proper embouchure. 

Some Amazon reviewers have had trouble with the higher and lower registers and trouble finding the right slide positions. Another reviewer claimed that it sounded muffled, like someone shoved a shirt in the instrument.

Others complained about receiving a re-furbished trombone with the glue all messed up.

Reasons not to purchase 

  • Poor sound quality not as great as a brass trombone
  • The slide is difficult to operate, and the action is not smooth 
  • The tones production is dull and not audible enough  
  • A plastic mouthpiece will not make for a proper embouchure compared to a metal mouthpiece

6. Ammoon B Flat trombone

The Ammoon Brand is renowned in the musical instrument industry for high-quality instruments; however, the Ammoon B Flat is an exception. The alto trombone with brass gold lacquer finishing has not met up with the expectation of users. Also, the inconsistent tone of the trombone has made it a no-go area. 

Reasons not to purchase 

  • Very fragile, it falls apart quickly
  • Bells and slide gets dent easily
  • The trombone is limited to the B Flat only
  • The sliding action is not very smooth  

7.Glory GTD-2 trombone

Glory musical instruments are popular for being very durable and affordable; however, the Glory GTD-2 did not pass for what the brand is known for. The alto trombone with a B flat pitch is designed for beginners and intermediates looking to get their first instrument with a low budget.

However, affordability does not necessarily mean the instrument should not produce quality sounds. The GTD-2 trombone produces uneven tones and frustrates all the effort of the beginners to generate melodious sound. 

Reasons not to purchase 

  • The GTD-2 trombone lacks sound consistency
  • It isn’t easy to tune when playing
  • The body quality is not up to standard because it’s made from cheap materials
  • Maintaining a pitch on the trombone is difficult

List of Specific Models To Avoid 

  • Bundy Trombones
  • Merano WD427SV-MT
  • Moz tenor trombone
  • Ammoon B Flat trombone
  • Tromba TRB-BK trombone
  • Glory GTD-2 trombone
  • Jupiter Trombone
  • Some top brands you can trust are 
  • King Trombone
  • Eastman Trombone
  • Edwards Trombone 

 How Do I Determine A Top-Quality Trombone?

Earlier, the introduction made it clear that there are 2 variations to the successful production of good tones from the trombone. The player and the musical instrument itself, but when you have a pro for a player, it’s left with the instrument. 

You can place the value of a trombone on its performance, condition, make, and model. Little wonder an old trombone can cost way high than a brand new from another brand. Below is how you can determine quality trombone.

Perfect Slide Condition 

There are no two ways about the slide condition of your trombone, either used or new; it must be in perfect condition. The reason is that the slide mechanism is the whole point of a trombone as a musical instrument. The slide also dictates the sound production from the trombone. Hence, when the slide is not functioning adequately, it’s as good as you not having a trombone. 

Look out for the following when purchasing a trombone:

  1. Examine the instrument to find out if the mouthpiece is intact and in place on the receiver of the trombone’s slide. It should be intact, but it indicates that the trombone is of inferior quality when the mouthpiece rattles around.
  2. The slide tubing of the trombone should feel very good; it should slide smoothly even without the application of lubricant. Note that when the slide feels hard to move, then it’s an indication that the slide tubes are out of alignment.
  3. Look out for the slide compression, too, when buying a trombone. For your trombone to play well and produce good tones instead of sounding buzzy, the slide must be airtight.
  4. There must be a smooth transition between the stocking component of the slide and the main part of the inner slide. An Interval between the two sections is a pointer to a poorly made instrument.


How in tune are the notes or partials of the trombone? Does the trombone produce a uniform tone such that all ranges are in tune? To determine a good quality trombone, the partials of the instrument must line up very closely to the overtone series.

However, to get the desired tune while playing, one will have to adjust the tuning slide. A note should not be sharper or flatter than the other, same notes should be equally in tune even when they are at different octaves. When the aforementioned is not so, the trombone may have an intonation problem  

Quality Of Tone

Does the trombone produce a good sound? A pro can tell instantly once he or she listens to the sound of the instrument. They can tell the difference between the melodious sounds of a quality trombone from a buzzy sound coming from an inferior instrument. Music is all about making melodious notes that are pleasant to the ears; when your instrument is not producing this, then it’s a No.

Responsiveness / Endurance

A good and quality trombone is highly responsive, to the extent that the notes come out at once immediately you pick up your instrument and blow through it.

There is a little resistance to the facial muscles when blowing through an inferior quality trombone making the player exhausted easily. A quality trombone helps you get good endurance and air passage is properly aligned to allow you to amplify each blow.

The Flexibility Of The Trombone

The flexibility of a musical instrument is a priority for any good instrumentalist. 

Is your trombone flexible? How well are you able to do lip slurs with it? 

Are you able to move from register to register easily while playing?

The above questions should be answered positively to tell if a trombone is of top quality. 

Body Quality

A solid and well-assembled trombone will not fall apart easily compare to a cheap trombone with an unfamiliar brand name. Inferior trombones will start breaking and falling apart after few months of usage. The material used for the construction of the trombone is very important. 

While some instruments are easily dinged and dented after few usages, others remain sturdy and solid even after a long time of usage. Therefore, it is advised one pay close attention to the material used for the bell and the trombone slide.

Some Top Brands You Can Consider When Shopping

1. King Trombone

One unique thing about the King trombone is that quality meets with affordability with their trombones. The King has been around for a very long time, and they are a reliable brand name you can trust for a quality instrument. 

Reasons to Purchase

  • Quality craftsmanship, 
  • Tone consistency, 
  • Ease of playing, and 
  • Very durable of premium qualities

2. Eastman Trombone

Eastman has a good reputation when it comes to the production of quality trombones. Eastman trombones are of top quality, and they play very well, plus the durable body material. You are in no way going to regret getting an Eastman Trombone.

Reasons to purchase

  • Made with quality material
  • Makes consistent tone
  • They are a trusted brand

3. Edwards Trombone

The superior quality of the Edwards musical instruments stands them out from other producers. They have been in the game for a while, and professionalism plus years of experience is evident in their products. Irrespective of whatever Edward trombone you buy, either for beginners or pros, they are all top-quality instruments.  

The handcraftsmanship and premium grade materials leave you with a perfect musical instrument that can be trusted to last for a well extended period. The clarity and consistency in tone production set the Edwards apart from other trombones you find around. If you are a beginner and looking at taking your music career to a greater level, then go for the Edwards when shopping.

Reasons to purchase

  • Handcrafted with premium grade materials
  • Clear and consistent tone production 
  • They are a trusted brand

The careful choice of a musical instrument is very important, just as the ability of the instrumentalist. Buying a quality musical instrument right from a student makes a great musical journey. So, when ability meets with quality, oh what a pleasant and harmonious tone would be produced.