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4 Best Asian Food in Washington DC [You Must Taste]

Are you craving the very best Asian Food in Washington DC DC? D.C. has a wide-ranging selection of Asian restaurants, featuring different specialties from the Japanese ramen to the stylish Chinese cuisine, Dim sum. Here you will discover more about where you can get the best Asian cuisines in D.C.

Best Asian Food in DC area

1. Thip Khao

Thip Khao is the home of original Lao food in Washington DC. Whether you are a newcomer or veteran of our funky, spicy cuisine, you’re always welcome for a food adventure!

Thip Khao opened in December 2014 as the only Lao food establishment in the heart of the nation’s capital by Chef Seng Luangrath. They are dedicated to providing a TrueLao dining and cultural experience for every visitor. Lao cuisine uses local ingredients, sourced from the local fisheries, as well as putting new twists and ideas to old favorites.

They’ve got an ever-evolving menu and food is prepared and delivered in the Laotian way. Lao food continues to grow in popularity and has been written about in many publications.

One of the best dishes you will find here is the tender and savory Ping Lean – grilled beef tongue. Their Crispy rice salad is awesome. Their Fried quail whispers of ginger, garlic, oyster sauce but screams of white pepper. Also, noteworthy is the charcuterie – a delicious sliced pork sausage eaten with matchsticks of fresh ginger.

2. Reren

Reren specializes in homemade Lamen noodles. Lamen has been served for over 4 millennia in China and has been around before Japanese Ramen noodles. At Reren, their Lamen carries on its history and tradition in an understated fashion.

It is cooked daily in the restaurant with high-gluten whole-wheat flour and made to have chewy, flavor-soaking noodles.


Here you will find healthy, authentic Asian dishes made using locally sourced produce with no extra additives or artificial flavorings. The importance of quality homemade food is emphasized and you’re sure to get that unique homemade food taste. Most of their products from our noodles to dumplings are made right inside the restaurant.

If you are an avid lover of spicy food, their Sichuan Spiced Oil infused in soybean oil using their secret recipe is a delicate oil with a strong kick you want to experience.

Asian cuisine is rich in diversity. Apart from Lamen, there are other culinary inventions you get to enjoy. Their broth is made from simmering down the meat and bones of beef and pork thighs for over two days – giving a savory, rich, and healthy base for the noodles.

There is also a tender egg carrying hints of Asian tea flavors known as Tea eggs. They are soft-boiled eggs with a delicate yolk marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, spices, and Chinese teas.

3. ChiKo

CHIKO is the earliest restaurant from The Fried Rice Collective. Chefs Scott Drewno and Danny Lee combine modern cooking skills with traditional Chinese and Korean flavors, while Drew Kim, with his passion for hospitality, makes sure you have a unique dining experience.


Chiko is one sure place to get the Korean/Chinese fusion experience in D.C. Its fast-casual style does not hinder its quality and the service is friendly. Space might be small but their flavors are outstanding and mouthwatering.

One of the best dishes you will enjoy here is Cumin Lamb Stir Fry. These mouthwatering noodles have a perfect chewiness and are not too oily. The lamb is tender and moist. Not so spicy dish that retains all its flavors. Every flavor hits your tongue differently with each bite. I would recommend this dish to any first-timer.

Another amazing dish is the Wagshal’s Chopped Brisket. If you do not like the spiciness that comes with the Cumin Lamb Stir Fry, then I would recommend the brisket for you. The brisket is a bowl of moist, sticky, Korean rice and comes with a soy brined soft egg that gives it a wonderful sweetness and savory flavor. In a city that seems to have an Asian rice bowl on every corner, this one stands out.

The Double Fried Chicken Wings (Spicy Soy Glazed) s also incredible. The Shrimp toast, Half-a-Cado Salad are all experience-worthy.

4. Maketto

If you’re just strolling by the street, you might be shocked to discover that Maketto is a restaurant instead of a trendy boutique. Look more closely, and you’ll notice an espresso as well as lots of tables for two where people are enjoying bites and drinks. Another interesting thing is that this is an Asian-inspired establishment.

Maketto washington dc

Maketto has a distinctive design, combining indoor spaces with a restaurant and providing a place for an addictive dim sum brunch and awesome delicacies like the Taiwanese fried chicken. It’s a Cafe-style, not a formal sit-down restaurant, and it’s great for a quick lunch. There is plenty of seating not just upstairs but downstairs as well. The atmosphere is very warm and modern pairs perfectly with the Cambodian and Taiwanese cooking. Also perfect for a date night!

They’ve got a Five Spice Caramel Fried Chicken with House Made Bread & Red Pork Bao Platter. The chicken is crispy to taste, with a little heat and subtly sweet. The homemade bread is a perfect complement to this delicious chicken dish. No visit to Maketto is complete without the delicious Boa Platter.

There are other Asian delicacies you will find here such as Braised Pork Steamed Bao – nicely marinated and soft; Num Pang Sandwich with pork shoulder – with less pickled veggies and crispy wontons skins; Spicy Beef Rice Bowl – a delicious and hearty bowl; Duck Soup – Tender, fall-off-the-bone duck and flavorful broth with spicy, hot peppers; and Croissants.

If you’re in DC, this place is worth a stop and make sure you don’t leave without ordering the Taiwanese Fried Chicken and Bread made with organic chicken, Five Spice Caramel, & housemade bread loaf.

Ps. One favorite dessert here is the Pineapple Upside Down. If you’re fortunate enough to visit while they are serving, just GET IT! It’s everything you want in a dessert yet nothing you thought it would be.