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5 Top Cannabis Products

A few decades ago, nearly everyone who wanted the benefits of cannabis smoked weed. Of course, some creative types added their favorite strains to foods, which is how the famous “Alice B. Toklas brownies came about in the 1960s.

They were the original edibles (and variations on the recipe still abound, but today it is easy to find dozens of different cannabis-infused products.

While staples like bud will always be in demand, customers are also clamoring for a range of edibles and oils they can vape. Buyers are ordering resin, and tinctures are flying off the shelves.

Top Cannabis Products

5 Top Cannabis Products:

1. Flower Power Is Still Trendy

Whether customers grow cannabis or buy their buds, flower still tops the list of preferred cannabis products. It is easier than ever for buyers to find exactly the strains they want since more states have made it legal to farm cannabis. For instance, a customer looking for high-quality seeds can find gorilla glue 4 fems at i49 or simply purchase bud from a legal dispensary.

According to industry reports, dried bud accounts for 49% of all transactions, making it easily the most popular cannabis product. The flower is sold in various forms, with simply packaged bud being the most popular. Packages typically sell for $10-$15 and are top-sellers representing 11% of Washington cannabis sales.

2. Edibles Are Rising in the Charts

Customers increasingly choose to ingest their cannabis in the form of great-tasting edibles. Per industry publication Green Entrepreneur, “… edibles sales reached over $1 billion in 2018 alone, and are predicted to be worth $4.2 billion by 2022.”

Gummies are the most popular edibles, with sales steadily climbing. Studies show that gummies represent 84% of cannabis candy ingestible. In California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Colorado, customers spent $64 million on gummies by July 2020. Flower may be the most popular form of cannabis, but according to industry experts at Stoner Things, edibles are the most profitable.

3. Live Resin Sales Are Climbing

Sales of live resin concentrates are also rising sharply. Live resin is a type of high-THC concentrate. It is made when cannabis plants are frozen to preserve the terpenes that give weed its flavor. Live resin is generally more psychoactive than other products, giving users more of a high.

4. Vaping Concentrates Have a Fanbase

Many customers prefer to enjoy their cannabis via vape oils and vaporizers. Although they do not enjoy the same stratospheric sales as flowers and edibles, these products have a solid fan base. Some industry professionals speculate that concentrates and oils are so potent that only small amounts are needed, so customers do not buy them as often as other cannabis products.

5. There’s a Demand for Tinctures

Cannabis CBD tinctures make the “top five list” because customers love their versatility. Also, since CBD has only trace amounts of THC, it won’t make users high. CBD tinctures may be added to any food or drink or be taken by themselves.

The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the marijuana class, making hemp legal to grow with restrictions. Since CBD is extracted from hemp, the availability and popularity of CBD tinctures are expected to soar.

The demand for cannabis in all its forms has skyrocketed as more states have legalized marijuana and hemp. While trends change constantly, currently, the flower is the most popular cannabis product, with edibles a close second.

The live resin demand is growing, and customers are spending more on vaping oils and concentrates. CBD tinctures are becoming wildly popular because they are versatile and offer benefits without causing users to get high.