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13 Things to Do in Dupont Circle [Day or Night]

There are always things to do in Dupont Circle for everyone to partake in. This neighborhood is one of the most vital neighborhoods in DC, thanks to the number of amazing sites and places to visit.

Since the late 19th century, Dupont Circle has been a hot spot in DC and has till now remained a tourist site for all ages. The Dupont Circle hosts a lot of amazing restaurants and shops across the ever-busy streets of Connecticut Avenue.

Finding what to do with your time in the neighborhood may be a bit difficult with the overwhelming number of activities. We have put together a list of 13 things you should try and do during your stay in the Dupont Circle.

Things to Do In Dupont Circle

1. Take a walk through the Embassy Row at Scott Circle

You can decide to take a 2-mile walk along Embassy Row also known as Massachusetts Avenue. The Australian Embassy stands as the starting point of the 2- mile walk across the embassy row.

While taking the walk, you’ll come across several diplomatic sights and missions. Some of these sites include the Nelson Mandela statue outside the South African embassy and the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial.

2. The Phillips Collection – America’s First Museum Of Modern Art

You can visit this amazing museum and catch a glimpse of modern art that can change your perspective. With artistic works from great artists from Rothko to Renoir, this museum is one-stop for modern art lovers.

The museum offers unique programming and special exhibitions on special days. Exhibition days include the first Thursdays of every month by 5 pm and Sunday concerts by 4 pm.

3. Dupont Circle Fountain 

The Dupont Circle fountain located just outside the National Mall is one of the most iconic sites in DC.

The fountain was sculpted from scratch by the famous sculptor Daniel Chester French Nas Henry Bacon, the architect. It is one place where everyone is welcome to gather and relax.

Dupont Circle Fountain 

4. Woodrow Wilson’s House – The Home Of a Former President

You can decide to visit Woodrow Wilson’s House, home to one of the former presidents of the United States.

Despite being old, the house has been able to still retain its look from the day Wilson lived there in the 1920s. Amazing events are also hosted at the site, ranging from spring garden parties to vintage game nights.

5. Anderson House – Experience America’s Independence

The Anderson House is home to the Cincinnati society, a society founded in 1783 to promote the success of the revolution.

The house has a lot of graphics arts, maps, manuscripts, and revolutionary era books. Luncheons, book signings, and lectures are often held at the Anderson House.

6. The Mansion on O & O Street Museum

The Mansion on O & O Street Museum is located on a tree-lined and quiet street and offers a lot of tours and events. You can explore the artifact-laden and bric-a-brac rooms of the mansion.

This museum is centered on art and creativity to awaken the inner artist in you. As a visitor, you will be encouraged to carry out some high-class art, create eccentric antiques, and participate in music memorabilia.

7. Climb up the Famous Spanish Steps

The famous Spanish steps are a great spot for you to visit and take amazing pictures. It is located between Decatur place and S street. The steps are regarded as one of the hidden treasures of the Dupont Circle. This is one place where you can relax or have a picnic with your date.

8. Visit and browse through the popular indie bookstore, Kramerbooks, and Afterwords

With the Kramerbooks, it becomes even clearer to see why DC is regarded as a well-read city. Many readers around the globe visit this bookstore to read up a wide range of books, essays, and travel guides. After reading, some visitors also visit the Afterwords cafe for a nice meal to round up their day.

9. Tour through the Heurich House Museum and visit the Brewmaster’s Castle

The Heurich House Museum is home to the first brewmaster in DC, Christain Heurich. Heurich founded one of the most successful brewing companies in DC, in the year 1894. With the use of unique programming, advanced technology, and original interiors, his home is still able to preserve his legacy.

Today, new and local craft breweries often visit this museum to pay their respects. The museum hosts a History and Hops series every third Thursday of the month where brewery owners gather.

10. Explore the National Geographic Museum

The National Geographic Museum is located south of the Dupont Circle neighborhood. Like many other museums, this museum features amazing exhibitions ranging from interactive displays, live demonstrations, and exquisite photography.

These exhibitions are gathered together from around the globe. You can also grab one or two gift ideas to make your travel worth it.

11. Go on a Shopping Spree at Connecticut Avenue

You can add some style and luxury to your closet while stepping down Connecticut Avenue. The avenue is saturated with a lot of high-grade retailers like Gap, H&M, and Brooks Brothers. There are also some local shops at the DuPont circle that can help you create or customize your outfit.

If you are a lady, you can find a wide range of hat selection at Proper Topper Sports. You can also get nice and beautiful vintage pieces of jewelry at Tiny Jewel Box. Within a few walking distances, you can also find Lou Lou which offers a range of earrings, hats, necklaces, and rings.

What is there to do in Dupont Circle at night?

If you happen to enjoy going out at night, there are few things you can do at Dupont Corcle during the nighttime. Below are few things you can try out at night in DuPont circle.

1. Get Your Groove on at the Eighteenth street lounge

If you love dancing and you need a place to dance all through the night, the Eighteenth street lounge has you covered. The eighteenth street lounge offers a perfect blend of all-out partying and relaxation.

Whether you are a fan of live music or you prefer dancing to beats by deejays, this street lounge is a must for you. However, if you’re interested in spicier dancing, you can try salsa dancing at Café Citron.

2. Have a lot of laughs at the DC Improv

The DC Improv is considered the most popular comedy club in the city and attracts a lot of hilarious acts every day of the week. DC Improv is located between downtown DC and the Dupont Circle neighborhood.