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7 Best Bars in DC for Singles [Young & Senior]

How do you find a bar in DC with loads of other single persons to kick it off with? You may or may not be looking for love or attention, but you are definitely looking for a connection. maybe you are just looking for someone you can have emoji text conversations with. Or someone you could ring up to snuggle with while you Netflix and chill.

Now, there are hundreds of bars you could waltz into in Washington, DC. But if only you know the one true bar (or bars) where the singles are at, you will be mingling daily and having the best of time.

Luckily, it doesn’t matter the type of personality you have.

Best Single Bars in DC

In the list of bars described below, you are sure to find the eccentric personality that suits whether your glamour, sass, or pizazz. In no time you’d discover your pajamas buddy and someone to match cheesy conversations with.

1. Rocket Bar

This bustling place is an amazing venue for singles in DC no doubt. Rocket bar will give you an impression of lousy at first sight. But give it some time and you’ll be stuck for hours and wondering how the time flew.

Located at a windowless basement in Chinatown, Rocket bar packs a fun theme. And it surrounds an atomic decor. The charm to this bar is the endless pick of games fueled by the lively ambiance.

You find yourself wrapped around dartboards and pinball machines. Also many pool tables, and willing contestants. This bar is about fun and letting your mind stray from the busyness that DC exhibits. With diverse crowd found here and cheap booze, your chances of making a connection tunes to an incredible level.

714 7th St NW, Washington, DC

(202) 628-7665


If you’re on the lookout for a place with well-crafted cocktails and professional staff, this rooftop lounge is the bar to be. There’s an unspoken rule to be dressy as this rooftop attracts the well-to-do set of DC.

But, there is the chance of a slight frustration as you may get tangled in a line outside. And sometimes, it gets stretchy so you’d have to wait.

Besides that, this terrace tends to attract a lot of out of town singles and trust fund professionals you’d have the pleasure to mingle with. The interior shows a splash of chandeliers and shimmery decor. These charm up the atmosphere.

The best feature of this rooftop bar is that it furnishes you with some of the most supreme views of the White House and monuments.

515 5th St NW, Washington, DC

Cross street: between 14th and 15th Sts


Best Single Bar in DC with Live Music

Showtime Lounge

This bar will allure singles with the jitters. With a CD jukebox filled with the 90s playlist, and a house band once led by an 81-year old grandma. Showtime reserves a soulful ambiance for the unique. Funk, jazz, and soul mixed with shots, beers, and soul fanatics are what you’ll get when you give this bar a chance.

Showtime Lounge

The cheap booze and jukebox selections will definitely take your mind into a memory jolt. You’ll find yourself asking someone to the dance floor. With the type of music in this atmosphere, no single person feels like a stranger.

Remember, they don’t make it like this anymore. You should make plans to invest deep into the night when you discover Showtime. Because you will not leave any sooner after you drift in.

Best Single Bar in DC with karaoke

1. Zeppelin

What bar is more interesting than one with sushi, high ball machine cocktails, and late-night Karaoke? Zeppelin is a two-story dinner, drinking, and nightlife spot located at 1544 Ninth Street NW, right here in DC.

It has a 20 seat cocktail bar close to the entrance which gives the semblance of an airship cocktail party. The outdoor patio will always be a unique conversation starter if you’re searching for one.

There are two big flat-screen TVs reserved for the karaoke only. The cordless mics throw sounds that reverberate across the corners of the room. Here’s where you could pick a single partner and you wouldn’t feel shy.

The cherry on the top is the aspect of unlimited food selections. It will keep you conversing and comparing for hours.

1544 9th st NW Washington, DC  (202) 506-1068

2. American Ice Company

One term you’d find associated with this small bar is the “hipster vibe”. This eclectic and funky bar with Spartan decor is a popular go-to if you wish for lots of beer. They are even served in mason jars. They have an exclusive serving for barbecue and meat.

It has this cool patio outside with heat lamps and a communal table. An outdoor beer garden that appeals to different singles’ crowds. There are also nice big booths inside and queues at the bar for drinks.

And though it’s a bar, the meal is a hidden gem to top off a relaxing night with a few drinks and a football game on the screen.

Over the weekend it becomes too crowded, but not in an uncomfortable way. This DC bar can get packed in a minute. From being half-full to standing room only, in the space of fewer than two hours. Parking space is very rare, so you’re better off with a cab or an uber.

On the bright side, the mix of the singles crowd could be a fun way to scope out potential dates and prospects for the singles. This should be the ideal night set for mingling and commingling!

917 V St NW Washington DC,


3. Franklin hall

Franklin hall in dcFranklin hall has a very large beer hall in Manhattan Laundry Building. It makes it very good for group happy hours. This bar draws huge crowds due to its size and the prime location where Florida Avenue and 14th Street converge.

Swift devices at the bar encourage quick service as you pay and order, with drinks, served posthaste. For this reason, the bar area is void of over-crowding. And people get their drinks before the impatience rolls in.

You would encounter large crowds as it has a large selection of draft beers. There’s also a food menu focusing on bar snacks and sausages for if you get hungry. Take a breather and relax your serious self while you gulp down one of the distinctive beers and cocktails served.

There are fireplaces and couches spread around that encourage smooching. While communal seating encourages conversation. Chances are likely that you’d find another single person stroll down to your space for a chat over the beer glasses.

1348 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC

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